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NCIS - Housekeeping - recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th January 2012

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Two kids playing in a cul de sac see an exploding car with a shot man inside. Gibbs comments on  being the cheery one. His old flame in Baltimore didn’t come up. Tony has the blues, not the blahs. Jethro says they have a dead naval officer, and says “Lets go."

Ducky says the body has one to the chest one to the neck fired from the right. Jethro says “Riding shotgun". No bullet casings in the truck and windows open. Commander James Barnsway is the dead man. Kids heard a tire screech. But they wonder how could the second shot be visible with the running car?.

DiNozzo sees a woman staring from behind the curtain. She did hear the crash. The other car was making a turn, a blue SUV. or maybe gold or green. A girl got out of Judy’s truck. A blonde got out of there, the SUV. She knows the commander,he is a war hero. He didn’t look too good.

She didn’t know the girl she wasn’t Mrs. Jimmy. Mrs. Jimmy is a friend, Carla sings in her church choir. She doesn’t want to give her the news. Carla says Jimmy has been defending his country his whole life and to be cut down at home is terrible. The girl called before breakfast some old Navy connection from years ago. She needed his help. He dropped everything and ran out.

Abby says there was no nothing. The memory was damaged there was no prints. The Highway 12 Motor Lodge is what she finds. The inhabitant left in a hurry she paid in cash. The desk man says she had a Jedi calm. She signed in as Belva Longwood, three nights in advance. Gibbs tries to stream and enhance the innkeeper video.

At the lodge, they look a the video and spot her in front of the place a half an hour ago. Abby does a digital face-lift in the video footage. They spot the woman in red within the nearby truck.

AJ Baring is the woman. She comes out of the truck at the same minute Abby reveals the video image to be A.J. to Gibbs. All the crew are stunned. 

She was on the lam from town to town. It was days from finding out Tony was on the run. Tony yells at her. Gibbs is not happy with her either. She says she was wearing a vest. Tony is very hostile. She was in Jersey when she was sure they were onto her. Tony identifies Belva as code name and thinks she is having too much fun with what is a dangerous and tough situation.

Who is “They?. Jethro asks.The guy who killed Kay. They say this isn’t who killed Jim. “That is not his face.”she says. Tony and A.J. talk. Tony remembers all the clues she left for him. She has a tendency to disappear. She says she was too scared to identify him.

Zena says living off the grid is chancy. Why would it be suitable? The group does not wholly trust her. Gibbs identifies Marcellus Dane as  a man they need to look into, one accepting bribes for contractor. He was hired to be a weapons specialist, he carries a Beretta and another gun, just pinged a cellphone in Washington D.C. Ziva and the other feels this is too easy.

AJ says let’s be ready for anything. Jethro says that AJ must sit tight. Tony must sit tight because he is a target too. Jethro is cagey. Ziva, Tony and Jethro arrive two minutes after Marcellus is stabbed and then tossed. His body is on the ground in an alley.  Ziva says whoever did this wanted us to see it.

A man (Scott Wolf) watches  them behind the tape. The man goes and then Jethro looks back to whee he was with a funny look in his eye. Jethro goes to a bar.

Jethro asks the the Secretary for a favor. Ted Lathan and Stratton are in play. He tried to kill AJ and DiNozzo, and Jethro respectfully suggests he killed Cade and needs to be stopped. Lathan needs to bring him in. Jethro asks that he act.

Jethro informs the Secretary of the Navy the target is in the safe house. The SecNav sets up a blind meeting where Jethro is present. Sean comes in and says he  assumed they would be meeting in Vance’s office. SecNav says to sit down. Jethro shows him the picture of Sean with the other man in a crew of operatives. They are all dressed in black. 

He says “Where did you get this?” It’s classified!: Jethro says he found it in  a box. The man is angry. 

“You know this guy?" Jethro asks. The man is very uncomfortable. 

Jethro recognizes him. He says Sean should have recognized him. SecNav watches closely. The man reacts and says he recruited him into the phantom program. He was a highly trained operative. They put pressure on him to bring him in.

He mets Mr. Christian and says “They want me to set you up." They walk the dog in the park.“So? “The man is not concerned. “It’s already blown up in my face." “Selling microchips was very profitable. Thats all behind us”. “You’re a turncoat now, wanted by your people”, Mr. Christian says.

“You didn’t have to kill the hit man." The Navy man is sour. “AJ and DiNozzo are in the safe house at Old Rag Mountain."

“That should be simple, easy for a politician who talks too much." he wants Mr. Christian to get them. He isn’t interested in doing it at first. “I want you to leave so neither us ends up lawyered up." He shakes his hand and Mr. Christian kills him. He stabs him and the dog looks on.

“No loose ends. Let’s finish what they started.” He walks away after leaving him on a park bench, dead.

The team manage to take down the assassin while protecting A.J.

DiNozzo asks AJ for a drink. AJ says home is waiting for her. She called her mom. SecNav sent a car service. DiNozzo and AJ part friends. “I’ll miss you the most scarecrow. We’ve been down this yellow brick road before “ she  says to Tony.

“Take care of yourself.” he says. AJ leaves. “Always do” she says “Don’t disappear” he says, almost to himself.

The prisoner, “Mr. Christian”,  is in the interview room alone in fatigues. He steels himself against Jethro’s approach. Jethro comes in and sits down. ‘Are irons really necessary?” He says when Jethro interrogates Christian. He starts singing “South of the border Old Mexico” His mood is intense and Jethro senses danger.

Ziva wraps it up with Tony that AJ is gone and safe. With someone she can count on, hopefully. Tony DiNozzo speaks as though her boyfriend not surfacing makes the way paved clear for them to get together. DiNozzo teases Agent David about being in her life when the boyfriend finally calls. Ziva walks away to take the call.

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