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CSI: Miami - Friendly Fire - recap

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Written by : published Monday 9th January 2012

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A high tech smartphone launch is in full swing. Sola merge SP, the phone to revolutionize the way we communicate. Three ounces. But a loud demonstration with megaphones comes up and disturbs the shoppers. Matthew Stone, the creator, is worth ten million dollars. 

Meanwhile Matthew Stone  is in his bed with two dozen bottle so of pills. He can barely get up. His luxurious bedroom hides a very ill man. He has voice operated shower and drapes.

Go corporate greed, the street level demonstrators yell. On the roof, the man is in a motorized wheelchair. A sniper takes aim. His phone rings. There is a countdown. The time is now, his phone reads. He’s dead, shot in the forehead. 

The girlfriend is in shock. Long range shot, says Horatio. Matthew had too many rivals to count. They had breakfast every day. Their life was limited due to his physical condition.

They work the voice activated. Callie turns the television off. Walter notices a bug in the  transmission screen area and they left a print. the man responsible works for Matthew Stone. He says the movement organizer defaced private property in the name of free speech.

Lockwood the CEO did it. Stone lost his grasp on reality. Bugging him was his attempt at damage control. He had to know what he was thinking at all times. Natalia and the others said he was waiting to take over the company. He says the death of Matthew breaks his heart.

Matt Stone’s computer uses the latest encryption breaking software. Heidi Taylor sent the death texts. She says they have a permit to demonstrate. He’s the symbol of economic inequality. They traced his last incoming text to her phone. She is incredulous Stone is dead. They arrest her. Benton finds out that the Trojan horse virus on her phone.

Erik Delko finds  a hair in Stones safe but not his will. They were told it would be there. They find a Lenugo hair. This is in anorexics.” They think his girlfriend fits the profile.

Natalia says Amanda wanted to sneak a peak at the will. ‘My boyfriend is dead and I get accused. He said ‘people were listening”. “Lockwood has got ears everywhere, He has ears everywhere." Stone was afraid.  “The chemo is making you paranoid.” Amanda said. 

Stone asked Amanda to get the will and hide it. She gives Delko the bank security box number and key. Wolfe wears cologne for Sam, the new tech.

Tom extracts a microchip fragment from the body. A smart bullet. Programmed projectile. This explains why the shooter didn’t need a clear line of sight. Callie says only Stone himself had access to that technology. 

But Tom says he read an article about Stone’s former partner. He walked away the day before they went public. Said money didn’t matter. Callie says maybe he changed his mind. 

The former partner altered the will, it was his idea. He came by two days ago. Stone had a typewriter in his closet so nobody could trace the change. Stone was desperate for coverage, and the number of shares the date they met. He denies the smart bullet and say he could never kill him.

Callie say that he was killed with his own bullet. Lockwood explains how Stone was manufacturing bullets. They designed a weapon that could never be friendly fire. His brother was killed in Iraq. But he wasn’t satisfied until the gun was perfect.

Lockwood says that Stone himself was the leak. He kept telling people about the rifles. Both prototypes were stolen from the lab 48 hours ago. Private security was handling it. He was protective of the project and didn’t want his competitors to know. Lockwood said the had a leak.

A Sweetwater bank gets attacked by two guys with weird rifles. The squad heads out. Horatio, Frank, Delko and the girl Sam go to the scene. Erik is angry when she moves to the front. The smart bullets take out other officers but then the man is shot Frank compliments Horatio.

Horatio says it was not him. The gun backfired. Frank is amazed. Horatio sees gang tattoos on the dead bank robber. They ask “Why would a street gang want to kill Matthew Stone?”

Callie says that the wireless technology tells the guidance systems what to do. The bullet turned sideways in barrel. The ballistics came back negative on both. Callie say there has got to be a third one somewhere. The PDW-10 range is a mile. They analyze logistics.

Raj Andari’s address is ideal for the shooting. Delki finds a fake pad in his apartment ceiling with a hidden PDW-10 prototype with a single round missing. They arrest him for Stone’s murder and Raj says he paid him to shoot him.

”He said it wouldn’t come back to me” He says Matthew paid him to shoot him. He went to see him for money. “I deserve the billions just as much as you. “ but Matthew said  “You want the money so bad, earn it. “ 

“I thought it was the cancer talking”. but Stone showed him the weapon. Raj was shocked. “you want me to kill you with this? You’re out of your mind”. He says Matt planned everything. He said he framed Heidi for a reason.

Matthews said something else, “It was the only way to save Tim’s life”. The inheritance was a payment for killing him. “Horatio susses Raj out. He makes him sit tight. Something is missing from the story. 

Walter and Natalia visit Zheidi at the demonstration. She says she got a form letter from Stone. They examine it . Ryan thinks there is a micro-bead. There is a raised magnetic logo. Ryan says “Maybe Matthew embedded information on this for us to find.”

It is an address, the details of a weapon a private military facility mass producing faulty weapons. Horatio corners Lockwood going to make the deal. 

‘This transaction has been canceled." The ATF approved the design. Horatio says they revoked the license and take him in. At the station, Benton finds a hidden message about making a difference and trusting the Dade officers to figure the whole thing out. Horatio hears the man say making a difference is worthwhile.

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