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Grey'a Anatomy - This Magic Moment - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 14th January 2012

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The twins surgery gets every competitive. Webber and Karev compete for the last spot in the surgery. The parents are very very young and get charity surgery. Lexie counsels the mother. Arizona bothers everyone with her mothering of the surgery. Brandy and Andy are the real twins but the operating dummies are dolls where the procedures fail critically, making Arizona flip out.

Weber annoys Karev with nay-saying and fear of having the surgery failure showing on the Boards. Bailey impresses Meredith with the importance of convincing her lover they shouldn’t live together and talking only about surgery so she doesn’t have to be persuaded.

The young mother thinks the staff are saying they had kids before they could be responsible for them. Gretchen snaps at Lexie, who says she thinks Gretchen is lucky to be with someone she loves.

The twins have three kidneys in the beginning but after the procedure end up sharing them. It is an 18 hour procedure. Karev is doing the flip. Arizona insists on making to the first incision. Hunt finally tells Arizona  enough.

Owen Hunt coaches the team on how important the surgery is. Brandy and Andy the twins are conjoined and Arizona makes the team practice on dolls. Karev feels the heat on the surgery and criticizes the method. Hunt hears Karev’s fear of the flip and Karev realizes Weber snaked it form him even though he had been practicing for weeks.

Cristina gets grilled more by Teddy on her final procedures with Henry. April gets very stressed when during their procedure Teddy and April operating Altman make Cristina retell the surgery countless times. But Altman won’t let Kepner go to watch the conjoined twins. 

After two weeks since Henry has Altman still makes Cristina recite the surgery of his death. Dr. Yang makes perfect recitations every time.

Meredith and Derek make videos of their baby at home. Derek keeps poised for the big moment when Zola walks but she does not do it yet. 

Shepherd continues his procedure of the twins surgery well. Sloane also does well. But Avery’s twin has problems. Karev notices the urine output is bad. The mother flips out. Lexie holds them down from complete breakdown.

Karev says Weber is supposed to be teaching not stealing surgeries. He keeps stealing the surgery from Karev as a “lesson”. Karev is the one who gets the deal to transplant the organs from the other twin and Robbins gives him the transplant duty.

But Weber talks to Karev while scrubbing in about failing and being stuck in an office and put on a stale committee and steals the procedure twice. Mark and Avery race to finish and rush to the cafeteria. Later Weber tells Karev to watch his back. He may teach him a lesson every single day.

Bailey’s new love puts extreme pressure to move in with her. He really pushes to move in with her, and gets Meredith to stay in her liver surgery. Meredith asks basic terms and procedures, pretending to learn while staving off the inevitable. Bailey uses Meredith’s life with the clinical trial etc., to show how messed up over at work can be.

He asks who is the last person Meredith sees at night. She says Derek and he says “Must be nice”. He wants to live life together with Bailey while she is clearly not comfortable.

Altman continually makes Cristina repeat the final procedure. In the theater gallery, the surgeons exchange feedback. Karev says a quarter century makes Weber the biggest shark of them all. Callie is irritated by Robbins in surgery when she mothers a little too much.. 

Kepner comments on how mean Altman is. Avery says having a dead husband is a bitch, and Karev says her husband dying on Cristina’s table “payback is a bitch”. Cristina plays off like it is fine but Meredith says it must be getting old. 

But while Bailey has to go to lunch, Meredith goes elsewhere, putting Bailey at risk. Bailey gets another ultimatum, and when she fails to agree she gets in trouble with the boyfriend. He rushes off when she doesn’t agree with him, and Bailey says “But it’s only been two weeks!”

A new patient comes in, a GSW to the chest. Altman order April in scrubs and Cristina not, because she’d rather put Cristina through her paces. Altman orders Cristina to verbalize henry’ surgery again. April says “that’s enough". tells Altman “This is not going to bring him back? Altman coldly stares at her.

Altman says “Are you all right, Dr. Kepner, do you need time to gather yourself?”

Then Teddy says she is 100% sure. Then when Cristina says it again Altman joins in. Teddy starts completing the sentences Cristina starts about how Henry died. She has finally accepted that Henry died without anything else being possible.

As Bailey puts Meredith and her boyfriend down for being Chatty Cathies and not losing focus. They find out they have lost a sponge. It could be inside the patient. They search and while Bailey blathers on about commitment and control Meredith points out that the sponge is stuck on Bailey‘s shoe. Tuck comments how in control and focused this was.

Bailey finds him later to talk. She says she had it all and there was a shooting and then  after that  lost it all. She doesn’t want to blow it. He says he knows she does not come without Tuck. He knows who she is. he points out that his knowledge of dinosaurs is a big component of how  things will work out because he can talk for hours but she doesn’t know if a mastodon can beat a tyrannosaurus. 

She says her toothbrush is in her locker. One step at a time. 

Callie relies on Arizona to understand how over demanding she was in the O.R. She insists on the humidifier in the baby’s room just to make sure the “lesson” goes home.

Derek and Meredith are too tired to walk Zola when she won’t go to sleep. They watch the video of that morning and then notice that Zola s walking. Zola walks up to the screen to see herself and Meredith. She tosses the camera in Derek’s lap. Derek jumps to get the camera working but he can’t move fast enough and they laugh to see the baby walking to the screen.

Lexie hears Mark say he wishes she had been there for the surgery and should be there next time. Elated, thinking he meant her, she rushes to accept. He turns around and has a Bluetooth device in his ear. Mark realizes what she has misunderstood and so does she.

“Long day, I’m hearing things,” she babbles and goes rushing off. Mark looks at her as she rushes away.

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