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Erotic Tales

Premier :: 1995-08-06

on WDR

Genre :: Mini-Series

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"If it’s not erotic, it’s not interesting” – said Spanish playwright Fernando Arrabal. Of course, the primary factors of the "erotic” are the indefinable: taste, style, quality. And to be truly erotic the experience has to take place entirely in the imagination. The 29 Erotic Tales are, for the most part, short stories of fantasy, sometimes spiced with humorous touches, occasionally poetic or exotic. You would have to look hard to find references to the lewd, to the vulgar, to outright sex. Moreover, as has often been praised in festival catalogues, the series features top professional filmmakers, directors and screenwriters who are intrigued by the possibility of making a personal statement on what he or she feels may constitute in a visual context the realm of the erotic today what he or she and wished within the context of a specific culture.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - Touch Me
Aired - 22 March 1996

Episode summary:

Two woman, the elder in her early forties. the younger in her twenties. They are good friends. The older woman. Sarah, is an artist, a painter, who has first and foremost found solace and sexual fulfillment in her work. The young woman, Christine who often models for Sarah's art classes. is heartbroken about her lover: the man does not understand her. We watch the close rapport between the two women as Christine patiently poses for Sarah's rather whacky group of students. After classes, Christine talks about her relationship with Roderick. " I used to really like him. Sometimes I still do". He's even jealous of her posing for art classes. Says she doesn't have the body. We see Christine at home with her boyfriend. It is hardly a scene of passion and love. Their lovemaking is routine... As complete contrast, we see Sarah's illicit rendevous with her married lover, Stewart. Abandoned and carefree passion. Sarah persuades Christine to join her for a weekend in her country house in the hills outside Melbourne. For the first time, Christine smiles. She discovers a trampoline in the middle of a meadow filled with yellow flowers. She chases wild horses through the fields and the two of them scream with delight as they rush back to the house In the evening, they relax in front of the fire. Sarah gently massages Christine. Their weekend is over, Christine returns to the city totally self-contained in her newly found sensuality and freedom.

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