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Unforgettable - Pilot - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 3rd January 2012

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Carrie hangs around the nursing home where her mother doesn’t remember her. Carrie goes to an underground  casino in a hot black dress. They pull her into the back room and they say she is a famous card counter. The shot caller wants his money back. They say she stole their money in Atlantic City and they want the money back.

Carrie says she was there, but to ask the associate, for the one man to ask the other, since he was in the other casino and with a bald man with a missing pinkie. The shot caller recognizes a  business rival and blows up at the associate. They were talking about container trucks and Bayonne. Some guy named Milos. The shot caller is incensed.

“What? You told them about Bayonne?"

He gets angry the associate spilled the beans on the deal and tells him to leave.

Then Carrie pulls a gun on the man. Next she leaves, shoving her gun in the trash. Carrie hears a killing in her apartment while she sleeps. She looks down the alley when she finds the body and the old Japanese man finds her. She says to call 911.

Katherine Grant, the victim, lived there for three months. It happened around 3:15. Carrie says she can’t remember anything more. They case the  place and see blood stains on the wall. No forced entry but no robbery her cash was still there. Her supermarket car says Katherine Isaacs. Expired driver’s license says Gail Isaacs.

Al recognizes the name of the  witness C. Wells the redhead who lives in 2C. Al says what hell are you doing here? Married? Children? Girlfriend, he says. He says she left her. She throws his breakup words in his face. She says he thought she was obsessed with the past.

Al gave up, Carrie says. Carrie says the “us” did not turn out well so he didn’t sacrifice the case for her. Carrie heard the fight but she just hear s being knocked around. He leaves his card.

The woman worked as a temp but she has no past. Busted for prostitution 1985 as Jennifer. Carrie’s prints date back to the Syracuse PD. They challenge Al to tell them about Carrie.

Hanging at the rest home, Carrie sees some young children laying and flashes back to when she was a child and her sister Rachel was taken. Al comes to see her he says for her help as  a consultant. ‘You know what I mean”.

At the crime scene, Carrie concentrates while the squad personnel mock her. Carrie finds the missing kitchen knife covered with blood. 

Al details how Carrie was the youngest detective. he wants to hire her as a consultant. Carrie say her fingerprints were in the victim’s' apartment because she carried in groceries once. 

They chase down her last place of work. The say the borrowed a car and the woman said she was in a hurry to move to on the boyfriend and she seemed in a hurry. Carrie says the woman Catherine called twenty times is in the photo.

Carrie and Al have a night of sexual interlude.

They investigate her. Her fiancée says he doesn’t know her. the calls to and from a disposable cellphone. She is in a photograph in a client with the deceased. Carrie asks the woman why she has no past previous to her high school equivalency test.

Carrie slams the door and leaves after an argument with Al. He says case handling was her weakness. Carrie washes her hands and has a flashback to her sister’s abduction. Carrie gets the water glass of Wendy Wilson and runs the fingerprints.

Carrie comes to the shop where Wendy Wilson works. Malory Evans is who Carrie wants to talk about. She says she has nothing to say. 

Carrie says that surprises her. Carrie says she is a very impressive woman. Born in Ohio, alcoholic mom, abused as a stepfather. Did some bad things, even got herself a police record in prostitution.

She pulled herself out of it and got an education and a career. And now she is  about to marry a very successful lawyer. Wendy says Katharine Grant was another woman who turned herself around. Her boyfriend was going to marry her and go into business with her. But the brother got suspicious. Katharine wanted help getting out.

Carrie discovers that the boyfriend of Katharine had a brother. He knew his brother marrying the woman meant the business was half hers. He did a background check on her and then she started talking divorce. Her walking meant half his business was gone.  Carrie goes to him at work packing boxes. 

He gets worked up. She guesses he followed his brother to where he met Katharine to find out were she lived. He came from the pizzeria to kill her in the middle of the night, then hid the knife. The man assaults Carrie with a tire iron. He says it’s too bad she came alone. He says he didn’t. Al arrives, saying sorry he was late his phone was on vibrate. 

At the rest home, her mother remembers Rachel as a sweet girl but has no idea who Carrie is.

Carrie finds that Al has left the entire homicide file on Rachel for her. 

At the remembrance ceremony, Carrie has a flashback to the murder of her sister and the man standing over her at the time she found the body.

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