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A Gifted Man - In Case of a Bolt From The Blue - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th January 2012

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Mid-surgery, Holt says “Somebody kill the music” Anna says . “You’re not the doctor, you’re the patient. “ He looks down to see a operating room and him being operated upon. Does it hurt? Anna asks. “You need to tell someone.” The doctors say “ He’s hemorrhaging” 

Holt shouts “The anesthesiologist screwed up.”

Then he wakes at home, at night, from a nightmare. He calls for Anna. Then he goes to the Clinica for a few hours but finds the desk in disarray. He complains. “Not nice Dr. Holt”. It is a Downs Syndrome man watches the desk. Then Holt drops a photo from the file with a picture of  Anna as friend who is a patient.

They swear they didn’t give him the wrong file. “You only treat rare, infrequent, brain disease only at that family place”. Holt says they are all home visits she is an agoraphobic shut in. She has no support system. Holt goes through the pharmacy. “Her meds have been here for three months.” Holt is not happy with a hypertensive diagnosis. 

Holt gets a call from Rita. He gasps. Does he know the cancellation policy? The Clinica assistant hears his day just opened up. He says it is in the opposite direction from his clinic.  Anton says the trauma room is free of trauma. He is limping. He says what happens if I say no? He tries to leave.

Just then a small boy runs up and sticks him in the crotch with a toy. Anton says he takes a cosmic hit. Holt changes his mind about treating Mary. They try to get into the woman’s apartment. She resists letting them in. Dr. Anna Paul is shown to her.

She calls Dr. Holt Robert. Then she remembers. They test her blood pressure and Holt needs to test her blood pressure. To let her to hold still Holt tells her Anna she is dead. Holt requires a test at the Clinica and needs to give her some insulin.

The clinic is overcrowded. A boy named Dante claims to have a heart attack. Holt and the assistant can’t get Mary to the door without her freaking out. Ana shares details while being shocked at Mary’s condition.  The fairytale wedding. She was a senior VP at a major firm. Anna gives Holt details. Mary thinks they are going to a meeting.

Dante is the resident hypochondriac. He’s too small he’s too smart he’s being bullied. Verbal and humiliation does not have a trace. His limpanic eardrum bursts. Dante does not know how. His mother is concerned. He says he was walking alone and he woke up face down in the snow. he says his mother was at work. 

A loud crack like a gun was the past thing he heard. She used to take me to the hospital.” They take off his shirt with a red tree. A fern pattern on his back is weird. it is a Lichtenberg Figure, a lightning strike combination. Created by the rupture of small capillaries. 

They realize he was hit by a stoke of lightning He was hit by thirty million volts. He should be seen by a brain specialist. “You’re lucky, we have one on staff today”.

Anna told him about Mary’s dementia. Zeke tells Holt to drop trousers. He guesses a hernia. But Holt makes it to a bed and drops to the floor in a sweat. He calls Rita about a strangulated hernia.

When the ambulance gets to the Clinica, Holt wants it but the Director sees him and asks who it is for. They look for Dante but he is gone. Holt is to escort Mary to Holt Hospital, but when he gets to the ambulance a pair of African American people are in the ambulance for a C-section delivery. Michael asks who they are. The ambulance says they didn’t know they were making another pickup. The says there is no room for Holt to go in the ambulance. They leave and he drops in the snow, very sick. Dr. Socorra comes outside to smell the air and sees him. She comes and asks if he fell and he says strangulated hernia.

They find him and operate and Anna watches over, making smart remarks. He says the muscles working through his groin activated his dream, he does not have ESP..They say he is the worst patient ever.

Dante’s mother comes into the Clinica lobby, but the Downs Syndrome assistant says did she get his messages? She says no and where is Dante? 

Rita comes into the Clinica, saying “Where the hell are you?” She finds his room. “Imagine my surprise when the ambulance arrived like a damn clown car." She starts undoing his blood pressure cuff and bed restraints. “I want you bundled up and back to civilization before I lose you too.

Anton and Zeke search the clinica for Dante. Zeke asks Rita if she has seen him. Anton senses something. he is hiding in a closet shivering on the floor.

At Holt, Dante is operated on while Holt supervises. Michael says if you don’t like my consult find another lace to work.

Holt wants to do rounds. Rita says her sheets changes are something he didn’t mention. Holt stops and says Wacky Wild, a diagnosis changer. Her unsteady gait, confusion and incontinence change her disease ailment.

Normal pressure encephalitis is what she has. She does not have Alzheimer's or Parkinson’s. He withdraws spinal fluid. Dr. Socorra and Rita bond while making fun of Michael bossing his way through his own surgery. 

Mary is alone is Michael’s office. She wanted to be alone. Robert is a lowlife. Maybe the confusion was a blessing. “he made me fall in love wit him, marry him, then conned me out of anything I owned in the world.

Rita guesses she crawled in her apartment to die. Rita says “I’m not going to let you crawl in that hole away”.Michael is escorted by the Shaman and his mentor was struck by lightning. They say they expect great things from him.

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