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Grimm - Game Ogre - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 14th January 2012

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When a distinguished looking man gets home, spooky sounds preface a violent attack by a man with a weird penchant for violence. Answering an alarm, police find state judge Logan Patterson  killed with a gavel stuffed in his mouth.  Sgt Wu is called to the scene. Homicide special circumstances, he reports, or a B & E gone very wrong. His Walther .32 got one shot off. Hank and Nick canvass the scene. 

They find a fingerprint on the gavel. But unnoticed, outside in a car, a man  pours alcohol into a bullet wound after extracting it with pincers. This is the man who killed the judge.  The alcohol is fierce and the man grunts in pain and then turns into a ogre. Later at the waterside, the ogre throws a forearm/hand in the river.

Captain Renard said Judge Patterson had over 30 years on the bench. They look for registered threats. They find an address for the fingerprint, a man named Chilton who was in the navy. The SWAT team busts his apartment and they find a dead body with a hand missing. The Captain says “I guess he needed a helping hand ”. Nick checks alibis for the prisoners released from the judge’s files.

A ladies’ antique watch is found on the dead man. Hank says thoughtfully that Nick knows a guy who knows about watches. Nick gets a call from Hank who warns Monroe not to act like they know each other. Hank observes something is off but Monroe checks out the watch and finds out glue in the middle has stopped the date. 

October 11 is the key date. The original owner is looked for and Monroe says he will make some calls. Monroe slips and talks weird. Nick covers for him. Monroe comes in the kitchen and starts gabbing but Hank smells a rat. The watch belonged to Mary Robinson. A former D.A. Hank gets a bad feeling. They research Mary Robinson’s current address.

Nick and Hank go to Mary Robinson’s house. She is retired. But she is dead. Sgt. Wu is already there. Her tongue is cut out and hung onto the scale of justice on her desk. Nick asks Hank what the message is. Hank says he knows who the killer is. The ogre cruises the crime scene and watches Nick and Hank go in.

Hank says the man Stark was imprisoned on a triple homicide. Jack Lambert and his wife and daughter were taken near an abandoned Tigard quarry. Stark killed them. Stark demanded to be paid in gold and his business partner was Stark, whose cache of gold he detected and robbed.

Stark was suspected of many murders from other states. But Hank knew it was Stark who killed the Lamberts because it was personal and he left a gold coin behind. Stark was on medical transfer 24 hours ago. Pelican Bay in California. The bulletin did not hit the grid on Oregon yet. Vince Chilton was the jury foreman. 

As the arresting officer,  Captain Renard says he will come after Hank next. Nick indicates they should search for robbery reports and B & E’s  leading from the state line, since Stark is coming for Hank but needs resources.

Nick cautions Hank about Stark. He has been shot three times and stabbed twice and has deadened nerves and a dense bone structure and has very difficult to deal with. Nick urges Hank to have patience. They find a stolen car taken by a  man matching Stark’s description.

Hank shares the connections, The judge presided over the trial. Mary Robinson handled the case. The date on the watch is when Stark was sentenced to 300 years in prison. Hank Griffin is the cop on the case. 

At a corner, the ogre stops the car and blows it up. Nick says this is a block away from where Hank used to live. it is a message. The captain prevents Hank from leaving. So Renard and Nick go to investigate.

Nick wants to know what Hank knows about Stark. Get ahead of him, research his family. hanks says that was the funny thing, there was no record of where he was born or family. He fell out of the sky. Nick pricks up his ears. The car blown up is reported and because Hank has to stay under the radar the captain and Nick go to the scene.

The ogre watches the cops for Hank, but he is not there. He watches from the hill. Nick senses something and turns around but the ogre is gone.

Nick goes through his book from his aunt. Congenital analgesia sounds awfully familiar. Nick searches through the book, which has a sketch of some of the bottles in the trailer and the cache of weapons. The siegbarste gun has a drawing of the ogre on the silver plate,. This is on an antique wooden hunting gun in the cabinet. 

After dark, the ogre pulls a man from  a truck and smacks him to the ground. He drives off in the truck.

Nick gets home to find the phone ringing. Juliet is coming home. She says for him to boil water. She has fresh ravioli and is right behind him.

Then Nick hears some noise.  He says “Damn raccoons”. Then he hears another noise. He turns to check outside and the ogre bursts into the house. The ogre beats Nick up but he withstands most of it. The ogre notices Nick doesn’t seem that shocked.

The ogre says to Nick “Where is he?” and transforms. Nick puts up more of a fight than is usual and the beast transforms to human and says “Grimm” angrily. He grows infuriated and Nick hits him across the face with a blender. 

Juliet arrives home and Nick says for her to run. She runs into the kitchen and grabs a knife but the ogre follows her. She grabs the boiling water and flings it in his face. He screams and then Nick shoots him. He shoots again and the ogre runs outside and away. Juliet runs to Nick, who says she has to call Hank.

Juliet then goes to the hospital. Nick has three bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder. The Captain says to Juliet he’ll pay for what he’s done. Juliet is surprised they know who did it. She goes into the hospital room and finds Nick in pain and asking for ravioli.

The officers escort Juliet home and inside. She is traumatized at the memory of gunfire inside their home. Hank is incensed to hear about the attack on Nick and that Juliet was involved. Hank says that the man was after him and he has to end it before more people get hurt.

Captain Renard says Stark attacked Nick to draw out Hank. They decide to set a trap with Hank in it. The captain and Sgt. Wu decide to set it up that Hank goes to see Nick and pull the ogre into their own trap.

Monroe comes to see Nick in the hospital. He talks about the ogre attack. Monroe recognizes it is a Siegbarste and says they are the worst but rare. Monroe says Nick is lucky to be alive.

Monroe has dealt with one before when he was a kid. He beat Freddy’s dad to death in his own garage. These guys carry grudges to the grave. They have thick skin and body odor to stop a train. 

Monroe says one needs a gift. A German word for poison. Siegbarste suffer from poison from the north side of a tree in Romania. It calcifies their bones from the inside. Nick amazes Monroe by saying “I have some”. From his aunt. 

Monroe says ‘Oh of course." Monroe says the trick is getting it inside the monster. Nick says he knows how to do that too. This is the special rifle he needs Monroe to get for him. Nick tells Monroe about the trailer. 

The yellow bug drives up to the silver trailer and when he goes inside. Monroe says “Dad I swear I am doing the right thing”. Monroe, (the lover of antique clocks) is entranced by the trailer and opens the weapons cabinet. ‘This is awesome” he says.

Monroe opens the gun case saying ”this is a freak show”. He loads the gun with the huge bullets which he dunks in the jar marked ‘Siegbarste Gift”. 

Hank pulls up to Treeview hospital to see Hank. (the trap is planned). The ogre watches from afar. Hank has something to tell Nick.

During Stark’s trial Hank did something. Hank confesses following through on a lead. A surveillance tape that looked like Stark. It would have given Stark an alibi, but Hank liked Stark for the other interstate killings too. He knew Stark would never get caught.

Hank lost the tape. He misplaced the tape on the way to the D.A.’s office. Mary Robinson knew about it. Hank says he is the last one Stark blames. Nick guesses that Hank is going to the quarry instead of the trap. Nick is faint and can’t prevent Hank from leaving.

Nick calls Monroe, who has just arrived at the hospital. Hank is leaving about a hundred yards away. Monroe wonders if Hank even knows about the gun. Nick says no.

Hank leaves the hospital and the ogre’s truck pulls after him. Monroe jumps in his bug and follows Hank to give him the gun. Hank drives to the quarry where Stark/ogre killed Lambert and his wife and daughter. 

Hank pulls over and loads for bear. Ogre pulls over and waits. Monroe pulls over and wonders what to do.

Stark/ogre says Hank owes him five years. He says he really likes the place Hank picked, he has so many fond memories. The ogre/Stark jumps in the truck and rams the car Hank is not in. Hank goes rolling to the side of the road. 

Monroe gets the gun case and goes into the brush. He watches Hank and the ogre go at it. He nervously loads the gun and shoots the ogre just as he is about to pulverize Hank with a block of stone. Hank looks around in shock and the ogre also is shocked and falls dead at Hank’s side.

Hank stands, looking around wildly, at nothing and nobody. (Monroe sneaks off, saying ”time to go”). Hank calls the police, saying he wants to report a shooting. Later he shows up at Nick’s bedside, saying somebody killed Stark and he owes him his life.

Monroe replaces the gun case at the trailer and calls Nick to let him know Hank is fine and “it’s done”. Monroe brushes off Nick’s concern but after he hangs up looks a trifle overwhelmed.

At police HQ, things are not so good for Hank because he ditched the stake out for the trap.

“I should have your badge. “The captain is annoyed. “You want it you can have it." Hank is silenced. “I’d rather have you alive and working. “ 

The captain says the bullets pulled out of the dead ogre were  a 577 and two 600 caliber nitro express  bullets from a triple barreled elephant gun. These were made for royalty for African safaris over a hundred years ago. 

“Who the hell would have a gun like that? “Hank asks.

“That is something I would very much like to know.”  Captain Renard says.

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