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Merlin - The Hunter's Heart - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 12th January 2012

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Camelot’s claim to the lands of Gedreth will be settled by marriage of Arthur and its princess Mythia, the beautiful and sweet woman who comes to visit. Merlin is miffed because he didn’t know beforehand. he tells Arthur he still loves Gwen and Arthur threatens exile if he ever says anything like that again.

Agrivain delivers plans of the Camelot tower to Morgana, but the military warrior. Agrivain threatens death to the thief and kills him anyway. Morgana is furious he fails. The siege tower plans must be hands or he is out of power play.

The military chieftain who overruns Gwen’s village sees her minding the pigs and captures her for his amusement. “There is more pleasure to be had here, I think”. The filth of the pigsty cannot disguise true beauty. “ he wants to know who she is. he says he is not interested in where she comes form but what she can become. 

“Will you do me the honor of dining with me?” he says.(he shows her the respect Arthur does not).

“I suppose I must thank you for my life”. Gwen notes the villagers have been killed or recruited. He wonders why a good looking girl is swilling pigs. “You have suffered much for one so young. Those days are truly behind you”.

Princess Mythia rides into Camelot and lifts her veil. She is very pretty, and the court notices a moment when Arthur is relieved. She says he is handsome and he struggles for words. Mythia is a genuine individual who grows to care for Arthur and goes hunting with him.

Gwen plays nice to the warrior to figure out what he is doing and then Morgana visits. (Morgana has asked him to draw up more warriors for the siege). He asks Gwen if she was expecting campfires and raw meat. He suspects there is more to her story.

Gaius is called upon to examine the body of the dead man Agrivain killed. Gauis finds a letter from Odin’s court on the dead man. The map-maker’s apprentice might have betrayed the location of the siege tunnels. Agrivain now has an excuse to inventory the plans. 

Merlin resents the beautiful Mythia’s effect on Arthur and shows it. he sulks and when Arthur goes hunting he selects a lumpy picnic ground and makes Arthur burp heavily when he reclines with Princess Mythia. Instead of being offended, she laughs and Arthur is charmed.

While Morgana talks to him, they discuss raising the Southerns and planning the siege tunnel plans from Agrivain. Morgana hears a rustle and realizes they have been overheard. 

Gwen flees. The alarm is sounded and Morgana asks Helios is he ready for attack. His forces are not yet up to strength. She says for him not to become too distracted. Morgana hints at a sensuous payoff if he follow through with his efforts (much as she does Agrivain).

Arthur is hunting at the same time Morgana is riding a horse through the woods hunting Gwen. Morgana finds Gwen and taunts her and then turns her into a deer when she hears Arthur’s hunting party approach. “You want to see your beloved Arthur again ?" 

She mutters magic words and pulls off the necklace Gwen wears of Arthur’s ring. (He swore eternal love to her). Gwen is now a deer, running through the forest as Arthur’s hunting party approaches. Merlin sourly watches Arthur and Mythia grows closer.

Arthur and his men sight the deer and hunt Gwen. The knights surround the forest. Arthur gets a good shot but Merlin enchants it. Mythia gets off a shot and bets a gold sovereign she got the deer. Merlin chases the deer but sees an image of Gwen in the deer’s eyes. 

He stalks further and sees a reflection in a pool of water when the deer runs by, of Gwen fleeing in terror. Merlin is shocked. But Arthur finds he ring of his he gave to Gwen lying in the forest floor. He is transfixed by memory and Mythia can’t get his attention.

Arthur suspends the hunt because now he is in no mood for sport. Mythia jokes about his being a sore loser. 

But later Merlin comes back and finds Gwen in human form, wounded with the arrow. He heals her and she tells him of the siege tower plans being stolen by Agrivain. Gwen refuses to come back to Camelot having betrayed Arthur once. 

Merlin reveals the plans’ theft to Arthur, who shows Merlin the plans are intact in the repository. Arthur says one more lapse and he will put Merlin into exile. Yet Arthur wonders where Gwen is.

Mythia confronts Merlin about his feelings. It has been noticed Merlin is trusted by Arthur above all others but Merlin does not like Mythia. She says she likes Arthur and has found the man “underneath”, the real Arthur. But Merlin, despite not wishing to give offense, nevertheless cannot warm to her for risk Arthur will go ahead.

As Mythia leaves, Arthur presents an agreement his scribes have drawn up. This gives the land of Gedreth “most humbly” to Princess Mythia’s kingdom. She wants to know who is it that trumps a princess? Mythia wants to know what great family is she from. 

Arthur says she is the daughter of a blacksmith. Mythia questions that he would risk his kingship, his kingdom, on such a love? Who does he do this for?

“For her you would risk your kingship?”.

“No one and every one”. Arthur answers. They smile in understanding and she says she would give her kingdom to be loved in such a way. They part friends and Arthur consults Merlin later about whether he made the right choice.

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