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CSI Miami -Last Stand - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 22nd February 2011

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Horatio is not surprised to discover Memmo is back in action. A small boy rides his bicycle into a press conference in front of a residential Miami home. The Florida State Attorney is giving a press conference for the lab workhouse, a drug producing house and drugs stash discovery. He introduces a woman (Jenna) who was a key agent, as a car rides up and opens fire on the reporters, press, public, staff and police. The attorney is killed and shots mean bodies hitting the floor.

H and Lynn talk to the driver before he dies. He says "Mala Noche" and it isn't over. H and Eric go into Salazar's office and grab his phone. Eric checks his phone for gunshot residue. Armando Salazar says he runs a financial advisory firm. Horatio mocks him. Salazar says "I walked away from that life a long time ago".

The lab puts together colored and clear glass bits from the scene and find a eyesight prescription. Felix Medina comes in and can't read anything without the glasses they provide from the scraps. He signed up for the discount club at the eye doctor. Natalia and Ryan interview him. Felix is the massacre car driver.
Armando Salazar is the ringleader and Felix demands a lawyer. He gets a public defender. She says there is attorney client privilege. Felix gives her a clue but is wary about telling her. Then outside the offices an old  man comes from behind her and knifes her while she is calling for H.

Horatio understands that Memmo is dangerous. But Salazar is clearly running la Mala Noche in Miami. Horatio investigates the public defender's  death. The coroner says a trained killer murdered her. Trace from the sample in her hair shows spirit gum, and Ryan knows from patrol a while back that a  Mala Noche escapee used a mask. A reporter at the public defender shooting scene  has extra prep footage. Natalia and H see the killing, and H recognizes the hand and finger tattoos. They are Memmo's ink. H has a flashback to his wife's death. (And Eric's sister).

Jenna slips to natalia that phone tips have been breaking busts. The phone tips have brought the Mala Noche cartel down a lot. The traces lead to disposable phones. Memmo Fiero is escaped, but the current shot caller El Salazar runs the new Mala Noche cartel like a business but doesn't want to get his hands dirty. The tips and the busts have forced him to act openly.

Felix, the driver of the killing car, gets asks why Memmo would kill the public defender. He says his son is involved, a small boy who is a good kid. The gang task force gets another tip, proving the tipster can't be Felix. They track the audio recordings from the phone tipster. One of them is a small boy. Eric finds tour bus tickets in a file in Salazars office. The  file has clues to the phone line. Memo has been behind the tips.

H and Eric have Ryan take tickets on the bus. Eric chases Salazar and has him, then sees the old man (Memmo) shoot Salazar and get away. H wrings details out of the wounded mask maker Soto from Mala Noche, who also is boarding the bus. Horatio twists details out of him, with Ryan applying pressure, and then when he asks about the hospital Horatio says "you ain't got the insurance".

Eric figures out that Felix's son is the one making the tips because Memmo has them under threat. Memmo will kill Miguel is Felix spills. Felix says Memmo will not answer his cellphone. Memmo holds a meeting in a hotel penthouse and says Armand Salazar was a good foot soldier but a poor leader. He knew Salazar worshipped cash. Memmo says the the mala noche is not a business but a brotherhood.

H and the gang race to the hotel. Lynn, H, Ryan and Eric rush the site, where a blood gunfight erupts. H realizes the hotel was a trap. At the hotel the boy Miguel is safe but warns H "they are still here".  Memmo is not found. H sets a trap of his own. Eric says to Felix they need Mammo to think Salazar survived the shooting. At the drug lab all the drugmaking gang soldiers get texts from Salazar. Memmo grabs their phones and says Salazar is a coward.

Memmo demands to know where Salazar would hide. He takes a boat to a large deserted yacht. Another figure runs around the yacht while Memmo levels a pistol at anything that moves. Memmo yells at Salazar that mala noche is his and he is there to claim it. Finally a figure jumps out-Horatio gets the drop on Memmo and kicks him in the face two or three times. Lt. Horatio Kane is alone with a gun in Mamo's face on the yacht. Alone. He says killing Memmo would be the act of a righteous man.
Memmo says is H a righteous man and that Horatio is like him.

H says he is a servant of the taxpayers. Memmo says did what he had to do. Memmo says killing H's wife wasn't personal. He says that to him it was. Memmo asks if this is personal. (The trap). Memmo says that Horatio better find peace with what he is doing. Horatio kees a gun trained on Memmo , and arrest hims, and sits down, staring at the perfect blue sea. "It's a beautiful day" Horatio says. This is the last stand. Memmo, on his knees, facing life in jail or the chair,  responds ironically "Yes, beautiful".

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