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The Good Wife - Alienation of Affection - recap

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Written by : published Monday 9th January 2012

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David Lee’s Huntley divorce couple sues them for alienation of affection. It’s an old law on the books. Alicia, Diane and David got served. Will avoids Diane and David Lee is wearing fancy dress. Burl Preston arrives in Will’s office. He is a top Los Angeles lawyer. Will talks to the party they handled the divorce for. April says he is from one of Huntley’s company.

Dian says they are having short term liquidity problem. Will and Diane agree the timing is suspicious, three days before loan refinancing they get hit with a lawsuit on the books. Will talks to April, the divorcée. Will said how did she know he was suing for $44 million. He said he wrested control of the company.

Mr. and Mr. Huntley have reconciled. Bubble Elastic was a company who gained control of it. Lockhart Gardner helped her sell it at a loss. The firm "conspired" to sell it at a loss. Diane says it is an intentional tort. 

"We are all on the hook for $1.1 million." Julius assails David Lee as a moron. The equity partners are on the hook. Diane and Will discuss getting him a lawyer for Wendy Scott Carr. Will says for Dane to get out if it gets bad. She says this is a partnership. Will wants to avoid a grand jury. the lawyer he looks at makes light of it.

Kalinda arrives. "One big happy family". Meanwhile the process server arrive in the lobby. "Could you buzz Diane Lockhart."The man who served Alicia says to the process server he can leave the package with Reception.

Kalinda says she set up a DUI before a custody hearing. the stripper wasn’t supposed to sleep with him. April says that David Lee showed her the pictures of her husband with the stripper. 

Another attorney says they have something. Circumstantial. Turn evidence. Everybody has something. Give it to them for a lighter sentence. Minimum security and loss of his law license. 

"Are you guys being sued? I saw Burl Preston out there." Will tells him goodbye. Will comes to see Alicia. He wants Elspeth Tasioni. Alicia wants to know what is going on. She says don’t judge by first impressions.

Eli says will Lockhart Gardner dump David Lee? Kalinda says no. Eli wonders if it time to make a play. Kalinda says if you make a play against David Lee you better win or it won’t be pretty.

Diane cautions David Lee against perjury when he says he did not hire the stripper. (Kalinda did). She asks if Alicia can back it up. David frowns and leaves. He later comes to Alicia’s office with a trust agreements for her to sign for her divorce lawsuit. But he sits down and says he wants to check her facts about her upcoming deposition.

In the deposition with Alicia and Burl Preston she denies hiring the stripper. But Preston underlines a profit participation line in the contract that makes Alicia profit from April’s lawsuit.

David Lee almost calls Julius a name in the meeting. Julius is upset because his family law section is responsible for the coverage package set with every case. Eli says to Diane that he can outvote her. Diane says "Too bad you haven’t been fostering relationships." Eli snaps back ‘No time like the present".

Diane is in the lobby when her process server attacks a younger man he is serving a summons on. Mr. Copeland, she thanks in the lobby for the poster. She says she misunderstood. She walks off. 

Kalinda sees that she last login was Alicia Florrick. But Kalinda tells Alicia the rider was not in the system. Alicia says she knows she signed it. But Kalinda says otherwise and they tell Diane. David Lee says that it was signed. It was an I.T. problem. She says she knows she logged it. Kalinda is blank faced. 

Eli tells David Lee says he screwed up. He says he doesn’t get a Claus 63. He does them to others. "Just so you know, I was going to leave, now you made it worth my while". Lee is shocked "Nice to meet you, buddy," Eli says.

Kalinda questions Alicia about what she did. April had two copies. She made a copy and the rider was separate. Kalinda questions Alicia "Do you remember having to attach the rider to the contract?" Do you remember -she writes ‘yes’ when Alicia does not answer. Alicia says that she does not actually remember, and Kalinda writes in as though she does.

David Lee comes up. He found a hard copy-"In Carrie’s files we moved, in the expansion." Diane and Will are over the moon and Kalinda grins wryly to herself. Alicia looks at the found rider and looks suspiciously at Kalinda. Alicia goes to her office and checks the "sign-it‘ tags on the trust agreements and one is missing. 

"Am I sure this is the rider?" Alicia says to Diane-"Is this something David Lee slipped to me to sign? I think there were six pages and now there are five." Diane presses is she 100% certain. Diane tells Alicia to go with her best memory and not make Preston’s case for him.

Preston is suspicious the critical document surfaced. He says they will have forensic check on the ink and Lee says this cost them $30,000, the amount Diane will pay to stop the lawsuit. Preston turns it down. He says he had yet to depose another first year associate, Cary Agos. 

Diane says fine, they will schedule it tomorrow. 

Cary shows up and deposes like he has nothing to say and won’t ever come back to Lockhart Gardner. He says Lee and Alicia were outstanding ethical lawyers. Alicia thanks him on the way out and Cary remarks how things change. He says he likes working for her husband and she smiles and says he likes working with Cary.

Copeland is waiting for Diane again. Huntley hasn’t been at his wife’s apartment. Mr. Huntley had to sign off on the summons and Copeland can say where he was. 

In the meeting Diane tells Preston they can’t make their case. Diane hands Preston a final offer. They hand over photos of the Huntley man at his mistress’ apartment to April. She starts shouting at him for being a cheater and the lawsuit dissolves. 

Wendy Scott Carr fields criticism from judges. A new story about judges has the buzzing. She backpedals with a judge on the phone frantically. Agos says a Judge is in the waiting room. "We have to take the fight back to her." Cary asks who? Wendy says Will’s lawyer.

Eli and Lee argue in Diane’s office. Lee offers to go somewhere else. She says nobody will leave him alone like they do. "Stop pretending like you’ll leave. I won’t have it." Diane stares them down. They sullenly leave like little boys.

Copeland lurks in the office. Diane says they are both fine. He says he requested the job so he would see her again. Diane says Uh-Oh. Then he serves Will.

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