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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Ka-Ho Oponopono - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 4th January 2012

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Two teens at a party climb up to their girlfriend’s bedroom. They say “Boo” to Emily” but she does not move. She s dead. They turn her over and see blood. Chin Ho surprises Joe by offering him a ride from the airport.

HPD has evidence he was murdered. Joe says “I did not kill Hiromo Shina.” He left him talking when he last left him Joe says they should be looking at Wo Fat. They can interview him.

Chin Ho drives Joe into Honolulu. He sees gang members front and whirl their cars against them. Yakuza chase Chin Ho on the streets and make a gun signal to Joe. This is a threat.

Elsewhere Steve and Kono investigate the 17 year old Emily, dead. She is restrained and was bound. There is an open window and Kono says the window was more popular in the front door. 

Emily was grounded and couldn’t come to the party. Emily’s mother died of cancer when she was younger. The father says he is glad her mother didn’t live to see this. She had a full academic scholarship. She took a check from his wallet and wrote is for $5,000. 

There is a bad boyfriend named Luke. Luke got in fight and he has a record. Steve goes to his house to meet with him and find out what the trouble was. They discuss Duke’s problems with his mother while they wait for him to come out. He takes a long time.

Steve hears a bump and tries to jam down the bathroom door. Luke is on the floor passed out from an overdose. He is locked in with open bottles of drugs on the counter. Kono calls the paramedics. They talk to Luke and he fired a gun last night. But the girl who was Emily’s friend talks. She did not steal the money for him.

She says she wouldn’t tell him. “She wouldn’t tell me, not anybody.” Her dad was against him.

The principal gives a speech to the students about the loss of the grieving process. The Principal identifies the BFF Karen was being blackmailed for the sex tape. Under questioning she won’t talk about the missing money and her father watches her.

Chin Ho tells Steve that the freeway move was a message: Joe is in trouble. Why does he keep going to Japan? And what does he really know about Shelburne? He may not know the whole story?

They track the cellphone number Karen calls after her father leaves. The next number she calls gets her picked up. They stop the car and find he principal inside it. He asks for a lawyer. He says she is 17 and over age of consent in Hawaii and a relationship is legal. Emily knew but the relationship but somebody else knew. He was being blackmailed by a tape.

Steve wonders who made the tape? The principal thinks they found the blackmail material and got it out through a digital lookbook. The webcam was on and it trace back to Ala Moana school computers.

At Honolulu Police department, Steve McGarrett comes to see Joe. “You gotta come clean with these guys”. Joe asks why and says he is interfering. Tell me what the hell is going on? Steve says the Yakuza wants blood. Joe says he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Going after the Japanese Yakuza. Is he worth dying for ? Joe says “I am trying to make it stop.”

They interview Jared, a student. He has a digital look book. He tries to get away from them and he chase him . He is blackmailing seven or eight people. He stopped the webcam on the dead girl because all she did was sleep. Kono says the girl was killed in her bed.

They find the webcam footage in front of to bed, They freeze frame a contract hit for the girl. Joe knows his past. The name on the picture is David Savage. The dead girl’s father does not recognize the man. The father was on the jury trial. They were seeing case about a construction worker who got injured.

Another juror was seeded in his place. The defense team look formidable, The lawyer talks to Steve. The balcony fell off the building but the lawyers don’t even want to talk settlements.

Ray Donovan is the new jury member. Steve walks behind him in the parking garage and throws a bag over his headache holds him over a cliff and wants to talk about Sutherland. Nobody is focused on the steel and he is keeping the jury looking elsewhere. De Havilland used Chinese steel and is also substandard They worry about where the other . 

Joe goes to a meet and gets trapped. Two men with guns take him down.

Chin Ho says Michael Angelico visited someone in that building.

Owen Sutherland is the most expensive jury consultant. His wife is a dental hygienist who got a lot of money suddenly. They know about Donovan they know about the payoff. The man hits Sutherland who falls down a chute. Steve jumps to save him. The man tries to hang on but his jacket rips and he falls several stories to be impaled on a stake.

In the other house, Joe is shackled to a chair and a man says “Just tell me what you did?”

In the background, Steve stealthily takes down the men to get to him. Michael gets to the son of the Yakuza man and force them at gunpoint to give Joe back.

He helped him fake his death. Steve screeches to a stop. “I was tortured for Shelburne and Agent Kay died and I need to know why.

Joe says there would have been a time when he would have Steve up on charges of insubordination for saying that. Steve says he is not the commanding officer anymore. Joe says you are right. Joe gets up and walks out of the car.

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