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The Good Wife - Bitcoin for Dummies - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 17th January 2012

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A man(Jason Biggs) walks into Lockhart Gardner followed by Feds. Alicia walks up and says ‘Mr. Dylan Stack". He meets with Alicia and says he has a subpoena. He practices digital information law in New York. Mr. Stack says he represents Mr. Bitcoin, and is a lawyer for the creator of a new Internet currency. The Treasury department is after him, and Alicia’s victory over the Treasury has brought her a new client. He pulls out stacks of money in cash which makes Alicia and Diane’s eyes wider. He says he doesn’t like credit cards or checks. Will says he swore off the “Charge of the Light Brigade” suits. Diane says she will visit him in prison every Friday. The red haired attorney has a quirky style which interrupts Scott-Carr’s smoothness. Judges Winter Dunaway and Parks are the ones they are looking for.

Zach explains to his mom what Bitcoin is. Code runs on a host computer that generates mining. The simplistic online animation illustrates how banks can’t be trusted. Peer to peer programming prevents loading. Zach says it is a cool new mystery, who mad Bitcoin. Alicia feels dated.

Higgs (Bob Balaban) says Bitcoin offers a currency for online criminals. The judge says “Eenie meenie Miney mo” but then says ‘just kidding”. He rules for Stack.

Alicia hears Zach and his black girlfriend kiss. She counsels him to slow down. Alicia heard them say I love you. Zach says to his mom he will ask her over to their house less. But he goes to his dad’s apartment later that week with Nisa, where he is surprised to see his grandmother there. 

Will agrees to take the case while his new red haired attorney takes a proffer meeting with Scott-Carr and Carey and Dana. Will’s proffer gets a specific ask but Will says he can’t remember. Scott-Carr leaves and says “That was a sham". Carey says “They played you". Wendy says “Yes I know". 

Wendy responds saying to Dana by saying she needs to make the Kalinda connection pay off. 

In the car garage, Will and Kalinda talk. Will asks Kalinda to look at their cases to see where they are vulnerable. Will says he doesn’t want tog to jail. Before this weekend he never thought he would. Kalinda says that makes him more human. The red haired attorney mentions to Will they need to have a discussion about vulnerability. 

Alicia gets Kalinda to ID the Feds, who are not happy when she asks to see their badges. Alicia’s old friend the attorney Higgs for Treasury greets her in court, where Alicia properly represents her new client Mr. Stack. But following the judge’s ruling, The Treasury official arrests Stack for being Mr. Bitcoin. Mr. Higgs is too aggressive and the judge is not completely persuaded. 

Higgs applies Aachem’s Razor and says that Stack must be Mr. Bitcoin if he doesn’t reveal the identity. Diane says they can’t prove a negative. Decode a Con is a conference of cryptographers. Kalinda is asked to check up if it could be him or who Mr. Bitcoin is. Meanwhile in court Higgs brings in hotel chain clerks to say that Bitcoin could be used as money so it is a currency.

Will says he is vulnerable because his bookie Meade forgave a $8,000 debt. This guy a was a friend but Scott-Carr will tie it to a case they won. Kalinda is asked to look into the cases they won by those judges. Meade played basketball with the judges and possibly took bets from them. 

Mad Money star Mr. Kramer is the witness Alicia brings to show Bitcoin is a not a currency. Without a central bank to regulate it is is not a currency. But Higgs misses that the judges is a big fan of Kramer, who quotes Montaigne. Kramer says Bitcoin is out a currency because banks don’t exchange it and it doesn’t follow other parameters.

Kalinda checks out decode a Con. Elaine Middleton is who her linguistic match from the patent application. Middleton points Kalinda to another man, a Chinese guy with a crush on her. Numint91 is a Chinese coder who knows her. Kalinda goes to meet Bao Schwei. 

Dana says she has to meet with Kalinda.

In court Higgs prove that Bitcoin is a currency while Alicia tries to prove it is a commodity. Kalinda tells him he invented Bitcoin. He says Middleton steered him wrong. He found out she invented Mr. Bitcoin. Bao says the new embedding isn’t him. It says “Stack is innocent”. 

Higgs brings Middleton to court. The Judge loves her and she points the finger at Stack to be Mr. Bitcoin. Stack says this is cryptographer jealousy and Middleton is setting him up.

Zach comes to his father’s apartment with Nisa and Jackie says the same thing to him about seeing less of Nisa. Zach is stunned to hear the same advice his mother said about seeing too much of Nisa. Later Alicia is stunned to hear that she said what Jackie said. 

Dana tells Kalinda she has been getting pressure to give Kalinda pressure. The document is actionable unless Kalinda helps. Kalinda says she likes Will but she goes back and forth on Dana. Then Kalinda sees the document is the forged David Lee divorce argument from the previous case. (Kalinda herself deleted the document from the Lockhart Gardner computer log to ingratiate herself with Alicia by “saving” her.)

Kalinda then walks into the meeting with Will and his red haired attorney, Tasioni. The eight million dollar judgment in their favor in the case. it was a bench trial. The judge was Parks. The file is on the table. The red haired attorney asks “Is there anything in the file that could make you look bad. ?”. Then she leaves.

Kalinda then asks “Will what do you want me to do?”

Will says “I can’t ask you to do anything.” Kalinda wordlessly takes the file off the desk and goes away with it.

Bao calls Kalinda. He says that he searched the recent embedding of ‘Stack is innocent" and found it came from her own computer. There was no source protection. Kalinda observes that Stack has been in the Lockhart Gardner offices at the times needed to hack and send code from her computer. Now she thinks Stack is the Mr. Bitcoin.

Kalinda advises Diane of the state of things. Kalinda thinks Will might be in trouble. (Kalinda will be the cause of this trouble by seeing Dana). Then Kalinda sees Alicia walk into her office. (Kalinda knows that Alicia will be fired and disbarred if the affidavit comes to light with the forged signature. This is because Lee provided a forged document. He had to, because Kalinda deleted it). Kalinda tells Diane the new Bitcoin code came form Lockhart Gardner’s IP address. 

Kalinda meets at the bar with Dana from the State Attorney’s office and gives Dana the toxic file, the one that could ruin Will. (This is to suppress the forged affidavit Alicia signed).

Zach manipulates his mother into letting him spend more time with Nisa by playing the race card and aligning her sympathies with his grandmothers statements. It is implied Jackie sees a class issue and a race issue and Alicia overreacts in distaste. Zach later calls Nisa, saying his mother is cool with it. 

Kalinda thinks the Mr. Bitcoin is Bao Schwei and agrees to meet him in his hotel room. But she calls the Treasury official and his goons to go with her. The treasury official comes to the 25th floor. Higgs approaches the room and wants to get in but it is locked. Kalinda says she had a key-card and gives it to him. 

Higgs asks what an econophysicist is and Kalinda a says “I don’t know but they are very impressed with themselves. Higgs and his goons attack. He lets himself in. There is nobody there. Bao Schwei has left a note that he is in love with Kalinda and they will talk soon. Higgs is not pleased.

Next day in court Alicia calls Kalinda to the stand. She described her search for Mr Bitcoin, including Higg’s search for the hotel room. Higgs calls hearsay and then Kalinda mentions she has a tape recording of it. This explodes the case and the judge is quite amused. Stack wins.

Alicia confesses she went online and bought a Bitcoin last night. he says the future is going to change. When Stack gets to the elevator Kalinda says it is three of them who invented Bitcoin. She looked up the logs from Decode Con for the last few years where they all met. Middleton wrote the manifesto and Bao Schwei wrote the code. Kalinda says the Treasury was supposed to be lost in a game of Round Robin.

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