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Gossip Girl - The End of the Affair - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 18th January 2012

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Flash forward: Chuck walks his dog and meets Prince Louis, who has returned from Europe with Blair. But Chuck doesn't know what Blair is doing. Gossip Girl is silent and she isn’t talking. Louis brings him home to warm him up and Blair runs away because he won’t leave. 

Blair goes to Bergdorfs at ten o clock at night. Louis won’t let Dorota go with her. Louis comes to Chuck saying there is a new distance with Blair that is unexplained. 

Chuck checks up on Dan, who lies with Blair hiding in the back. She says Chuck can never know the truth. 

Dan stops in on Serena. Dan pretends to search for Blair. Nate comes in for the party plans. Dan says he is working on a new book. Serena says she can’t even go with Blair to Vera Wang. 

Dan goes to Vera Wang secretly with Blair who is torn up to wear the same dress as she planed before she lost the baby. Vera comes in and says she had a feeling and has some other dresses ready. An assistant with a cellphone runs by. 

An assistant at Vera Wang texts Chuck about the man in Blair’s bridal dressing room who is not the Prince.  Chuck says to move the stake out to Vera Wang. Chuck follows Dan and Blair to a private residence where they have a key. 

Rufus finds that his wife is obsessed about losing Charlie. She says Carol won’t tell her the truth and she feels something is not right. Without telling Rufus she hires a detective to find Charlie.

Nate discusses resuscitating Gossip Girl with Serena. The email is full of hints and tips from New York Upper East Side has been hoping to get break. Nate wants the rival gossip column to happen. Serena says the folk will go back to Gossip Girl or someone worse. 

Blair goes into a place with Dan while Chuck checks up Dan. He says Blair is tied up with Vera Wang while Chuck furiously stands below him by a few feet. Chuck crosses the street and almost  gets run over by a  taxi.

Andrew Tyler tells Rufus he founds Charlie Rhodes at Juilliard. Rufus meets Lily there and they think the girl is another Charlie Rhodes.

Meanwhile Nate follows up a hint from a mysterious text about the paparazzi not being the reasons Blair’s limo crashed. Nate questions the driver, he says the brakes were out before the paps hit. Nate finds out the car Blair got into was really mean for him. 

Blair says the only ones who know their secret are him and God and God doesn’t blab.

Chuck and Louis discuss Blair in front of Serena. They want to search the Gossip emails. Serena doesn’t want to use the emails to hurt people but Louis and Chuck want to see what is there. A lot of emails show photos that have Dan and Blair in them. 

Chuck says to Louis: “Blair has a special way of lying to men, but you know this.”

Blair reports Louis wants her to go to the Spectator party. Dan says her role as a Princess includes partying. But Blair says that was for mysterious strangers not speaking English.

Dan points out she banished Georgina  to Belarusses, he is sure she can down a  few canapés and watch Nate’s big screen. Later Blair hides in the bathroom at the party where Serena finds her.

(flashback: when Blair lost the baby, she promised God if he spared Chuck she would marry Louis. The the nurse came in and said Chuck was OK. ).

Meanwhile Chuck is furious about another man in Blair’s life. Chuck wants to confront Blair with her weak link, Dan, at the party. Prince Louis plays along. But he puts the pictures of Blair and Dan into Nate’s year end slide show.

Dan gets pulled into a honesty riff with Louis and Chuck. Louis gets caught by the assistant and Nate tries to find out what is going on. Dan says he is not sleeping with Blair but it looks bad.

Blair pretends he is with Dan and Blair is bearding them to keep it secret. Chuck is not convinced. Nate says that Dan needs some remedial honesty training. 

Across town, Lily gives up on hearing from Charlie. But later the Juilliard girl shows her ID to the guard and it is the real Charlie. She has ID and she has a picture of herself and Aunt Carol in her wallet. At home Rufus and wife bring in the new year.

Blair tells Louis the secret she has been keeping is that she is converting to Catholicism. He is thrilled. 

Later Blair surprises Chuck at the hotel, he rushes on saying ”I’ve been going out of my mind what is going on?” Then she says Louis is waiting. 

“Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” Blair walks out and Chuck remembers her saying that at the hospital room. 

Blair told Serena about the church key she has. Dan takes her to see a priest. She tried to change her mind at the church but then she saw Chuck almost get hit by the car outside the window. This freaked her out. 

Chuck tells Dan their Serena nonsense doesn’t explain Blair cutting him out of his life when they last kissed in the accident committing their life to each other. Chuck perseveres to get to the bottom of it. He tells Dan he will be the worst he can be to find out.

Serena and Dan fake kiss while Blair and Louis kiss, with a furious Chuck looking on.

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