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USA TV shows that have been cancelled in 2011

Date updated by thetvking on 2011-07-07 16:34:34

While this list will mainly of cancelled, there will also be those shows such as Smallville that have come to a natural conclusion.

One hit wonders.

This lot never made it past the first season.What will you miss?


Yet another 1 hit wonder from NBC.

The Chicago Code


The Cape


Due to "significant production dificulties" Starz won't be giving us a 2nd season of Camelot. Which is a shame as it was better than a lot of the poor shows that get re-newed.

America's Next Great Restaurant

Like most real restaurants, this one didn't last long.

Mr. Sunshine

Onion Sportsdome


Another UK show, re-made in the US that has failed to make the grade.

Sports Show with Norm Macdonald



Law & Order: Los Angeles

Detroit 1-8-7

Better With You

No big loss, a very middle of the road sitcom.

Perfect Couples

The Event

Like last years FlashForward, The Event seemed to suffer from an over complex story line. Trying to make a science fiction show for the masses still seems to be a struggle for the big US networks.

Off The Map

No Ordinary Family

The Defenders

Mad Love

Life Unexpected

Lights Out

2011 sees Lights Out get knocked out for good.

Breaking In

This was very short lived, even for FOX with just 7 episodes in its one season.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

Yet another spin-off show bites the dust.

Glory Daze

At least these got a few seasons


Managed to get its self 2 seasons, before for the plug was pulled.

Lie To Me

After 3 seasons this critically acclaimed crime drama come to an end.

$#*! My Dad Says

Ace of Cakes

After ten series, the Ace of Cakes shuts his oven for good.

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus finally graduates from Disney.

And the shows getting a fitting send off are....

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

After 10 years, Criminal Intent takes a final bow after 10 years.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

After 7 seasons the door is locked for good on Perry's house.

All My Children

After 41 years ABC's long running soap cuts for the final time.

Brothers & Sisters

After 5 years Brothers and Sisters finally comes to an end.


After 10 years Smallville becomes Superman.

Friday Night Lights

Season 5 is the last time we will see coach Taylor take his team to state. A great well written and acted show which should have gotten more air time. A good job directTV helped save the show after NBC seemed to lose the faith.


After 8 years Vincent, E, Turtle and Drama are no more.

Big Love

The Closer

Rescue Me


Any show, no matter how good and enjoyable, if it is based around a group of friends at college can only last so long and 4 years is probaly about right for Greek.

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