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Blue Bloods - Whistle Blower - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 7th January 2012

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Commissioner Reagan greets honored officers and gets a tip from his press man about a social media video of an officer beating a homeless old man. Reagan says to get the officer’s C.O. in his office.

Ray Milo, a union activists is gunned down outside having an anniversary dinner. His job was to make contractor’s lives miserable. He was too good at it.

Dennis Driscoll was supposed to be a good guy. Milo came to them about wearing a wire and in a racketeering case against the unions 

They watch the videos in the station and laugh. Jamie and his partner react to the men laughing about the video. Jamie says he still has the old phone. he mob contact is still trying to contact him.

How wide is the video spread. The TV networks are calling for an opinion. He is on modified assignment. Reagan wants to hear it from Acosta. Danny and his partner investigate the murder.

Driscoll speaks. “Milo was not only my organizing director but a friend. How an organizing job sits, the companies have to pay good wages and benefits. They shut them down parker refused to correct safety problems. Regarding Parker, Milo shut his site down. This cost his half a dozen sites $300,00 a day it is costing Parker.

Erin Reagan says she wants to make sure that leak did not come from this office. She wants a chase on the ones on everyone in this office. Her press flack reacts.

Commissioner says Acosta has had six civilian complaints filed  in the last few years. He says it is a busy area.

Danny and partner visit a work site. They talk to Milo’s enemy.

The gentleman you had a dispute with the gentleman and he ended up dead a few years later. The contractors association dinner at the Waldorf.

Danny comes by Erin. She has been checking the phone records. Parker has been kicking back to Driscoll for years.

Mrs. Milo comes running in. She found Erin’s voice on the tape recorder. She plays Erin’s voice discussion his family with Milo and Erin assuring him they won’t get hurt. It’s because you suck at your job. My kids have no father and and I am a widow.

Danny says to an informant who is this? The man says Danny doesn’t pay him enough. Billy Reese, third generation. Even made guys called him Mr. Then Danny asks what is their stock in trade. Depends who is asking. They sell muscle and mayhem, they do it well enough to do pro bono. They never go too far from the water. The Sun bright. Rumor has it they made the previous owner an offer he didn’t live log enough to refuse.

Nicky comes in an finds Erin  listening to the recording. Nikki asks if she got  man killed. Erin says he was a very nice man who was an informant. Nikki says are you going to catch the man that killed him? Erin says she will try. 

Danny and Jackie go to the small business and the shooter walks out from the back and throws chairs at them. He runs but Jackie runs her car in front of his motorcycle and he skids and gets thrown into the street over her hood. He breaks his arm and Danny collars him.

Danny likes him for the murder. He is a member of Local 905 that at least ties him to the murder. Jackie interrogates him. They have pictures of him leaving the scene of the crime and he matches the description of the shooter. Erin talks to him and says she has her shooter and he sobers up.

Reagan comes in and counsels Erin about the case. She wonders if she hurt Milo. He says this is the business they are in. He says a guy at Yankee stadium was drunk and came and recognize Erin makes an effort to visit the widow of Ray Milo and she screams at her.

Jackie works Reese stolen credit card. Massage parlors and liquor store thirty minutes after Milo was shot. They find a gun in the dumpster behind the liquor store. Danny says Erin might not be at fault for Milo’s death.

Erin tells Danny that she told her wife that someone was arrested for shooting her husband but she was not interested in who. They checked out the wife. Someone had Googled divorce lawyers when Milo was with Erin.

Jerry says he won’t give up the rat race for a swag bag from the Commissioner. He says he hasn’t always agreed with his take. People have the right to know. Reagan comes in and says the full complete unedited original tape. The Grand Jury subpoena for the unedited tape is presented.

Erin says she has been checking into the Winston hotel. The charges from Reese’s stolen credit card are from the lobby bar from the Winston. Reese says Milo’s wife was in it with Parker. Erin is ready for his lawyers. How did Parker know that Milo was wearing a wire? Mrs. Milo.

Commissioner Reagan speaks in front of Acosta’s squad and says the full version of the tape shows his was acting professionally. Reagan says it is the world they live in. 

Erin confronts Mrs. Milo at her office. She says that Mrs. Milo can’t say she is innocent of getting  man killed. She says we know everything. We know about the Winston salon. They will show Ron Parker is a good guy and his husband wasn’t? 

Erin says ‘You took that crook over your husband.? He is the father of your children. And that is everything.” She walks out, telling Danny to pick up Ron Parker.

Danny chuckles, saying ‘that’s my kid sister”.

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