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Unforgettable - Butterfly Effect - recap

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Written by : published Friday 6th January 2012

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Carrie races up steps of a construction skyscraper and is knocked down by a man in night time.  She hangs from the edge miles above 

36 hours earlier, Al buys Carrie a coffee and says he found a kitten. He heard a meow and couldn’t find the mother and took it home. Stanley, it has  name. Carrie gets a bagel ,Toasted plain no fat schmear an onion, The man says he has a mind like a steel trap.’Have a great day carol!” They smile. Carrie hates onions.

Ironworker Christopher Feeney is dead, Al meets them at the scene. Hey, says one worker, Carrie is a Charlie’s Angel. “Which one is she? “She says she is he one with a big gun. The men laugh. Carrie gets a good look at the construction premises.

The victim has a dent in his head like that it wasn’t an accident. The M.E. puts the time of death at ten so what was he doing that time of night. Carrie asks by surveillance cameras, and Al says one was blocked by a shipment of lumber. Al will look for gambling debts, and  problems in the victim’s life.

They talk to the boss. Feeney was working posting tension he worked on everything, rigging, precast. They never had trouble had anyone on the site. Like all of the new guys had to keep on him about safety. The Boss had no idea what he was doing there so late. They have an occasion when employees are bringing a girl. Carrie harps on security problems with thefts. 

Five theft reports of building materials in the last five months. The man says Chris was a third generation ironworker no way he did it. His father is in a wheelchair from a construction accident. Personal and financial trouble is a motive they say. The boss says they are going the wrong way, guys.

Carrie spots the wrench in one of the worker’s belts as the dent material cause. Carrie matches the site and nods at Al, this is likely the murder weapon. A black trash bag gets thrown around. Carrie pulls a bloody wrench from the black bag that was supposed to be hauled out of a dumpster

Later they visit the wake of the dead man. Carrie meets the father of Chris Feeney in a wheelchair. They begged their son to take the scholarship but he insisted on working and helping out.

The owner of the construction project, Barrett, arrives at the scene. He says that all access to records and files is now stopped and they have to go through a judge. Access to company records is limited. Al and the detective staff need to go to a judge.

The head of the detectives asks where Barrett himself was the night before, daringly. He was looking at a purchase, he doesn’t remember stopping by to kill anybody.

Carrie goes to the victim’s home again to talk to the parents. She says “ We think Chris was on the job site after ten” The father can’t think what he was doing there. 

The head of detectives investigates Barrett. He lives the high life with high profile divorces. The deal-maker Barrett is leveraged to the eyeballs, waiting for the turnaround.

Carrie remembers the card a woman left t the funeral wake. From the Jiaffee Family. This is a known organized crime family. Al asks where she is going. She says to get Jiaffee to tell her what happened to Chris. Al is not sure she will succeed but humors her.

Carrie goes to a Jiaffey owned restaurant. One of the managers (pit bosses) asks what she wants. She says she is detective Carrie Wells  to see Mr. Jiaffee. 

The man returns and says she can’t see him. She says tell him it’s about Chris Feeney.  He then comes back and conducts her down a stairway and a lower tunnel and into  wine cellar and locks her in the boss’s office. The lock is turned behind her. She tries to get out. 

A man comes in. Carrie attacks him. She flashes her handcuffs, He bows to her authority and apologizes. Marco makes a mistake. At least it’s a wine cellar, he says, 20 years ago it would be a box.

Carrie isn’t amused.  She wants to know why he has an affinity with Chris and who murdered him. He wants to know why she thinks he’d know. He says he is a legit arm of the family and doesn't participate in the family business mores.

Jiaffee says they used to vacation at the same shore where Chris was a lifeguard in his teens. Chris saved his cousin from a riptide and the cousin was in the hospital for two weeks and Chris visited her every day, Jiaffee got him a job at Barrett. And they organized the scholarship. Carrie guesses and he confirms. He says he liked Chris and he’ll help any way he can to find the killer.

“See you around”: he says as she leaves. “You should hope not.” She says.

The cops find out Chris had a fight with a truck driver named Manny about a girl. They caught him on camera putting a roach in his food, and he has a girlfriend named Torie in Uniondale. Carrie checks out the girlfriend.

Al Burns goes to Barrett. At the curb of their limousine they step onto the sidewalk. Al sees Barrett and his wife, and Al thanks his wife for her attempts to the PDA. Barrett gets the hint and sends his wife inside.

Al threatens to tie up his lawyer in court and halt construction again with his evidence. Barrett says he won’t win but Al says the court  hearing would age his $200 million loan another day, costing him tens of thousands of dollars.

The girlfriend says Chris screwed up at work or something. Carrie sees a hose behind her as they talk.  She can’t reach Manny on his cellphone. He is using his cousin’s phone. Carrie memorizes the number. They go to the construction site and find Manny’s body hidden in some concrete.

Steve Jiaffey runs a restaurant. He asks her out. She is surprised. He really want s to ask her out. he drops a hint for her. It might be helpful to watch the construction site. He isn’t in the family business but he has friends who dabble.

They find a pattern in the construction financier’s doings. Barrett creates a false identity to cover. The guard says Barrett did not have a good night. Chris Feeney and Manny were part of something. They think Chris ‘ body was left as a warning and Many knew too much. The robbery material could repay the finance loans. 

Carrie drops hint to Al something is going down at the construction site that night. he says he has to Cal organized crime about Jiaffee. She says there are thousands of dollars of copper pipe waiting to be lifted. Carrie says he needs

They gave him a key to the warehouse. Carrie asks him to sign a statement. Al says they could build a case he killed Chris Feeney. The matrimonial issue is another thing. Al says with the evidence he has he wants access to records, or in return he doesn’t blow a big gaping hole in Barrett’s marriage.

They find records of how the company does business. Carrie and Al stake out the construction site. Carrie sees the coffee cups on the dashboard and remembers another time when she and Al had sex during a stakeout with coffee cups on the dashboard. Al interrupts her reverie when a truck pulls up across the way. A man unlocks the gate. 

They catch a man loading copper pipe but when they pull their guns he runs into the site and the chase him through the construction levels. He runs high up and kicks Carrie to where she dangles off the roof and then she crawls back to the ledge and up to safety. She runs around and tackles the thief when Al is there with the gun and then puts the cuffs on him. 

In the interview room Al starts the interrogation but Carrie busts in and says she was on the edge she gets to ask the questions . Carrie says he doesn’t want  a lawyer. Because the people who killed Chris and Manny will just kill him too. He will sign a statement. 

But Carrie listens to what the man says about being paid to farm out the delivered goods because Manny was late making the delivery. Carrie realizes that Manny delivered the cement wet. She goes into Al’s office where the Barrett kingpin is being interviewed. She demands  to know if he knows about real construction besides the business side. He says he does.

She says what would happen if Manny and Chris were delivering wet cement every day to the construction site, for use in the building. They both realize at once. It would weaken the  building but only after the concrete had been poured and dried. The man realizes the building had been systematically weakening the building as payback for the man getting injured.

Carrie goes to the construction site and loads cement bags on the end of the top floor. She then dares the one worker to come and stand by her on the end. he does not because he knows he floor s to weak. She handcuffs him and then he freaks out, fearing he will fall. 

Then Al comes and arrests him and say why wasn’t she scared. She says that she filled the concrete bags full of popcorn from storage boxes “repurposing”. 

Carrie and Jiaffee have a fun date and they talk and laugh at the restaurant. he tells a story about how his prom was ruined when the Feds were inside his limo because they thought his father was going to to leave the country. Carrie tells a story about pig’s blood and he gym caching fire, a joke on her name.

Outside the restaurant, someone takes pictures of Carrie.

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