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Race to the Altar

Premier :: 2003-07-01


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This reality series from NBC found 8 engaged couples to compete in a series of physical and mental challenges designed to test the strength of their relationship. Couples who won the challenges become power couples and have the authority to eliminate other couples. The audience voted on the winning couple in the second-to-last episode and then in the last episode the winning couple gets the prize-- a fantasy wedding planned by Colin Cowie.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 7 - Episode 7
Aired - 13 September 2003

Episode summary:

It's 2:00 in the morning at the Venetian and the three couples are getting ready for the final elimination ceremony. Susan is curled up in a fetal position on the couch worrying about the results. Coyt is also a nervous wreck and paces the floor. Tonya and Andree are also nervous. Tonya says it's tough because they have no idea how they did. Meanwhile, Ethan and Carolyn are not happy with their performance on the last leg of the race. Carolyn says, ""I had a very, very strong feeling that we could be going home."" The couples gather at the altar, where Lisa will reveal the results. As we already know, Coyt and Susan won the ""With this Ring"" jet ski challenge. Next, in the wedding chapel photo challenge, Andree and Tonya are in third place with 14 pictures. Tonya is surprised, saying, ""I thought we had the most."" Ethan and Carolyn are in second place with 18 pictures. Much to my surprise, Coyt and Susan, who spent the first part of the challenge running around like maniacs looking for a c

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+ Episode - 7 Episode 7 Aired - 13 September 2003
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+ Episode - 5 Episode 5 Aired - 27 August 2003
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+ Episode - 3 Episode 3 Aired - 13 August 2003
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