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The Mentalist - Scarlet Ribbons - recap

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Written by : published Monday 9th January 2012

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Pinewood shopping mall in Sacramento, a shooting happens. Patrick Jane is the shooter. People run screaming. He puts the gun down. The security guard comes running. Jane is arrested for the murder and taken in a squad car.

Van Pelt comes in to get her stuff. Cho says "Two days ago you shot and killed your fiancée you are not fine." She doesn’t want to talk about it. Lisbon says "We need to work on getting Jane out of this mess. How do we prove this guy is Red John?"

Lisbon and Van Pelt visit the wife of the dead man. The wife says he was the kindest gentlest soul you can imagine. Your colleague made a terrible terrible mistake. They were married three years. He was at that mall buying an anniversary gift. Last month he got an official commendation from the sheriff Lisbon is interested.

"Debbie Lupin went missing from our church." The church Reverend and an assistant are there. She went missing six weeks ago. Only 17. Lisbon says to Van Pelt that psych counseling is mandatory. Lisbon says is asking her as a friend.

Timothy Carter was clan. Only child from missionaries. He appeared on the grid five years ago. Jane says he wants the personal effects of Tim Carter. he says it gets in the room with Sally Carter.

The detectives say multiple investigations are going on. The tech says what would he be hiding? He wants a warrant and Cho points out they are all suspended from duty because their squad has killed four people that week. He is blank faced and the security guard gets the hint. They review the tapes and say there was no gun at the crime scene. 

In jail, Jane discovers he needs $100,000 bail to get out and make his case, and says he has a $2.5 million car collection because the stakes are outside money. He cons his way into a poker game with connected men. He discovers the tell of one of the power players and amuses the men, who see hows sharp he is.

In the garage, a man parks a black vehicle and gets out. He carries large paper bag. He is the bag man for the money Jane has won. He walks up to Lisbon and says "You Theresa Lisbon? Phil says to tell your friend he doesn't want to see him again".

Jane makes bail the next day(the bag money). Outside prison, Lisbon picks him up.

Cho and Ginly check out where the gun went that Red John/Tim Carter was supposedly holding. His last words were "Give my love to Sally and Charlene" 

Cho investigates the waitress. "The guard was freaking out," saying things like "Get away from the body this is evidence, " Cho looks for him. The Security man says "Yes Ron Deutsch he was supposed to be working today. Detective Cho gets the home address.

At the Carter home, the funeral service is concluded. Jane and Lisbon are shown around to the kitchen door. Mrs. Carter is stunned to see Jane there. Jane says he is truly harmless. 

He says he had to talk "to you face to face, and he will send the rest of his life earning your forgiveness." She says "As God is my witness you murdered a good man.” "You have any tape?" he says.

Cho and Ginly investigate the guard’s place. The superintendent gives them trouble about not having a warrant. Cho sets Ginly up to get in without one. "You hear that?" What "A sound of a struggle coming from the apartment.?" Cho waits. Ginly gets it.

"Oh, yeah I do." They break in and find the guard dead in the bathtub. Cho calls Lisbon.

"He is dead, electrocuted inside his bathtub, homicide, because the dead guy is bald. Why would he use a hair dryer?"

Jane asks for details about Carter and his wife. She cooperates. "It’s weird how much we made a couple right away " She says. "Soul Mates", Jane says, and she agrees. Jane unlocks the window while pretending to be in the bathroom.

Jane says he has the seventh key on his key ring. She says she has six keys on her key ring. He maintains all husbands have secrets from their wives. She becomes so worried and upset and says "You are nothing but a sad crazy prison and a murderer. I want you to leave this house this moment." They leave.

They get in her car and Jane asks her to drive around the block. Jane questions Lisbon about whether or not she trusts him. He asks about her wound status and can she run. She says no. Then says he will sneak back into the Carter house. Lisbon yells at him while he runs and climbs over the Carter back fence. 

The wife waits until nightfall to check where the key fits. She goes into the basement where a hidden place is unlocked and a girl is handcuffed to a bed. This is the missing church girl. The woman is not surprised and chastises her for looking. She is not supposed to look.

The wife searches the drawers of clothing for something the key unlocks. She asks the kidnapped girl, "What door does this open? She become angry. You and Tim have been keeping secrets from me ". She grows angry and says she knows what the key is to. The doors open.

"It opens my locker at the CBI gym." Jane opens the door. He sees the prisoner and smiles. He says, "You really were soul mates, you ugly bitch."

Lisbon comes from behind him and she tells the woman to get on her knees. 

Next scene is he court case for the murder. The powers that be talk. "This girl in the basement changes the game." The D.A. is telling him to go full speed.

The girl testifies in court about being kidnapped, and she thought about killing herself. Just when I was about to despair, Mr. Jane and Agent Lisbon came in. Jane asks what was her opinion of Tim carter? She responded, "He was a sick murderer."

Jane makes his own case in closing arguments. Lisbon expects second degree murder. Jane points out to the jury that his victim was not Tim Carter because Carter doesn’t exist, it was a made up identity. 

Jane describes the Red John M.O. He likes to attack at night, he liked them to beg for mercy as he cuts them open. He killed at least 28 people. He felt he had no choice to kill him. He asks the jury "What would you do?"

The jury comes back unanimous. Verdict against Patrick Jane not guilty on all counts. He comes out of the court house and sees Lisbon drinking coffee on the grass. They get in the car. She asks if he feels different or he feels better.

He feels guilty. Jane admits that Red John isn’t dead. Lisbon is shocked and Jane tells her to watch the road.

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