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Grimm - Danse Macabre - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 1st January 2012

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A rave plays as weird skeletons wash up by the riverbed. The crowd screams for DK Reggie Cat. An agent watches his rock and roll icon get up and go to work. He puts on a cat’s head mask. DJ Reggie cat puts on a cat mask and plays to the roaring crowd. 

Elsewhere, the text plays as a string quartet gets the text. The professor stops them and criticizes the playing. The professor walks the halls alone. He gets in his car and puts on music but sees rats inside his car. He gets bitten and attacked by the rats. 

In the morning another person comes to the school and sees the corpse. Rats are still climbing on the carcass. Nick orders it opened up and the rats fly out. Also found are cages in the bushes. Geiger pest control is on the cages. The string quartet students say Dr. Lawson stayed late usually. They live in mansions and drive new cars.

Geiger’s son got suspended from the school a few days ago. They come to his trailer and the place is a dump. Roddy Geiger sits among the rats playing violin. He is very gifted.
Nick and Burkhart listen in appreciation and Nick remarks he has a “captivated” audience.

Burkhart and Griffin come to talk to him and the father attack in Grimm form. Roddy runs from Nick. Roddy turns Grim to attack him and gets hammered by Nick. Roddy is thrown to the ground in amazement. He realizes what Nick is. 

In custody, Hank talks to the father and Nick talks to Roddy. He says he was hunting animals last night. He says his son was home with no alibi. He says the cages were stolen two nights ago. “How many cops you think they put on stolen rat cages”.

The father says the kids are snobs about what he does for a living. His son should have had the scholarship. Nick says he doesn’t like them and they don’t like him. According to school records Roddy attacked another student. Nick says maybe he is just trying to scare his teacher. Nick asks him about an alibi.

The boy was at a rave down by the river. Only one person can identify him. He says Roddy is DK Reggie Cat. DJ Reggie Cat and Sammy is he only one who knows who he is. Griffin says he deserves downtime for assaulting an officer. They let him go.

Lawson’s autopsy comes in. The dead guy died of a heart attack he was on heart medicine. Kind of high on Death’s to do list. They think it might be aggravated assault. The other autopsy is of the rats. The stomach is the road map to where they have been. Colored cloth and fibers that didn’t match the victim were found in the rat stomachs.

Before Dr. Lawson got in the rats were chewing on something else. Their boss wants an answer for the murder.

Roddy watches the rich kids from the bushes and turns Grimm. Roddy talks to the girl getting out of the car. He says that his father got arrested. She says he is someone she used to care about. 
He kisses her. She says she can’t keep doing this. Roddy says her boyfriend did it to get to her.

A woman comes out and says ”I thought this was over and done with. Your father will go ballistic.” She tells her daughter to come inside the house.’She hates on Roddy.
“Stay away from my daughter, stay away from my family”.

He says “You’re gonna pay” and the rich kid says “Some of us can afford to”.

Nick’s boss hold a press conference about Dr. Lawson. He says the community valued the teacher and will make an arrest soon. They get the rat stomach results back and it was  the imported car fibers that come from imported rich kid cars like BMWs and Audis.

The mother comes into the station and rants at Hank. They can’t arrest Roddy Geiger and say she does not want him coming to his house. She says she is afraid of what her husband will do if her husband sees him near the house. Hank gets a class lesson in manners.

Nick goes to Monroe for help. He says that his variety of a Reinigan, a low-on-the-food-chain species. Monroe says he is not sure  he can help. He does not want to protect anyone again. He says is this about the teacher who got ended like ratatouille?. He plays cello.

Nick gets home and he and Juliet enjoy watching the butt crack of someone trying to fix the refrigerator. When the fix-it man comes out from under the fridge he sees Nick and turns into a Grimm. He flees as a Grimm and runs off terrified. Juliet comes into the room and stares.

Hank Griffin runs into Miss Shea at the bar. She says her business meeting canceled and she wants to buy him dinner. He says yes. Outside, Nick and Hanks’ boss watches her spring the trap.

At Geiger’s, Roddy plays brilliantly as a rat watches. Monroe arrives and says what talent he has. He says “You people who have it don’t think it’s a big deal.” Monroe say for him not to blow it. Monroe calls Nick and say he thinks Roddy will show a different stripe from now on.

After Monroe leaves, he gets a phone call. His father injured himself refusing to be let out of central jail and has been taken to the hospital for a concussion. No visitors for 48 hours. Roddy throws a fit and wrecks his trailer.

Griffin reports to the boss about how one of the kids drives the kind of car they are searching for. They have a warrant for his son’s car. They tell him to open his son’s car. They go to the house and the father refuses to show them the car. They find a rat chewed blanket in the trunk with chocolate chip food, what was in the rat stomachs.

Roddy eyes his rats. He frees them all and throws the cage and is playing music. He starts a fire and leaves. 

The students leave the Von Hamelin music academy. They argue about the cops figuring things out. Roddy was better than the other student. The only reason he got the chair because they wanted him close to Sarah. They go to a DJ Reggie Cat rave.

Roddy leads a group of rats with his violin and his helmet for DJ Reggie Cat. 

Griffin threatens the warrant on the father to find out where the son is. Nick and Griffin g to the mother of Sarah who says he kids are at the movies. They see she left her phone.

Sarah asks if they got Roddy suspended. They laugh her off. They go to the rave and it is just them. Roddy plays an illegal rave for five people. He plays a frenzy of music and the rats attack the kids. Nick and riffin baey get there in tie to save the students from being ratted out.

They never meant to hurt Dr. Lawson, just scare him.
“They’ll have the face the music”. Hank says really, you went there?

Roddy waits for Nick to find him and he holds up his violin and says “You want my weapon”
Nick asks “Was this worth it?"
Roddy says “They never would have admitted it."
“I can’t say I ever used rats to get a confession. “ This from Nick.

At home, Juliet answers the door and the repairman is there to get his tools. He says he never did anything bad and Nick should leave him alone. He’s got no reason to come after him. He has three kids to look out for. 
“Make sure he knows that”. ‘

Juliet realizes this is not about Nick having arrested him some time in the past. Juliet watches, not sure what is going on.

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