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Castle - Dial M For Mayor - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 19th January 2012

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Castle has his mother portraying Lear in his apartment and goes on a call to a victim in a car. Castle knows the mayor. The car belongs to the City Hall motor pool. They question Mayor Weldon at City Hall. Beckett is warned by her superior that one false step and it will all end up in your face. Castle has a strong relationship to the mayor.

Mayor Weldon is looking at a run a Governor. Press on a murder would be bad. Kate Beckett accuses Castle of being biased. Castle points out to Beckett that Gates is as impartial as him. They wonder that Laura Cambridge gave up a literary post with tenure for low paying jobs. No cellphone, no computer, she is living in a problem cycle. They discover she worked at a phone sex operation. 

The super says a guy came by last night. There was a guy six feet tall Caucasian, dark hair. Laura’s sister says she as not as in touch as much lately. Six months ago he stopped calling and dropped out of her life. Brown cashmere fibers from a coat are found on the victim.

At the phone sex operation, it is learned that she asked for the ID of someone who called in. Castle and Beckett come close and hear strange cries. Beckett breaks in and it is a phone sex operation. Castle notices only women work there. Castle says it is not a sweatshop but a sex shop. The former English professor worked there.

One of her clients was contacted. The receptionist broke the rules and got her connected to a client who was a computer expert. He is questioned and said she need a DVD ripped and a phone conversation recorded. Castle and the dispatcher discuss it was therapy for some people. Beckett questions Sarah the dispatcher and find out she was recording a incoming call.

DAG Corp also had is computer server room broken into. Edgar Navarro only helped Laura record some files. Copying digital recordings was the help. He has her cellphone number. he said she needed a copy of a call where she heard too much.

The phone sex operations manager find the lock broken on the computer room. Weeks of phone conversation are gone. The subpoena will take forever. A gas company six feet tall and dark hair. While Castle discusses the case with his mother the caller phones him about Beckett. 

They find out abut a publishing deal Laura had to write about the life of the downtrodden. But then she called her booking agent and said she had a killer story about a top city figure. There were greater forces at play. They got the attention of someone big.
Castle gets a call from the secret person who knows Beckett's mother's death wasn't an accident. He gave him a number to contact. Castle’s mother advises him to phone a friend.

200 pages of Dial a Goddess logs must be gone through. Castle asks that he be notified if anything about Beckett or her mother’s killer he wants to know. 

They find where Laura showed up at a TV station and got a favor from an old college friend. She wanted to use the audio visio editing bay. She had tape. The research project "She was here for over eight hours". They see the mayor brushing hands with Laura. 

Beckett says he lied about knowing the victim. Beckett says that Ryan is coming because Castle can’t be objective. Laura did work for them briefly but was fired. She was caught copying confidential accounting files. Cambridge was a volunteer who was fired after a few days.

There’s an internal investigation of $2.3 million. The attorney general is investigating the mayor. Weldon must have stolen from his own charity and Cambridge caught wind of it. Ryan and Beckett know Gates will get rid of Castle after this.

Beckett says when she files a warrant for the cashmere coat it become a city of record. Gates says she is from IA and hates cops. But “Iron” Gates says the burden of doing the job. Gates suggests getting the coat voluntarily to keep it out of the media. Gates tells Beckett to do the job whatever the cost.

Castle says he wants to know if Weldon did it. Beckett shows him a picture of Laura Cambridge. He says that she was trying to talk to him. The light brown cashmere coat in the picture is wanted for testing. Weldon asks why. he is told about the murder case.

Weldon says that there is a conspiracy. He says this is an organized effort to destroy him. Beckett smells a rat. Castle says he has good reason not to turn over his coat. Castle tells him something is going on. His mother tells him maybe it’s time to phone a friend. Castle go to meet “Deep Throat”.

He says “Listen to the evidence”. The girl Laura wasn’t asleep at the TV station, she was listening for the voice of the phone sex client. Castle gets Beckett to listen. The Dial a Goddess dispatcher recognizes one of Laura’s regulars with earphones. 

Caste explains in questioning: He emailed the account numbers for the embezzlement to a burn phone. This was for the people who wanted to bring Weldon down. But he got drunk and talked too much on the phone. She was a writer and got the story of her life. Jordan’s doorman confirms she visited him that night. 

They identify on the tape, Jordan Norris, Deputy assistant to the Mayor’s chief of staff. He was house sitting at his grandmother’s apartment when he called her at Dial a Goddess so the search of the call-ins didn’t trigger anything.

Beckett says he is looking at 20 years in prison. They want the conspirators. But a tall man with dark hair, about six feet, walks in. Jordan is surprised to learn he has a lawyer. The man says “We’re done here”, Beckett and Castle and the perp exchange looks. Castle realizes more is going on.

Later Gates finds Beckett erasing perps from the drawing board. She says Jordan was only a pawn. She wants the men controlling him. Gates says “It’s a long game Kate, play it piece by piece.” Castle sees that Beckett won’t drop it.

Castle contacts his deep throat source to find to what is going on. They meet in the garage. He says keep in mind what would have happened if Weldon had been caught as the killer, Castle would have been out of the precinct because the Mayor’s office would not have been interested anymore. And nobody would be there to protect Beckett from doing the right thing at the wrong time...

The man’s words prompt a realization that in effect Castle is there to mind Beckett. The shadow figure says that “ A well shaped pawn is better than a queen in the right circumstances”. This means Castle is the pawn they are playing to keep tabs on Beckett and what she does. 

Castle talks to Weldon, who says that dream is done. (The press has killed his dreams for governor). Weldon says there will be no governor senator presidency agenda for him now. It is all over.
"There are people who control what happens in this city. I wouldn‘t play ball." They drink wine. “Its been decided this is as far as I get.”

Castle says he still has the mayor position Weldon says he will be the best damn mayor the city has ever seen.

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