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A Gifted Man - In Case of (Re) Birth - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 15th January 2012

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Holt plays around with his art dealer girlfriend and is on the verge of sharing his exploits when he loses faith and goes back down stairs to her art showing. He and Ed are there together. They admire a piece. Holt’s friend likes one multimedia piece of complexity and scope, and the artist appears. Charlie talks a mile a minute. The artist freaks out and says he must give it a home. He says it is like adopting a child. 

Charlie runs outside and throws up in a Dumpster. He says it feels like 32 miners picking at his head. Holt follows him out and gives him his card. He says he sucks in paint fumes 7 days a week and doesn’t eat. He says a couple of months ago he turned into this inspired being and made all his art in a couple of weeks. He says he used to work at the DMV. 

Charlie has to exorcise the pictures in his head. He says he doesn’t need the card but Hot is a good man. His girlfriend ushers him back into the art show, where he has sold six pieces.

At Clinica Sananda Dr. Holt is annoyed his sister is there and remembers his birthday. A young teenage girl comes in and is having a baby right then. Dr. Corinna takes her into a room. She says she wants medicine. The doctor says she is too far along. Her body knows what to do. 

Socorra acts fast. It’s a boy. After the birth the doctor gets more information and the mother is upset. 

Marabelle says she is sixteen. The doctor informs their social liaison to notify the shelter and contact services for a minor who has delivered a baby. They take the baby to be weighed and cleaned up. Holt’s sister is a mother and she wraps the baby up. Zeke learns Holt is a Capricorn, which explains a lot (moody and stubborn).

The baby’s mother disappears while the other women admire the baby. Holt learns the mother has disappeared. Ann shows up while Holt drives to work and says is Holt bothered he is not mentioned among the famous people born that day on the news. 

He says she knows him so well. Anne says when they met he bragged about being famous and he says his father was a drunk who ruined his liver. Holt asks is there somewhere he can drop her off, like a cemetery. Rita and Ed talk. She orders his cupcakes for Holt’s birthday.

Holt gets to the clinic, where his secretary has been sequestered by the fast-talking artist. Charlie hands her a sketch saying it might be worth something someday. She looks blankly at the sketch and says “it’s not bad”.

Charlie has a tumor. They show him his x-ray and explain the weight of tumor pressing against his visual lobes is why he has visual dis-inhabitation. This explains the images and the painting urges. Charlie is reluctant to get the surgery because he fears he will lose his “gift”. 

Luis Morales is called Lucky. He was a peds patient. Zeke has no phone number but he lives with his mother a few blocks away. Anton the Shaman wants to do a blessing and says the baby is a very old soul.

Meanwhile Zeke investigates the home of Luis. He was killed five months ago on his sixteenth birthday at a bus stop. Cecilia Gonzales moved out as soon as Lucky was killed. 

Jane Reinhardt comes from the gallery. He is a neuropsychiatrist. Ed tells her about the condition. She says there was something strange about it, he changed so much so fast. Ed wants a watch and wait approach. They have been married ten years. Finally years of rejection caused Charlie to change careers. She says she was the bad guy.

Jane learns about the tumor and fears for his skills disappearing. Holt speaks frankly. He could lose his motor skills and the tumor could twist around in his brain. She says he could keep on living and still be dead. Holt and Mrs. Charlie go into his hospital room and find him scrawling all over the walls. He has drawn the tumor on the wall.  

Holt is shocked. Charlie refuses to put down his pencil, saying “I gotta get it out, I gotta get it out”.
Charlie looks to Jane for her answer. He says he can do it this. She agrees.

At the Clinica, Dr, Socorra wants to delay keeping the baby. Marybelle says she left her home because her stepfather was bothering her. She met Lucky at the park. Dr. Socorra learns about Marybelle falling in love with Lucky at the park.

Zeke says Marybelle is no good. She asks Zeke to leave. She says her heart is broken and his actions are going to stir it all up. but at the Clinica the teenager is having medical problems. Her uterus is oxytonic and she won’t contract. Dr. Socorra finds out from Zeke that the grandmother is grieving and won’t help.

At Holt Hospital, Ed says Charlie might have lived the rest of his life in blissful ignorance. Ed discusses the risks of the surgery. Ed and Holt argue over his gift. Holt says his is due to years of study, Charlie’s is due to a movement of cells multiplying in the brain.

Rita walks in. Kate’s on the phone. He is needed back at the Clinica. But in his office, he is taken aback to see sunflowers. Anne appears and he says he thinks they are from his mother, there is no card. She says both his parents are haunting him today, not just her. 

When he was five he yanked out the neighbor’s flowers, he thought they were called sun flowers. It became a thing between them. The secretary appears and Michael  is told by her ‘here is your other mother”.

Anton says the universe brings things to control. He says the baby should have been taken to ACS and Socorra is too proprietary with her patients. Michael’s sister wants to foster the baby. But Holt is called by Socorra into surgery with the mother to stop her bleeding. Holt says she could die without a hysterectomy. Socorra say it is too extreme.

Socorra says a partial ligation must be attempted or a sixteen year old girl will never have the choice to have children again. Michael saves the day with a super surgery. Marybelle wakes up to find the grandmother is ready to adopt the baby. Marybelle learns that Socorra and her husband decided not to have kids. 

Ed checks in on Charlie after the surgery. He is very calm and looks at the drawing on the wall. Charlie says he remembers drawing it but he has no idea how it is possible. His “gift’ s gone. Jane is hurt and sad. Ed flounders to treat him.

Ed brings Charlie to the rooftop. Charlie is grumpy. Ed says he got Lucky three times. He met Jane, the brain tapped him on the shoulder and showed him a  whole new way to see the world.

“No, that’s all over now.” Charlie is despondent.

“All that art, all that feeling,was in you all the time.” Ed looks off in the distance.

He says thirdly, “You have no idea what it is to wake up in fear. To wonder, what if I start to die today?” Charlie sees Ed is talking about himself. Ed puts a sketchbook in Charlie’s lap and clicks a pen. Charlie pays attention and starts sketching.

Zeke comes to the waiting room to see the baby. The social worker is talking to Holt’s sister about foster care when Cecilia comes into to see her grandmother. Zeke says that they can do a DNA test. But she wants to raise her grandson.

“A piece of my son has come back to me. “ She tearfully makes peace with the mother. “When you get better you can visit your son and visit us”. Christina say the baby is beautiful. The mother calls him baby Lucky. 

Christina says Michael is in birthday denial. Rita walks in with the cupcakes when Socorra learns of the birthday. Anton offers a  blessing. Christina tells her brother that she guesses they are his friends after all. He grimaces.

At home, Ed visits Holt. He brings a good scotch. he says his father died at 38, the same age he turned today. Ed  says he was too invested not to hijack the patient. 

Ed’s father died of Huntington’s. Ed committed suicide after developing symptoms, rather than have the illness, but Ed has never been tested for the gene. Holt asks him about the symptom and says he could be living with a sword over his head for no reason. Holt says when Ed asks, “Aren’t you glad I came over? 

He says “No!: They laugh.

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