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Survivor (UK)

Premier :: 2001-05-01

on ITV

Genre :: Reality

Survivor (UK) poster


The reality TV show which took the US by storm finally arrived in the UK in May 2001. Sixteen contestants were marooned on the island of Pulau Tiga, for a month of scheming and bitching, which eventually resulted in policewoman Charlotte Hobrough winning one million pounds. Despite low ratings, ITV comissioned a second series.

The second series of Survivor was set on a group of Islands off the coast of Panama. The number of contestants was reduced to only twelve, so that viewers got to know them better. The contestants were split up and put onto either North Island or South Island.

The format of the game is simple - the two tribes follow a three day cycle. On the first day, they compete in a Reward Challenge - and the tribe who wins will get something to make their lives on the island a little bit easier. On the second day, they will take part in an Immunity Challenge - and the tribe who loses will be taken to Tribal Council on the third day, to vote so

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 12 - Panama: The Final
Aired - 29 May 2002

Episode summary:

In this live final episode, Mark Nicholas recaps the events of the whole series, which left Susannah Moffat and Jonny Gibb as the final two Survivors. The twelve Survivors are reunited for the first time since they left Panama, and we see the final two days of Jonny and Susannah on the island of Isla Popa. Susannah started the day reflecting on the events of the last Tribal Council. She felt awful taking away the chance for John to win the prize money, but took Jonny through because she had been closer to him throughout. Jonny admits that he had his doubts about Susannah in the past, but is glad that she brought him through to the Final. Both Jonny and Susannah wonder how they would spend the prize money - both remembering to add that they would do some good with the money by helping charities. On Day 36, Susannah and Jonny plan their speeches - with Susannah having the advantage of a pencil and paper from the last Reward Challenge. Whose will make the biggest impact on the Jury? As Su

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