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The Secret Circle - Slither - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 12th January 2012

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Melissa wakes up with the demon worm inside her. She throws Nick to the floor and says she has a headache and in the halls at school she screams at Mrs. Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge). She lies to Nick and says she found her mother’s diary and it says where her Book of Shadows is. They vow to keep it a secret. Meanwhile Cassie fends off Jane’s questions.

The parents, Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain discuss that Heather died the night before and their kids saw it. They speak of a threat to the Circle. Dawn doesn’t know how Heather made it out of the house. The Blood Moon is that night. Charles says he is ready. They almost have the stuff to protect the kids from demons. The girls at school Faye and Diana see their parents are dating. 

Melissa is possessed by the demon. She seduces Nick into digging up a magic suitcase but she told Nick it was her Book of Shadows. He brings up a suitcase. It weighs a ton and she says it is exactly what they are looking for. The suitcase is closed by a spell and they have to do a spell to break it open. She tells Faye she found her Book.

She assembles things for a spell on the lock and the suitcase starts to move on its own, scaring the others. She tells Faye the book is for her and her best friend. Nick is angry. Cassie arrives and Faye and Nick are more angry. Melissa says they need the entire Circle.

Diana and Adam spend a romantic evening with a formal meal. But they start to make love and get into bed passionately. The phone buzzes with texts from the Circle. 

Melissa summons the group and the suitcase moves. They caution her and she shrieks at them. They want to get out of there. Adam and Diana are making love but get interrupted by constant texts. The snake crawls across her forehead. Cassie recognizes this from Heather’s possession.

Dawn and Charles meet on the boat and try to activate the defense using the crystal and the map. Charles has a little romance in mind and Dawn reminds him not to lose focus. Six crystals joined as one. They conduct the spell. It starts to work. 

Charles and Dawn chant the spell. The moon’s light will reflect and show the the relation to others on the map. Lights and lines form on the map. But it wavers and ends because the crystals don’t have enough power anymore. 

Dawn says they have used them too much. Dawn says they can’t restore her power. They’ll need five more crystals. She says she was an idiot to think he could help her. She leaves.

The Circle are not sure how to go forward. At the house, Melissa tells them it will be worth it and the snake worm mark crawls across her face. Nick, Cassie, and Faye huddle. They are all astounded. Nick wants to stay and save her but the others want to leave. 

Adam and Diana arrive just when Nick slugs Melissa and knocks her out. 

They say “This  is not what it looks like. Not even close.” 

Melissa lies on the couch with bound hands and the demon say she cant feel her hands. Nick thinks it is Melissa but it isn’t and he backs away.

Cassie says she knows what to do but they have to trust her. Cassie runs and gets her grandmother, telling Jane she knows what she is. 

The demon/Melissa grabs Nick and puts a knife to his throat. She starts to cut the throat. The others debate defying the demon. Faye says “Heat of the Sun Burn like Fire” and to focus on the shears. They repeat the spell. Melissa puts another cut on Nick and warns them off. 

Melissa demands they repeat “Insipio Serpus Malum”, and the suitcase writhes and moves and hisses. Cassie comes in with her grandmother. Melissa recognizes Jane Blake, Cassie’s grandmother."You’re too late, she says". (Jane is an Elder from before their parents’ time).

“His blood is on your hands.” Melissa threatens, but Jane waves her hand and the shears fly away. The suitcase opens and writhing snakes expand. They all flinch. 

Jane says “I am not alone here”. Melissa sneers at the teenagers (The Circle) and isn’t afraid and then  holds up a crystal. Melissa jumps and says “get that thing away from me!”She binds Melissa but then the demon flies from Melissa to Nick. 

Jane orders the circle broken and tells them to burn sage and candles clockwise around the suitcase. Jane mutters a few words and the lock on the suitcase closes. Jane conducts an exorcism of Melissa and then say Melissa is not possessed. 

Jane detects the demon has left Melissa. She says it went to someone else. Jane finds out who when she holds the crystal up to him. Nick jumps at the suitcase and the lock comes off. They all are startled and scared. Adam jumps at him too and they wrestle on the floor. 

Jane puts a box on the  suitcase and Nick runs around the table. He gets away and the suitcase is hissing and moving with snakes. She says the snakes are demons and want witch bodies because of their powers and they can only burn them or drown them. They use lighter fluid in the bathtub to kill the demon snakes. 

But Nick runs through the woods and writhes. Then he straightens up with a cruel smile on his face.  He calls Adam and says he will burn the boathouse unless Adam brings him the suitcase. 

Natasha is at the bar when the Nick/Demon hits on her. She realizes it is the demon she summoned back in the day, and he talks in his real voice. His name is Abadin. He says they have unfinished business and he needs a new body. Hers will do fine. 

 She says “not here" and makes to leave. She holds her cellphone in front of her, calling Charles using her hand-held cellphone, and he gets the call. He is confused until she signals by saying Nick’s name and saying to leave the children alone. 

She says they are just kids and he denies it. He says they are strong enough. He wants something to do with the crystals. Denis arrives and they knock out Nick/demon. She says he has to drown him, it’s the only sure way to kill the demon. They crystal has no more power to work a spell.

The parents drown Nick because that is the only way to kill the demon. Nick calls out to Meade, and he struggles with his conscience, and Dawn sees this, saying ‘that’s not him, that’s not him". Finally Charles cries out “He won’t die". Cassie and Jane then arrive.

Charles tries harder to strangle him and he finally dies, motionless underwater, and Charles brings him out of the water, sickened at having to kill Nick. They say it was a drowning. The Circle gets news of Nick dying. They are all immensely impacted. 

Diana embraces Adam, saying she didn’t know what she would do if she didn’t have him. Adam says that Nick hit his head, maybe he was trying to get the demon out himself. Adam says he always had it worse than any of them. Later Diana embraces Ada emotionally.

Charles is very struck by having killed Nick, very guilty and full of remorse. Dawn is not affected as much, saying they had to do it. She says think of what they saved. Charles says it is something that should never feel right. Dawn says he saved her life and thanks him.

Cassie says to Jane if she would have been honest with her about the Circle sooner Nick might be alive. But Jane says it was not her fault. Jane says she life is not easy. She tells her granddaughter there have been too many secrets for too long. Cassie wants to know what happened the night of the fire.

Jane says that witchcraft has never been about fun and games. It is dangerous and it attracts darkness. That is why her mother was keeping it from her, and Jane was keeping it from Cassie’s mother too but it didn’t work.  Jane says to Cassie she won’t let anyone hurt her. 

Unseen by anyone else. Dawn Chamberlain stands by the shoreline of the boathouse where Nick was killed, shivering.

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