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Two Broke Girls s01e13 "And the Secret Ingredient"

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Written by : published Friday 20th January 2012

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Reminder: Caroline discovers Max's secret ingredient and gets obsessed with Couponing.


While sorting out how to get Han to lower the price of tampons in the ladies' room back to where it was, Caroline discovers the joy of extreme couponing. She loves the idea that buying in megabulk can result in them actually getting money back, and she goes over the top with it, to the point where she keeps missing Max's attempts to get her to go see Chestnut. There's a cute running gag about how the whole situation is a Lifetime movie where they lose their kid and everyone cries.

The expected zaniness comes from a turf war Caroline gets into with the Coupon Queen whose website gave her all her skills, and it comes out that Max uses box mix for her fabulous cupcakes because no one ever taught her to cook so she had to learn herself. She storms off and goes all the long way to see Chestnut on her own since Caroline keeps putting it off.

Caroline eventually shows up and points out that it's Max's fighting spirit that has made her who she is and that's why they're going to be successful, and they end on good terms again.


This show has now tackled everything TLC shows during the day, I think--hoarders, animal hoarders, couponing...if they have an episode about gigantic families, we're set! These are great jokes when they happen, but I fear they'll make she show not age well, since they're very much of the zeitgeist right now. Still, since we are right now, they're great.

I sort of loved Oleg this episode. He carries tampons for the same reason he carries a lighter even though he doesn't smoke, which is eew, but also shows his dedication to being the grossest sort of ladies man there is. And this huge dude who plays him is perfect at being lecherous but entirely unthreatening.

Han is adorably out of sorts through the whole episode, and I really hope we get to see the sassy Jamaican clerk again. Really, this could be a whole show about strange people who all live within a few blocks of each other, and they don't have to worry about a main plot.

Speaking of which, nothing was done about the fact that Max's cupcakes aren't original, and it's something that'll have to be addressed before they can open a place, or it's not really their own cupcakes. The girls make up because the three-act structure means they have to at that point, but Caroline hasn't given up her coupons and Max still doesn't know how to cook from scratch. As usual, the main storyline is not the point of this show, or it's best part, but also as usual, the show somehow manages to be funny and sweet and charming despite that fact.

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