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NCIS: Los Angeles - The Watchers - recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th January 2012

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Hanna and Callen stake out an operation, listening to jazz. They get an emergency message on their phones, “Agent needs assistance.” Kenzi gets dressed and runs out on a man. (this is the sting) She says “I will call you." Her cover is as a dental hygienist. She leaves and gets in the car driven by Deaks.

Kenzi asks if this is a legit alert? She said she had him just where she wanted him. Deaks says “Hows that? “ Kenzi says ‘Just drive." Deaks drives. 

Hetty is not answering her number. Nell says the eyes inside the dock house are disabled. The  teleconference is on fug. Nell tries a thermal imaging layer on screen. Callen walks the perimeter. They scan the screen. Hetty sits in a chair there is a man in suit in the corner.

Callen sneaks in calling Hetty’s name. She does not move. He asks if she is OK. “Care to tell me what this is all about?" Callen is curious. “Ask him” she says. The rest of the team comes in slowly.

“Special Agent Callen. The direct approach, you walk directly into a trap." The suit man says. “Is that what this is?" Callen asks. “Could be”, he says. Callen says “I know you”, He says “No,  not nearly as well as I know you." “It’s too bad you brought  the entire team.”he says. Hanna says “You twitch, I’ll kill you” Hetty says “His name is Wallan Granger, your new assistant director.

“The crew reacts in disbelief. Hetty says “I told him this was  bad idea. But he is the boss”.

The new assistant director has a mission for them. A man named Brad Bolton is dead. He was an agent. Brad and his wife are employed by a research company that works with the DoD. What makes this more than a domestic dispute, Callen says it might be just to establish an alibi.

The new assistant director wants to know “Who killed Brad Bolton and what go compromised? “Brindall Security is the company. The group assumes they can infiltrate it. The new assistant director says “It’s a think tank, not a company". 

Nell was actively recruited and will go in. Eric questions her aptness and that she never mentioned she was recruited by a think tank. He asks her IQ but she does not tell him.

The new assistant director has some chilling words for Kenzi. “Agent Bligh, I’d like to speak to you about your recent trips to Hawaii when you get a chance.” Kenzi later discusses with Deaks that she went asking questions about her father’s wartime death  but the people told her the same things she already knew. 

“Double double toil and trouble." Callen approaches Hetty in her dark office. Callen asks Hetty if she is just going to let this guy take over. She is silent and he walks away and stirs her tea. Bligh says maybe we should talk to Director Vance. Callen says maybe this is the tight leash they heard would be put over Vance.

They ask how Hetty is. Callen says she seems caged. Hanna says Hetty doesn’t do well in captivity. Hetty has managed to avoid a lot of the backstabbing in D. C.

Nell hears a knock at the door. A man is here and he says he is JT and that he saw her he was a fighter pilot who punched out over Fallujah. She is replacing Brent. Nell asks is i true that he died. The guy gossips and gives her a computer. She says thanks. His fly is open, Eric points out. He sees her look down.  He backs out of the room. Nell says to Eric “What are you twelve?”

Callen and Hanna stake out Brindall research’s premises. They look at the coffee stand and see messages written in people;s names on coffee cups which are then discarded and check out low tech human intelligence. Brindall research needs a laser mike or an EMR detector.

Callen and Hanna saw her with an actuarial agent they saw her with at the house. They bring in the wife for questioning to the boat house. The actuarial agent is writing a novel with her creative partner. Roger Mcadams really is an actuarial agent. 

They look at surveillance pictures. Who is this guy, Callen asks?

She is writing  a novel. It's about a noblewoman and staving artist. But the actual insurance man is a black man, the handsome man in the picture he is using the false identity.

They review the people from the park scene. The coffee vendor is a former Israeli national. The soccer mom is just a woman with a baby. 

They bring the man posing as McAdams to  the boathouse. They find out he is following them for a fee. They start to find out who he is working for and why but then the new assistant director walks into the interview room and says they are done. 

Then the new assistant director swoops in and hands them over to the authorities, making Callen and Kenzi and the others angry. The new assistant director mocks their expectations of participating in the development of the case. He sneers at the “new broom” sweeping the NCIS LA clean.

The group wonder how to handle this. Hetty questions what they thought would happen. They decide to go along for now. Hetty tells Callen not to mistake inaction for not doing anything.

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