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Law & Order SVU episode 9 Lost Traveller - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th January 2012

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The mother sends her little boy, Niko, to school. The mother says the Gentiles and the Gadjos don’t love their children enough. He says he sticks out as it is. On the street, the little boy calls the phone and it rings close by, his father comes out from behind a doorway. "Dad stop following me!" Several hours later the boy is missing.

Caswell Academy says Nicholas is a special kid. "We told him not to use certain words." The parents keep to themselves. Finn and Connie learn the myth about the gypsy people permeates the school and Niko. They keep to themselves. 

Girls who live on the same block say he is a gypsy and his mother is a fortune teller. A boy at school, Ryan, slams Niko as different. They are known as gypsies. There is a considerable ethnic blow-back. The camera shows Nicholas on the sidewalk eleven hours ago. 

The kid doesn’t have a computer or a laptop. After 600 years of being treated like pariahs they don’t trust anybody. They talk to a local gypsy connection. He says that Nicholas brought this on himself. 

Your friend is reticent, a local man says. They find a gypsy man, Alonzo, who knows the gypsy world, says there is more to Niko’s situation than meets the eye. Another cop shows up who knows about the gypsy culture. He goes right to the heart of what is at stake. He shouts accusations at the gypsy man.

"Is this a scam? "The cops says. Your friend Tomas, did he steal his own kid? 

The detectives learn about a modern piece of gypsy folklore that goes on. The Rom-baru works for the king of the gypsies The King lives in Hungary of Serbia as the King’s rep and gets a kickback. Its good to be king. The Rom-baru is the guy who gets a taste of everything.

Connie and Flick visit the Rom-Baru himself. He is an older man who lives in great wealth and comfort. He speaks denigratingly of the parents who have gone away from the gypsy way.

Fin and Connie visit the parents of Niko. They mention the Rom-baru. The wife starts shouting "You didn’t pay? You didn’t Pay? I knew something was wrong!"

He says they stopped paying our tithes so we could pay for Nikos’ school. "He said this would not stand and we had to be punished. The detectives research if the gypsy community kidnapped Niko.

Rom-Baro Mansion is where Finn and Connie go next. He says Niko is a bright boy.

They’ll find out what its like without having a family to protect them. Mick says the NYPD isn’t going to look the other way. "Must be nice to believe in happy endings?" Make sure they get candy on the way out. He say the parents of Nikos are outcasts.

The family is on the porch with the police car there. The father says he has been checking his voice mails, he is alive! The wife is happy and heartfelt.

They look u the cellphone activity hat is going of the phone. They are bouncing off cell towers all over t city. They go to the places and look at the receipts. Said the food was too spicy for is little Byrle could hear the kid crying in th background.

They bust in and it’s not Niko Amorow. The man complains through his lawyer his home was invaded. After he hacked into a missing child’s voicemail.

The father is a journalist. He is using the messages to evaluate the story. The journalist says the notes are confidential, they not are covered. Wiretapping is a federal case. The man wants to make a deal. The deleted messages were all from the parents.

He jacked into another phone. He knows the Rom-Baro, she left the Rom Baro. People think her son called Mark took the Niko kid. The villagers will get he pitchfork. Someone name Mark was suspected.

The mother of the child recognizes the name "Mark". They question n a dog walker in the neighborhood. The kid kept in the basement hustled the kid into handicapped vans from New Jersey.

They visit a grease fire tin can. When the name Mark Tozique is mentioned, one man on the side end runs. Rollins finds him in the bush. Rollins is watching and Adams grabs the collar.

Mark says his mom said stay away from strangers. Rollins says Niko’s mom is upset. Mar says he saw Miko Monday. The Rom-Baro arrives and says he can’t talk anymore. The Rom-Baro says he can’t talk anymore. Rollins says we need to search the house.

They comes into Mark’s room. They finds bag of donuts bought near Niko’s school. They find a bus pass but the mother says he can’t use the subway. Rollins says her son is adept at more than she thinks. They find hidden mattress with a cotton ball in the middle.

They expand their search to an areas farther down the New Jersey, through farms that the pass would extend the travel of mark taking Niko. The dead body is found. It had be since the day of the abduction.

Lividy is fixed. Rigor is cast through. He was on the wet tarp for a few days. When he got killed. Cigarette burns on his back, tortured. Half moon pattern on the burns. How much did he have to take." He took it all. Vital reaction. Ligature strangulation with his own scarf.

They arrive to tell the family and the mother flips out. The mother runs ragged and starts screaming "Get out of my house".

They find a body. The wife is in denial. She says it is not her son. The husband hugs her. "Nikio’s Gone. Nadia." Olivia sympathizes. 

The mother rages about Mark’s mother being responsible. Everybody knows that Mark killed our child. Connie pronounces Niko’s name and the are shocked. 

"We don’t say his name out loud. He’s dead and his spirit won’t rest if they say his name aloud. The mother screams for everyone to get out.

The girls who live on the block have seen him on the roof smoking. Then Rollins gets a call. Nadia Gray tries to set Mark on fire. 

The Rom-Baro will make sure. Nadia said he burned him, the cigarettes he burned him. That detail was released to the press. Who tipped her off?

The girls said they were bringing flowers and had put out leads before. They did it, Olivia says. They stashed the rabbit’s foot and the buss pass in there.

They call up the Rom-Baro for help. He is cynical as they go to Mark’s mother for more questioning. The Police on the side of the Romany.

Finn said he snuck someone in the room. Mark says Courtney touched him inappropriately. She give him a hand job. Courtney had a nice dog, and Emma was nice. 

Emma is seen going through police headquarters. Courtney sees her and gets alarmed.

They put out lit cigarettes on him. Emma says no it was Courtney. We were just playing around. Courtney grabbed his scarf. "He’s just a dumb gypsy. Who’s gonna miss him. "The stupid little bitch." Courtney says of Emma. She keeps talking. "He was just a kid. he was crying, I shut him up. Regarding Mark: "I gave him the only fun he ever had". Courtney’s father makes a remark about a sense of humor but asks for a lawyer. 

Olivia asks why. Courtney replies "Why not?"

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