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Californication - The Way of the Fist - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 17th January 2012

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Charlie Runkle wakes up Hank, who is having an nightmare about getting machine gunned by the Sam Apoc  the black rapper because of his involvement wit Kali. He wants to pass on the offer to write the screenplay. But the man won’t take no for an answer. He wants Hank’s black posterior.

Karen calls about Becca. She is upset with how Hank acted at dinner meeting her boyfriend. Becca Moody then gets a visit from her dad walking across UCLA. He tries to bribe her with a pink iPad. She says he can’t bribe her anymore. He can but he should adjust for inflation. 

But the boyfriend shows up and Hank won’t give him a man pound. The boyfriend is a graduate student. Becca points out that Hank himself hit on students when he was a prof. The boyfriend fronts for the iPad and Hank gives it to him. Hank is not loving how his relationship with Becca now takes a backseat to the boyfriend. Because at least Hank is committed to making Becca happy.

Broken Arrow is  the school where Little Stuart flashed Ava, another student. A sizable donation and an apology should clear things up. Marcy and Stu take the meeting with Charlie and the teacher. They are still having problems keeping a nanny. 

Hank says he doesn’t care about his shit right now he cares about his motherfuckin’ career. 
Hank drops by the Sam Apoc place to find the girl Kali in the pool. He says hi to the butler.  They joke about the time they never had. 

Charlie Runkle drops by to say hello to Ava. The brit nanny runs off with the little girl and Charlie has a weird experience over wine. Her mother (Barbara Bach) hits on everyone. In the middle of Runkle doing his thing the nanny comes in and she screams and runs away. His mother was Stu’s development girl. His D-girl. Stu is astoundingly endowed.

Hank rolls with Samurai Apocalypse and Hank says that the Warsaw ghetto. Apocalypse wants to know how the food is and Hank says “scarce”.

Hank is pulled along to the Apocalypse’s meeting. It is with Peter Berg, who is as shocked to see Hank and vice versa. He says they know some of the same people. He says they have been inside some of the same people. Peter says he was on his last unfaithfulness when Hank ruined it for him.

Berg is annoyed Hank is there and will be writing Apocalypse’s dialogue. He says Hank has no ear for the black man. Hank agrees but Apoc Sam is firm. Berg  has no catchphrase better than . “Killing bad guys is my business and business is fuckin’ crackin’”. Hank and Sam mouth this and don’t like it. (Apoc has writing approval).

To make it right Berg challenges Moody to a street fight. Apocalypse roars approval at Berg, saying he’d kill anyone who got with his girl. Hank pays attention to this and is sideswiped by Berg’s hook. 

Hank rides back in the car with the black man nursing his eye. Apocalypse says Berg is a good director and he hoped Hank didn’t fuck his shit up. Hank hears the girl Kali sing in the car. They go to the studio. The girl sings and he watches her admiringly. The henchman argue during her session and one gets shot in the arm by mistake.

Charlie takes out his penis and then she says denigrating things while he masturbates.

The nanny walks in and she says “Jesus Christ Lizzie, no privacy.” 

Charlie...finishes his business. The nanny is fired as Runkle walks out with half his shirt out. Runkle hits on the nanny, who wants to be a chef.

Runkle says he ex and her husband are looking for a  nanny and they can expect her call (Thus setting up his ex to have some problems at home with her spectacularly endowed husband and a hot new Nanny).

At  a hot club in the VIP area, Hank gets courted by Apocalypse and the girl but Hank spies his daughter’s boyfriend Tyler at a booth nearby. He is with two strippers. Tyler teases Hank with his inability to do anything without endangering Becca’s emotional strings. They like that he is a good father.

Hank has extricated himself from the Samurai Apocalypse project. Hank goes to his ex-wife’s house. His ex-wife says he has been in town two days and has a black eye. He tries to get Becca to see things might not be wrapped up with Tyler as she thinks.

Hank says he has been that guy. He says some guys are just out there to win. Becca says that she knows Tyler is a good guy because she knows it like she knows he is a good guy deep down. Hank’s ex Karen says he did good this time around.

Then she gets a text from Tyler. He has been beat up by some gang bangers and they have to go to the hospital. Becca’s stepfather says ‘Look like the little turd finally pissed off the wrong guy”.

But Hank gets  a text from Sam Apoc saying “No need to thank me". Now he has to write for the “Santa Monica Cop" script because Apocalypse and his boys beat Tyler up. Becca and Karen go to Cedars Sinai to see him.

Hank is really not happy about how things are looking.

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