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The Secret Circle - Heather - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 10th January 2012

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Cassie chases down the Barnes woman hurt in the barn fire. She is haunted by the fact her mother was involved. hey go to the marsh home where the brother lives. She hasn’t moved in sixteen years. The the woman grabs her arm. The brother notices she grabbed her arm and not his. The  brother speaks to her and comfort her and asks them to leave.

The number 415 is burned into her wrists that they can see. Adam says it’s a signal. It is used for certain spells. They wonder if a spell caused it. Zachary said he did something to her mother worse than death. Cassie wants to know what.

Cassie shows him her Book of Shadows. He wants to see it. Each of the Six families has a book. They have only found Diana’s. This book is completely different. Each book has information specific to that family. Adam wants the Book for his own reasons.

"We can learn so much from this." Adam is excited to get a supplementary Book in the Circle. 

Cassie says she has seen the signal in the book. in her mother’s handwriting. She had to be the author of the spell. It is a suppression spell of some kind. Adam says that this needs blood and a poultice. They need to use her blood. They use a hypodermic to get some of her blood. 

Adam and Cassie Diana learns Cassie has a book. Cassie says to Adam it is too risky.

Mel and Rick have a fight that Diana started. Faye was right, "you’re never going to change". He gets to school early. Faye comes upon Cassie who is angry Diana and Adam won’t help. Faye is intrigued she has her own Book of Shadows. Faye requires that Diana show her the book to help her. 

At Cassie’s house, a disgruntled Cassie entertains Faye. She goes to get snacks but senses a spirit nearby watching. She tensely walks through the house and sees the paralyzed woman there. The woman says "Where is Amelia?" 

The paralyzed woman speaks to Cassie; she knew her as a baby. She says she was at the barn fire and she went to help Cassie’s mother stop the witches from being possessed by evil. She says wherever witches go, evil follows.

Cassie talks to her but the demon comes out. Heather/demon attacks Cassie and throws her to the floor. Adam and Diana get the texts.

Faye comes down the stairs and sees Cassie’s inert body. She approaches and gets attacked by demon/Heather too. She runs upstairs and the demon levitates through the air. The demon chases Faye into Cassie’s bedroom. Faye struggles to open the windows and get out. The demon attacks her. She turns and run downstairs to the door. 

Ric and Lissa  are making love but she sees through the next window. She sees Faye trying to get out of the house. They run down stairs and next door. They force open the door. The paralyzed woman attacks them but when Rick attacks she backs off and runs into the street. 

She runs into the street and gets hit by a car when her brother calls her name and she turns around. She is dead and they all stare and watch. The ambulance wraps up the body but a small slimy worm crawls out of the body and into Rick’s backpack. 

Adam comes back. He says he took Diana home. He wanted to be sure she was OK and thought she could use some help. That’s what friend do, right. he says "Got a broom?" Cassie says "Sure. I’m a witch."

Adam says they have to deal with the threat. "I’m glad you found out your mom was trying to do the right thing. A monster came after us at the dance and a demon came after us tonight." he says they have to be on guard against things like demons. "Our lives depend on it."

Rick and Lissa go to sleep. The worm crawls into Melissa.

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