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Bones - The Crack in the Code - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 14th January 2012

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Bones and Booth drive to the latest crime scene, the National Historical Museum, discussing how he can’t give up his man cave and she needs her space and they need space for the baby and at least an acre of land. He tells her to check the listings again. The baby (she) starts kicking. They drive in Washington D. C. 

Under the statue of Lincoln a pile on bones are laid and  a message in blood is draped across Lincoln’s bronze form “Where is the rest of me”..They are told not t mention John Wilkes Booth because Booth is related and he will shoot someone.

Sam Sax on the exterminator crew has a prior record. Burglary car,theft, Booth goes on. Sweets says this is a pattern of escalation. He says he is the nation’s front online of defense against roaches. He wants to smoke badly. But Booth detects he knows how to avoid the cameras because he has to smoke every 15 minutes.

But Bones says the bones have been purposely broken up and re-assembled to send a message. Sweets says to Booth defacing an American figure means the killer craves attention. By posing two mysteries demands they engage. One for the pubic and the re-ordered spine for the lab. 

Sweets says the killer is Very manipulative high IQ. Comfortable with killing people, and probable prior offenses. The killer did not reorder vertebrae for kick and giggles.  

The victim was a female Caucasian with intact wisdom teeth, early 20‘s. the string was made of human gut. Cirology results how the message written in blood. Enzyme and protein markers show the blood is from five other people not the victim. Hodgins stresses about what code in the DNA and the bones in the string.

The killer used a laser pointer to burn the security camera out. Booth pursues how the killer knew that. The victim grew up in Denmark Bones says, because the enamel condition of the teeth.

All five blood sample from five different FBI agents from the DC field office. FBI the five weeks ago. Bones agrees to stay in the lab out of the field in her condition. booth juggle calls from realtors.

The press gets onto the story. Ezra Crane has questions about the murder. Booth’s boss, Caroline, wants a break. Booth says he has tot urn over the data. The story has a source. Caroline says they better solve this before the whole thing turns out to be Booth’s fault.

Sweets translates the listings adjectives and she questions what “teardown” means. Caroline wants progress. Booth found a mints box. A homemade laser pointer. The guy MacGyver’d it from a DD player and toaster. A tech savvy guy who hates the FBI”.

Every geek we put away we put away in the last 5 years. Christopher Palant, socially marginalized, Sweets relates his convictions and successes taking down.
Ezra Crane covered his trial and is a hacktivist. He exposed the corruption he is a patriot. Booth said soldier could have died. He has an old computer he says doesn’t work he says is a reminder of better days.

Angela tries another format. Hodgins assumes the spaces and alphabets are not important. They recognize the Dulles zip code and a phone number. The Justice Department Archive Building. But there are four digits To go. booth keys in the last 4 digits to the keypad to the room while the guard freaks out and calls his superior.

Booth finds more skeletal remains and criminal case files. Investigation suspended.
Sweets says if he was one of their victims, “I’d do pretty much anything to call attention to this.”

The killer shoved some kind of homemade explosive down her throat. Hodgins tests the explosive powers of exploding the victim from within. Saroyan is not impressed.

Caroline is angry that Ezra Krane gives a press conference. The Washington Standard is his newspaper. Booth is furious that Ezra Krane got a phone call informing him of the archive find.

Daniel Cassudo is the worst of the bunch. He was a FBI drug runner who was a paid informant. Berman is head of IT at a local hospital, giving her a place to rearrange a spine. Booth and Sweets go to question her.

Berman cleared out his fathers pension. Last month she wanted to cheer him up, he was sitting in the den with a gun. he sad he was sorry and pulled the trigger. She saw the top of his head cut off.
Both brings up the museum killer. She got a call a couple of days from a journalist at the 

Washington Standard, someone who cared, Ezra Krane but the editor wouldn’t print it because it didn’t have any juice. Booth says now there is a lot of juice.

Inger Johannssen local family she was house sitting for. They find the house and the bloody jacuzzi where she was killed. Saroyan says the murder occurred Sunday night. 

Booth suggests he has found a place but Bones might not like it. Its former inhabitant was Leavenworth. But Bones has a weird perspective. Ancient tribes lived in the places of th people they beat in battle. “His hut would be a symbol of our mightiness”. 

Inger Johannsen’s parents say she never hurt  a fly. Caroline wants Booth to bring Ezra Krane brought in. Angela computes trajectories. She scans the pictures of the bones. They short the system. Angeles hoots fire extinguisher foam on a million dollars worth of computers.

“The malware killed our fans." Angela points out the scans tripped the malware.  Saroyan says it could not have done without a computer virus in the numerical sequence of the bones. Wendell swears there is no microchips, nothing. 

Krane says nothing but Booth demands to know “Who told you about the formant files. Booth says it’s almost like he knew before you did.

Sweets says a bang stick from sharks killed her. And Saroyan finds the some marks on the dead reporter they find hanging from a light pole. Caroline and Booth see the body come down but the coroners van disappears.

He says he write a computer virus on bone. The records will show he never left this house. Quantum Indeterminacy. Sweets says he kind of will get away with it. The more complex we make it the more insecure. he says “Give Jack Hodgins my regards, I knew he’d enjoy the code in the spine.”

Angela says these old vacuum tubes would be in old computer and Plant had one. Saroyan says Palant had an ankle bracelet but Angela is sure. Saroyan says with a warm tissue body they can send the killer away for sure. Angela says that he could outsmart  ankle bracelet.

At the lab, Caroline and Saroyan have bad news. The EMT van went to the hospital on an order which sent them to another hospital. They got a medical order transfer to DC memorial. The paperwork the autopsy was complete and infectious tissue was found. The body was cremated as medical waste. 

(The flashback shows Palant in private assembling items from a computer graveyard and with a photograph of Inger splashed in red and the Krane reporter crossed out on a bulletin board filed with news reports about Booth and Brennan. 

Booth and Bones go to see the house it is falling down, especially where the marshal breached but Bones loves it and says the bones of the house are brilliant. Booth is ecstatic. The baby kicks when they kiss in the baby’s room.

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