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CSI:NY - Who's There? - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 15th January 2012

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A wealthy couple eat dinner, discussing a woman named Roth. Philip, her husband, is a man the discuss in disparaging tones. The painting of their daughter in the background suggests they are married. Flashbacks of them getting attacked and bound intersperse the dining. Later, police cars show up.

Mr. Ferguson is dead. A real estate mogul, his billboards are all over town. His wife was bound, gagged, and thrown into the back bedroom by two intruders in ski masks. Mac wants to know why the attacker chose this one? Jo finds a hair on the slashed art. A vicuña hair. Lindsay it could have been transferred by one of the attackers.

The front door didn’t appear forced. She answered the door. Elizabeth Ferguson gives an account. The box was there. She brought it in and they attacked.

“People like us always had a safe.” Mac asks did she show them where the safe was?

 they put a gun to Ron’s head and ran into the office. But in the office (flashback) Ron knocks out the guy and runs back into the dining room. Mac asks if the man had been to the house before as a delivery man or repairman.

‘If you don’t stay, you die” The man is unmasked and he runs off. Later she gets out and although bound gagged calls 911. She says she shouldn’t have waited. She should have gone right away.

Mac says not to blame himself. Mac says if she had gone sooner she would be dead now too. The daughter comes home and Mac sees her find out her father is dead.

Syd finds out the Queen of Spades in the body. Lindsay isolated the molecules of vanilla and a wax. The list of purchase orders have addresses in the city. Flack and Lindsay check out the last office. They see man loading trash who looks like the artists rendering form Mrs. Ferguson’s kidnapping.

He sees them watching him and runs, Flack overtakes him on foot and Lindsay gets back in th car. he gets in a car and drives straight for where Lindsay’s much larger car blocks the way. He crashes into her car. he is dead and so is she. As he staggers from the car, Flack gets him.

The wife identifies him in a lineup. they say they have a DNA match from the ski cap. Mac wants to know who he is protecting. They never meant for this to happen. he broke free. Mac wants the name of his accomplice. Mac says he judge will know Mark will hep the investigation. Mac says this is a chance for a lighter sentence.

He says he will not say another word without an attorney.

Jo meets Danville. He is troubled. Impact injuries to the skull don’t appear severe enough to result in death. Intense petachiae is in his eyes. There is severe head trauma. Conflicting head trauma results. The swelling does not appear serious enough to cause respiratory failure. 

The sticky residue on the playing card substance is root beer. The mom and pop EZ bottling company is a custom recipe and they have sent for all the purchase orders for New York. They also find that the second phone has evidence. Danville says the only reason to have a second cellphone when someone is hiding something.

Angry voice-mails show that someone was very very angry. The phone was found in the objects recovered from the safe. Philip Roth, his business partner, was on the hone, a raving man. 

Messer says a Vicuña suit can cost $20,000. The fibers are hollow. The coat is a natural color light brown. They find a photo of Ron Ferguson with his business partner Roth in a light brown coat. Roth comes in for questioning. 

He slashed the painting and says he and Elizabeth were getting divorced and all Ron cared about was her not getting half in the divorce. He was plunging his net worth and the company out of spite. He slashed the painting to level the field of the money Ferguson was draining away.

Ron and Eva were involved. Ron was cheating on Elizabeth. Mac read the emails and concludes that Ron was having her killed. The woman they bring in says she does not know Ron Ferguson. Danville questions her. She says the profile is a fake and it does not come from her.

Mac shows Elizabeth the tablet with the social networking page. She says the girl looks twelve. They had her moments. Elizabeth blows up at Mac. He tells her that Ron was planning having her killed. Elizabeth asks if the people broke in,why did they kill him?

She realizes that Mac thinks she killed her husband. She denies having an connection with Mark. Mac wants to aces all her phone records. She says they can access anything like the hone and cellphone records. The IP address is the same one created Eva’s social network. Then the files are there .

Mac thought she deleted everything. Lindsay makes a profile for Mac online using information from Danville. Mac comes along and does not understand that anyone can make a profile of a real person. Ron’s divorce attorney could use the online profile as settlement leverage. 

Syd found cotton fibers inside his trachea. he was smothered. He suspects a pillow was suffocated. Danville and Lindsay discuss how second attacker must have racked the playing card residue from the theater where the Rocky Horror Show was playing. 

But it was the fist night in over a year the movie was shown so it had to be someone from the theater. Flack interrogates Megan, the Ferguson daughter. They have evidence that put her at the crime scene. They have no motive. They mean she was lying about her alibi. Megan was not at the theater. She is the second attacker.

Megan says that Flack wouldn’t understand. Her father was burning through all their money just so her mother wouldn’t get any. her father slipped free and fought back. mark got scared and hit him. Flack said “Who smothered him?

Megan is shocked. ‘I hated what my father was doing to our family. I couldn’t do something like that to him And neither could Mark.”

Danville hears Mac say “That only leaves one person.”

Mac brings Elizabeth into the HQ. She was told they had the second attacker. Mac asks if she knew her daughter had a boyfriend. She knew there was someone but she didn’t know his name or ever met him. Mac informs her it was Mark Johnston.

Mrs. Ferguson learns that the two robbers were Megan and Mark. She is shocked to learn that Megan did this. She has already confessed. Mac asks if there is anything she wants to tell him. She doesn’t know what to say. Mac says “Are you sure? 

“Think long and hard about what you are going to say to next.” Mac watches her.

Mac says “Oh that is cold. You are actually willing to let your daughter go to jail for a murder you committed.” Mac says the white fiber in her husband’s lung was from the white shirt she was wearing. he says he has a hint now why Megan was desperate enough to try the robbery.

Mac says after she got out of the back bedroom she got to Ron. But before she called 911 she paused. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Ron without the messy divorce. She lay over Ron back side down, over him until he smothered. But she didn’t know that oils from Ron’s face would end up on her shirt. Mac asks how could she do it. 

“Ron was driving money into the ground. He was moving money into offshore accounts . Soon there would be nothing left. How would they live after the divorce?” Mac is disgusted.

‘How will the two of you be living now?” 

She says he was going t kill her. But Mac says they found other emails on Ron’s phone. After he found out his wife was pretending to be Eva. “He knew it was you. He wasn’t going to kill you. 
Mac walks out in disgust.

Later, when Mac is alone in his office, the fake profile Lindsay set up beeps. Mac sees on his computer he has a friend request. He smiles and goes to delete it, and then moves to view the friend. Then Mac is surprised and puzzled by what shows up on screen.

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