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Grimm - The Three Bad Wolves - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 8th January 2012

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A not-too-bright man lurks smoking a drinking and working out. He throws his weights out the window and then his house blows up. Next day, the firefighters pick through the rubble. Hef is wide eyed at the damaged items around. 

Mr. Lasker tells Detective Nick  it was an accident. He finds all his stuff burned in the rubble. Nick gets a Grimm seeing from the man. “The baseball cards were in there." he talks about his brother’s house exploding too. His double wide trailer exploded last month. 

‘He’s so dead”. Nick is alarmed o see he is a Grimm legacy creature and wonders how this plays into the crime.

The man calls somewhere to find a place to stay. They go over some debts and enemies. He has backers and he owns enterprises. ‘Pancakes are the new cupcakes”. He is an idea man.(broke)

His brother was “what you would consider a really solid citizen. Nick and Hank have a different opinion. "Loan sharks don’t usually explode their victims. It’s harder to get money that way. Nick and Hank are stunned when Hef greets Monroe like an old friend. Monroe says he went through a treatment program. Nick says he might want to lay low. 

The fires are looked into. Both explosions are investigated as homicides. Severe rat infestation, they like to sharpen their teeth on the wiring. Nothing to indicate foul play. Loss of life to the beneficiary. Both fires were ruled accidents due to bad electrical boxes.

Monroe welcomes the man to his home and Monroe shares his schedule. He says don’t touch his clocks. Monroe’s new friend  wants peppermint schnapps. He says “This is my space and you are not welcome in it”. He wants wild times. He says he is going to clean up his act, for reals. “Starting tonight. With you”.

Nick arrives at Monroe’s and a harpy tries to attack him. She knocks him out of his truck and says ‘A Grimm! This is going to be more fun than I thought.” She mellows into a normal human woman as Monroe and Hef rush outside.  

Nick reaches for his gun and Hef says “Wait” and Monroe does too. Hef grabs the woman and says “Angelique!” She goes nuts that Monroe is friends with Nick. “He’s killed more of our ancestors than I can count. “She was protecting her brother she says. She mock their friendship.   One kind of Lupa? She rejects a truce.

Nick  asks her brother a couple of questions. Who was the beneficiary.  She gets the money when Rolf died. He asks her to shut up. Nick says Where were you the night Rolf died? She answers “With a friend. A butcher in the French Quarter” .

Nick says to Monroe that he can’t trust her. Monroe says she would never hurt her family. Nick says that Hef can’t leave the house. Nick makes a call and wants him to run a plate for him. It is Angelique’s motorcycle. Nick arrives at the silver trailer. He reads more of the book and looks at the illustrations.

Monroe checks up on Angelique and says he doesn’t miss being out of control. Monroe asks why is she here? “To protect her brother but now there are other reasons”.

She puts alcohol in his hand. He drinks and she smiles. She lures him into the woods in his Grimm self and runs like a wolf self. As Monroe and Angelique wrestle around Nick learns the nerve centers are in the posterior. This plays into their nocturnal activities (discreet cough).

Nick comes back to Monroe’s cabin but nobody is there. He gets knocked sideways onto the ground but sees a figure flee the house. In the morning Monroe wakes up on the forest floor with Angelique. There is a carcass nearby. He groans at his regression. 

Hef wakes up sensing Monroe has scored. Hef opens the door and says “My main man  I can’t tell you how glad  I am to see you”. But whomever is at the door shoots him again and again. 

Angelique and Monroe arrive at the cabin with dirt on their clothes ad blood. Angelique is weird to Hank Griffin. Nick asks Monroe why he left him alone in the house. Nick says that she might have someone else working for her. Monroe denies this is possible.

Nick catches Monroe on eating rabbit. He say maybe she is not the right girl for him. Nick says he went to Angelique’s place last night and there was somebody there. Monroe is concerned the guy was there looking for Angelique.

Hank wants to see if the fingerprints on the propane tanks match. Nick finds another person hunting Angelique, and sees him morph into a pig-like creature he has seen in the books. 

Monroe mets up with Angelique, who snarled at Hank and says she hates cops. Monroe tries to talk some sense into her. He says she needs to be careful and that Nick saw someone.

“That Grimm was in my house last night? She is angry. and Monroe cant get her under control.

Nick goes home and his wife is fixing a dog who was attacked by a cat. he is amazed the cat won.  She says “Don’t piss off a woman with claws.Nick has a flashback and says “I’ll try and remember that”.

Hank reports they got  a match on the bloody partials. Victims were brothers. It seems Angelique is working an insurance scam. Nick senses an M.O. here. Angelique can have set the fire because her claws in her Grimm state don’t leave fingerprints on the gas hoses and electrical panels. 

Nick tracks the man he saw in the stairwell using Monroe. The breed the man is is together with the fact he is a cop gives Nick pause. He says Angelique killed his brother as something to do on Saturday night. . Nick says that doesn’t mean he can just kill Angelique. He says his brothers worked all their life just to put a roof over their heads. 

He rises from a mud bath and Nick tells him to get dressed. He says they are cops and should work together. He realized that when he saw what he was in the stairwell it might not be so bad to work together. But Angelique comes and attacks him right then at light speed. 

Nick does not know where to shoot. But he he remembers the drawing in the book and strikes Angelique in the side of the waist, and she turns on him savagely and runs after being shot. Nick goes outside and sees a blood trail.

Monroe looks and pictures in the past of Hef and Angelique. He hears a noise outside. He goes outside and picks up a broken framed picture of him and Angelique as young children. He stands looking into the darkness.

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