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David's Overall Top 10 TV Shows 2012

Date updated by thetvking on 2012-10-11 17:12:31

David's overall top 10 TV series.

10. The Office US

Most of Dunder Mifflin’s employees aren’t particularly likeable, but they sure are funny.

The Office

9. Revenge

I enjoyed season one immensely and I hope season 2 doesn’t lose focus.


8. The New Adventures of Old Christine

One of the strengths of this series was how Christine Campbell, who was always having some sort of existential crisis, never became overly sympathetic. The audience never felt bad about laughing at her failures.

The New Adventures of Old Christine

7. Parenthood

The improvisational tone to this series makes it a rare gem on tv right now.


6. Friends

Despite seeing every episode at least ten times, Friends never gets old which is a testament to what a great show it was.


5. Arrested Development

This will probably move up my list as I rewatch each season in the future, but I’d describe Arrested Development as being an instant classic.

Arrested Development

4. Community

What started off as an entertaining but somewhat vanilla series taking place in a community college, has blossomed into a different beast entirely. This is a cult hit and deservedly so.


3. Gilmore Girls

This was the perfect blend of comedy and drama – I’m still waiting to hear Warner Bros has greenlighted a movie.

Gilmore Girls

2. Parks And Recreation

This is one of the only comedies that I can think of that will put a smile on your face because of its heart as well as its comedy.

Parks And Recreation

1. 30 Rock

The characters in this series are completely over-the-top and snarky but they simply add to its charm. I’ll miss you 30 Rock!

30 Rock

What do you think of David's list?

What shows would you have in your top 10 for completed TV shows?

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