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To Tell the Truth (1990)

Premier :: 1990-09-01


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After 22 years, To Tell the Truth (1990) came back to daytime network tv, but on a new network (NBC). Two games were played per show & the cash awards were; $500 per incorrect vote ($1,000 minimum) & $3,000 for a stump. The audience game was "One on One" where an audience member met a guest who told two stories. The panelist each asked a question per story. The audience member then had to guess which story is the truth. If the audience member is right, s/he wins $500. If incorrect, the guest wins $1,000. Gordon Elliott had to get out of the show due to a cluase in his contract. Lynn Swann replaced him making him the 3rd black host of a network tv game show (Adam Wade & Nipsey Russell are the others). Alex Trebek replaced him in February while also hosting Classic Concentration & Jeopardy! On one episode, Alex had to rush to the hospital for his wife had a baby, so Mark Goodson hosted for two days. It would mark his last television appearance before he died in 199

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