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Desperate Housewives recap-Farewell

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Written by : published Tuesday 22nd February 2011

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Susan starts using her dialysis appointment to get out of a ticket, standing in line in the grocery store. She goes with Renee to Girard's, an expensive restaurant to let them out of a no-reservations policy. But after they pull the "dialysis" routine they still don't get a table. A loud argument takes place as everyone waiting in line produces a medical ailment or complaint. A man tells Susan she just thinks she is better than everyone else. Renee says this means Susan is paying. Susan sits down to wait and faints (for real) onto the floor.

Meanwhile Mike Delfino and Paul Young show tough love and take Zach to rehab. Zach tries to get out of the car while it's going. Mike tells Paul to back off but Paul's manner keeps Zach from jumping out of the car. Paul is very cold to his wife when he gets back, remembering about Mary Alice and his wife's mother. She acts like she really cares for him. The audience can see she is no longer crafty and persuaded by her mother's advice wholly. This is a farewell to mommy's programming for her.

Bree watches as Keith starts bonding with his son. They play baseball. Keith describes his own father as absentee. Keith takes his son to the airport and comes back heartbroken he used the same excuses at the goodbye his own father used with him when he went away for army tours of duty. Keith doesn't ike farewells. Bree's age has blocked out kids for them.

Keith asks Bree to move to Florida to help about Charlie. Keith says he can work anywhere and she sold her business and the kids are moved. But Bree says no. She is rooted to Wisteria Lane. Keith feels he should move to Florida. Things don't look good for them. Bree advises him to go live in Florida. She says the relationship between them has to be the loser because she knows her own feelings for her children never died. And she says the age thing is much more present than he wants to acknowledge and (it goes unsaid) this will get worse.

Lynette has had it with the Scavo twins when they wake her up to find out how to make eggs and she comes downstairs to find girls they cruised ordering breakfast. Lynette and Doug show the kids the classified the next morning and say they must find jobs and another place to live. They need help dialing the phone. The Scavos are adamant, they must leave the nest. They leave and Lynette takes a picture at the farewell, but Tom and Lynette are shocked to see it's to live across the street with Mrs. McCluskie. Lynette is astonished when they take advantage of her as well.

Gaby visits her hometown of Las Colinas. It's a one-burnt-wreck-a-block place. Carlos forces her to go because she can confront the past with her stepfather. The shrink says she needs to read a letter to the grave of her stepfather in the cemetery. A nun crosses the street and recognizes Gaby and she hurries Carlos back into the car. She agrees to do a motivational talk at the school. Her posters and magazines covers have made her a celebrity. Carlos watches in shock. She even does a radio announcement for the crop report. She was supposed to be saying farewell to the past.

Everyone takes pictures and crowds around Gaby. The same nun gets presented by the school principal the next day to Gabrielle as Sister Marta. The very cold faced nun is confronted by Gaby as the adult she shared her abuse secret with long ago. The nun says Gaby "always had an active imagination".  Gaby tells her that the abuse was neith imaginary nor her fault, and as the adult she should have responded as a real adult. Telling the nun she should be ashamed she tells Carlos they are done and can go home.

In one-on-one therapy with his son, Paul Young learns that his son always hated him. Zach says he shot Paul because he always hated him. Zach says nobody could love him, and that Mary Alice killed herself because of him. ( Mary Alice narrates every episode). Paul is stunned to realize he son legitimately always hated him and his wife killed herself to get away from him. That leaves only Beth at home, his worst enemy's daughter. He has a farewell ready for her.

Paul kicks out Beth. She comes out of the shower and he has her suitcase packed. Paul says he knows who she is. He drags her down the stairs. He says at least Felicia her mother had the guts to hate him to his face. She says she did hate him at first but he he doesn't listen to what she feels now. He kicks the door shut while she stands with wet hair, a suitcase,  and no shoes. She has nowhere to go. Is this her farewell to Wisteria Lane?

At the same time the Scavo twins Preston and Porter pack up the car. They had accused Lynette of never letting them do anything. She realizes what they are talking about. She said because she spent her childhood taking care of her drunk mother and siblings she wanted them to have a childhood. But now they have to grow up. She shows them how to make a Denver omelette and they grimly sit. By the next day they shrug and drive away.

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