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How I Met Your Mother - Tailgate - recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th January 2012

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Marshall hosts is father’s tombstone in 2010 in Minnesota snow with a hibachi. Lily has not told her father about her pregnancy. Marshall says she should tell him. He is at a board game convention when they call him and tell him and his reaction is minimal. Lily is sad.

Marcus finds Marshall at the grave and Marshall calls his brother names. He says he will pretend he is not there. Each acts petty and bonds with their dead father’s grave. The other brother says “You’re still hogging Dad”. Marshall cooks burgers. Marcus also talks to his father.

Barney and Ted get hassled by a doorman and decide to open a bar they can get into. They decide to call it “Puzzles”. They open the bar and Barney it new part  a two person VIP room. When things get messy they raise the drinks prizes. People throw darts at Ted and he reads Ulysses with a pipe. They hire the Maclaren’s bouncer and raise drink prices, and the bouncer cries when nobody wears his hats.

The Sandy Rivers newscaster Robin is told by her boyfriend to get back on TV. Sandy calls Robin  says she just quit. “Tina Henderson is as soulless bitch who will stomp on your heart”. Robin executive  produces the New Years Eve newscast when Sandy tanks drunk. He blathers.

Robin bullies Sandy into doing count down after finding him with his girlfriend. Robin says she can’t take 2011 anymore.

Marshall and Lily argue about what their child will be brought up with beliefs of. “Enigmas of the Mystical”, a TV show from the 1980's,  is what Marshall says 200 pages of detailed accounts of Bigfoot and probing aliens. Marshall reads Lily the strange stories.

Kevin finds Sandy Rivers in his bathroom. Robin calls from the broadcast and says she will have to go on the air if she can’t find him. Kevin turns off the lights and locks Sandy in the bathroom, saying “He could be anywhere in the big city”. 

Lily says her father never taught her to believe in anything but herself. Marshall says if it matters at all, he believes in her. She playfully doubts her own existence.

Robin toils getting the TV station broadcast to happen despite Sandy’s drunken weirdness. he blathers about a text about a lace called “puzzles”. Robins asks why is it called Puzzles?

“This is Robin Scherbatsky filling in for Sandy Rivers. “ (She ends up co-hosting the show).

Marshall confides to his snow covered dad Marvin Eriksen and the strangers he feels his father a little less. Marshall re-creates the tailgate existence with his father for others who gather around.

A man says “You’re so much like your Pop”. Marshall enjoys the deja vu tailgate vibe.

Lily open the door. Lily’s Dad comes from Chicago. “Congrats Princess”.

She is amazed that he drove all night. He says Teddy did half of the driving, he’s a maniac behind the wheel. Lily is astounded that her father responded emotionally when she needed him.

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