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Castle - 'Till Death Do Us Part - Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 12th January 2012

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Jenny and Ryan’s wedding approaches and they vow to a herbal diet cleanse. Called to the scene, they find a man thrown from a hotel window into a fruit stand display. The hotel room was previously an amorous rendezvous. Castle embroiders the scene with purple prose about a Black Widow. The security cameras show a redhead who registered under “Jane Eyre”.

She is a founding partner of Keller Brown and Franklin. Holly Franklin ran out of the hotel room. She denies the murder fleeing the crime scene. Jake Hendricks is how she identifies him. He has a family business. She says she was falling in love with him. Beckett says he fell pretty hard too. Michael Bailey is the victim but no next of kin. No background at all is found.

She met him that night at a bar. It felt like a magical connections. But after the sleep in, he fell out the window after being sweaty and dizzy. Her first instinct was to run. The autopsy returns He was full of Coterizine, a drug for rheumatism. Between 4 to 6 pm, hours before she met him, Holly met him after he was ingested.

They find some protein isolate in a health shake would likely be sweet enough to mask the taste of the drug. “Superman” had sex two women within hours of his death. They find Michael was sleeping with two women before death. He tells the woman Holly and she is furious.

“Now I wish I pushed him.” Ryan says he was wearing a condom both times. She glares. Ryan says “Talk about scorned women.”

Castle says William Congreve knew what he was talking about when he mentioned scorned women.  They walk into a room full of women who think they were Bailey’s one and only. They all knew him by his real name. Beckett wants to know who he was with that day. He told all of them he was in Europe. Beckett suspects something is up.

Global12 let Bailey go for a consolidated month’s leave. His apartment doorman says he was gone for  a month. He has an Illinois Driver’s License for Jake Hendricks. It’s like he was living undercover. He has about $60,000 in cash.

Castle says he has fake web search hits. It’s a deep cover, Beckett says. Castle says he is looking more like Jason Bourne.

At Global 12, they ask around. Some woman noticed a woman trying to break into Michael’s office with a wrench and paper clip. Her description is of a flight attendant and the witness gives the airline. They look her up online. Colette Roth is a flight attendant, former Israeli military. Ryan says “Castle may be right. “ They sense a spy connection.

They bring her in. She says he was avoiding him. 
“We were soul mates”. Colette claims of her and Jake. 

Meanwhile Esposito tries to get a date for the wedding to outmatch Angela’s doctor administrator “Captain America” date. Esposito get the word from Ryan an he looks the man up online. He vows to get with some of the sorority sisters and bridesmaids.

Colette is dramatic. She was at his apartment at the time of death. Beckett asks her questions. According to her, Michael was a hunted man.  Four weeks ago he said he was going to Europe. He wasn’t coming home. He said he couldn’t talk. Ruffians and ski masks grabbed him and threw him in the back. Beckett is not buying any of it.

They watch the ATM camera where Colette say this happened, and see nothing so Ryan and Castle are told by Beckett they can watch more “Andy Warhol" type nothing if they want. But then they see Bailey and Colette meet and get grabbed by “ruffians in ski masks: Castle watches as Colette’s story turns up true. Ryan winces as ex-Mossad Colette  almost breaks the guy’s arm. 

The CIA, the FBI, and the government services deny Bailey working for them. Castle debates if they would let them know if it was true. Ryan gets the license plate of the ruffians and an address from the traffic cam down the street. They break into his apartment.

There is a two man sex scene happening with two girls and the men seem out of their league. Beckett orders everyone brought in. 

The three of them are a crew. We’re pick-up artists. Beckett is astonished. We dedicate our lives to picking up as many hot women as possible. Art of the seduction strategy. The “exstalktion”  happened and then they followed him to a bar. “The Magic Bottle". He demanded they refer him to him by a new name.

He stayed away from married women but “Jake" hit on girl. She was not that attractive and they were surprised. He countered with some authorizing and some advice gathering. (Pablo has pickup terms). “Jake” had all kind of devices. He went for the friend. Then the girl got interested. Her name was  Lisa.  Pablo said he did not score.

Lisa is a regular with the Magic Bottle. The bartender gets her name while Esposito wants a shot at a wedding  Plus-one at a bar. He wants Ryan as the wing man. Ryan says she is glad he is getting married. The cleanse is wearing on Ryan and he attacks Esposito when he flaunts a donut. 

Beckett thinks the murderer could be the other woman. But Pablo references a ledger. Lisa was not in it. Mike has a ledger of thousands of women he slept with with pictures and nicknames and dates. The men detectives disgust Beckett with their leering. 

Castle asks Beckett when Ryan and Jenny started dating. Evidently they were an item well before “Gyrating Jenny” showed up in Bailey’s ledger. Castle shows Beckett that Ryan’s fiancée is in the book. Beckett is aghast.

Alexis is Castle’s Plus One to the wedding. Alexis bought a beautiful dress. But Castle finds there is more to the story...Castle says they don’t have to go to the wedding. Alexis and Castle’s mother met the designer’s grandson and father who asked them to Lady Gaga benefit.

Jake was pickup dating Lisa Hill, daughter a famous publishing company heiress. She left for Montauk in the kill zone. Castle says she is going from mud wrap to murder wrap. Manicure to manicure. They bring in Lisa Hill. She says her husband is more interested in work than living. 

She brought Jake home for sex. But she took a shower and came out. She caught him on the computer. She kicked him out because she thought he was stealing identity theft or making a fraud. They find out he emailed himself and he attached documents concerning KPW mining company.

Her husband is an investment banker. Castle and Beckett recognize the man. Castle saw him at the multi-billion dollar meeting. Corporate espionage, says Beckett. More like “Sexpionage” says Castle. 

“There  is a penetrating enemy lines joke somewhere. “

If anyone ever had a motive it was Ron Hill. KPW was represented Braun and Franklin. There lady attorney is Holy Franklin.

Castle says he was on leave and Beckett says he too junior. Harris is confronted. He is the lead negotiator for the KPW deal. He says they have no proof. Beckett demands who else was targeted and who else he was with the day he was killed.

“Unless you’re actually going to change me with something, I’m leaving.” Beckett and Castle debate knowing the “number” of people each has slept with. Beckett concludes men want to know, but they really don’t want to know. 

Beckett says the pool of marks is too big. There are three hundred women. But then they debate. Esposito says to Beckett they have to tell Ryan. Beckett says after not eating for a week and a half, after the donut incident. Ryan is too close to the edge. To soften the blow they let him into their Chinese food feast.

Ryan astonishes all of the by asking if his fiancée is in the book. They were not exclusive at the time. Ryan says he looked into the company holdings and properties and that Bailey has been registered there under the ‘Jake Hendricks” name all along.

Mike Bailey has been checked into the Oaks, a company place. Per his company instructions, the stuff was given to Goodwill and the place has been scrubbed. This is where Bailey as hiding out.

They find a whey protein shake in a chocolate flavor. Ryan and Esposito find that the corporate apartment was where he was murdered. The security camera shows who the last visitor was, and not for the first time either. Amy was the president. She figured out what he was up to. 

At the wedding, Esposito shows up with a statuesque brunette in a stunning dress. Toby is gay. he admits he had to have a Plus one. They are only broken up for two months, he says she looks great and he shows her to her seat.

Castle lurks in the foyer and then he sees Beckett. They agree to be each other’s Plus One.

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