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The Closer - Silent Partner - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 30th December 2011

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Reggie Moses in San Quentin reacts badly to Goldman’s plea for representative appeal of his death sentence and a new trial. He wants evidence against Chief Johnson. Goldman says convictions will be overturned like the Rampart scandal, that’s his ticket out of there. Moses says Terrell wanted to protect the store owner and then put it all on him (Reggie). 

Goldman says the names of the people he called after Johnson locked him up and gave him a phone. Goldman says after Reggie talked to them Terrell was beaten to death. Goldman says if he can get people to say it in open court Chief Johnson loses her job, her house, her savings, everything and he walks a free man. Moses tells Peter Goldman to get the paperwork happening.

Next day, Chief Johnson comes to the scene of where Terrell Baylor’s car is. A fellow Crip is found murdered inside, J-Rock, and the Chief is stunned. The rest of the department walk on eggshells, not sure how to handle it. Goldman’s business card is found inside.

The Commander briefs Johnson with the attorney regarding the state of the federal case. Gabriel comes in with credit rating agency information about Goldman. The attorney Gavin says it is against the policy that he be followed and goes on record to protest. Pope says now they all know about it for Gabriel to talk.

The Commander wants to hear what is going on, however, and Gabriel outlines Goldman’s activities via his spending.

“Yesterday Goldman went up to San Quentin. He signed in as attorney for Reggie Moses."
Afterwards Reggie made a phone call. They listen to it. They have the audio file. He says one of the men has a big mouth.

 Chief Pope orders Capt. Rader to interrogate Goldman about what he knows. He says that interrogating him for how he gets his information inside the LAPD could be considered pressure by a judge. Goldman is astounded to see the death picture of J-Rock, aka James Turner.
Capt. Rader wants to know what he was doing at San Quentin.

“That is none of your business”. Peter Goldman says.

Goldman is incensed to find the LAPD is illegally monitoring his whereabouts. Capt. Rader points out this is a matter of public record. She informs Goldman that Moses made phone calls. 

Goldman talks. J-Rock was a witness to Terrell Baylor’s death. Capt. Rader is incredulous. He did not give him the name of the murderers. They were all fellow Crips. But he did not specify names. Johnson and the Commander watch on closed circuit. 

Capt. Rader is sure Goldman is withholding the names. The conversation with Reggie Moses, Goldman claims, is covered by privilege. He has no names (he says). Capt. Rader leaves.

Brenda gets Pope to confirm that this is Chief Johnson’s case. She says the same crew that killed J-Rock killed  Terrell Baylor. Goldman says he is not afraid and the Chief say ‘yes you are”.

Gavin says if he can force the names out of Goldman he can get Goldman to settle. Capt. Rader points out that Johnson doesn’t want to settle, she wants to get cleared in court. 

The squad go over the car evidence. They pull 9 mm bullets out of J-Rock’s back and get a burn phone with a link to a Seattle phone warehouse. Johnson briefs her department about Goldman’s news in the shop. It would appear that Goldman is in danger. 

Johnson swallows her pride and offers Goldman protection. He refuses help from Chief Johnson and says sneeringly, “Is she offering him a ride home?”  Provenza reacts badly to news that Goldman won’t share the identities of the murderers.

Sanchez gets Brenda alone in the shot up car, demonstrating how the shootings happened. The man was shot by one of his own gang. Brenda says all this violence goes back to the convenience store Terrell robbed. He says that she has to trust nobody and work on her own. She can’t trust anybody. 

“These people are my friends”. Johnson finally lets it sink in that one of her squad is the leak. At home, she confesses to Fritz how deep the betrayal is felt.

Fritz finds out that the convenience store was sold for three times what it was worth to a financial wizard. The company is Lima Industries. The man is wealthy but obviously the shot caller. He has a phone store and a phone warehouse is in Seattle. Marvin Evans is the player. He covered the cost of the funeral of the owner of the convenience store.

Chief Johnson is packed up for a trip to Atlanta because her father is sick. Fritz says he has her back and he is glad to be finally someone who is beyond doubt. Brenda cancels her trip.

Brenda Lee goes into the squad room announcing she will interview Marvin Evans. Pope is furious because police protection has been requested for Goldman. Rader speaks up. An SIS detail will prevent Goldman being endangered. Rader has ordered protective detail (surveillance only) and Pope is furious about that. 

As shot caller of the 110 Crips, Marvin Evans can shed light on the killer of Terrell Baylor. Provenza says the wire is running on Reggie’s cellphone. Marvin is announced by Lt. Tao. Flynn brings him up. Marvin’s attorney is Asian, named Tommy Wong. 

Johnson orders her squad into the observation room, all of them. Johnson coolly tells Provenza that Goldman will bring the list of suspects in later that day. Taylor looks on. Flynn, Sanchez, and Provenza also enter the electronics surveillance room. Pope is fuming and joins Rader in the room as well.

Marvin’s attorney says they won’t cooperate. Chief Johnson says they have too many common interests including the murder of Charlie Niles. Evans tells Johnson she doesn’t care about the murder of Terrell and James Turner (J-Rock to his friends). Evans denies being involved.

Deputy Chief Johnson says that the 5 “investigators” are the Crips involved in the Baylor killing. 
The Reggie Moses call is replayed with Marvin in the room. The appeal by Peter Goldman is communicated to Marvin and his company. Evans suddenly knows who the Crips are since they are using his company’s cellphones. 

Brenda gets a text from Fritz saying she is good to go. Brenda says to Evans that J-Rock gave Goldman the names of everyone involved in Terrell’s murder. In  the media room, Sanchez and Provenza exchange nods. Johnson is giving Evans an opportunity to make a move. 

In the meeting room, Johnson says Goldman is implying Evans might be involved. Pope, watching through closed circuit, is discomfited.(Goldman has not agreed to provide them with the names, Brenda is bluffing).

Marvin Evans discerns Brenda is giving him a chance to act before Goldman can come forward. He says he meets a lot of people in his line of work. He says he will look through his emails and contacts. Marvin says she should hear from him again one way or another. (Deputy Chief Johnson has essentially warned Marvin about his lieutenants being likely to arrest and confess). 

Flynn is confused at what just happened and Rader suggests all is not what it seems.  (Goldman is immediately in Pope’s office via the leak). 

Goldman explodes. “She just laid me out.” Nobody asks how Goldman knows what happened. Goldman admits knowing who Evans is and that Terrell’s mother advised him of the contract hits. (Brenda Lee to Pope: “You said to arrest the murderer of Terrell Baylor and then be aware of all the moving pieces”.) Goldman is now nervous about having a hit out on him.

Pope says that Goldman suppressed facts now in evidence. Pope says knowing who Evans is and knowing about J-Rock and the existence of the Baylor murder list did not surface from him because it would have been a mitigating factor in Johnson’s lawsuit, weakening his federal case. 

Goldman says that he has a list but he did not actually have the list on him. Brenda says she has him on tape not giving it up. Goldman says how dare she tape a pre-trial motion interview, and then Rader interjects it was a material witness in a murder hearing interview. 

Pope guesses at his sophistry and steps forward, saying if he has the physical list written down on a piece of paper on his person he has to give it to him. Goldman reaches into his pocket and gives it to him. ‘So much for the conscience of the justice system". Brenda Lee is astonished at his lying.

The cops track the hit men of the 110 Crips by the spending of the money they received. They track the gang members involved in the hit. Reggie Moses had money put on his bookie’s account, another bought his mother a car, one went to stay at a New York hotel and C. Jazz and Deoyne blew it in Vegas. 

Chief Johnson asks Provenza to organize the take-down of these “boys”. She picks up her purse and leaves. Provenza’s jaw drops a little but then he says since these suspects are all out on parole they don’t need warrants to bring them in. “It’s time to stop playing patty-cake with these assholes”. Flynn, Tao, Sanchez and Gabriel watch Rader leave to chase Johnson.

Rader pursues Johnson to the elevator and stops it with her hand. Chief Johnson says she must finish her conversation with Marvin Evans. Rader says if she is going where she thinks she is going, she is trying to arrest Marvin Evans by herself. Without backup. Rader says she just sent out her entire squad. She says they can’t know, and she formally says no and then Rader lets the elevator go. 

On the street, in Los Angeles,  downtown, Brenda Lee meets Marvin walking his dogs and wonders if she might have a moment of his time. Inside his place, he feels her up for a wire. He says he is all business. He grabs her and says it is nothing personal so don’t get excited. 

She says he is a long way from home. He says this place is just an investment. Dope is over. 
She does not read him his rights after grabbing her gun out of the purse. 

He says if she catches those guys one of them might roll. Evans says he did her a favor because J-Rock was going to testify 

Johnson says if she doesn’t investigate J-Rock she looks worse. She says when he ordered the hit on Baylor that’s when all her troubles started. Johnson says Ty was shot to death in a parking lot because he was Terrell’s twin brother. Ty was home on leave from Afghanistan. He died in a  parking lot with two fellow soldiers because he looked like Terrell. Did he deserve to die?

Evans asks why does she care. People like her didn’t care about the death of Charlie Niles, and he mattered. She has to follow up J-Rock with Goldman breathing down her neck or she looks even worse. Evans says J-Rock was going to make her look bad, his death was a gift, why does she care? Brenda says when he ordered the hit on Baylor and that’s when her trouble started. 

Brenda poses as a “mutual interests” partner. (It’s implied she will deal information for hep with Goldman). Marvin says that she knows Terrell needed to die as much as he did. He knows she felt the same way because of how she let him go. He shot Charlie and his grandson over a beer. Evans considered Niles a savior. “In a place where you had to steal to pay for baby diapers he gave them away”.

Marvin uses Brenda’s gun to threaten her while he feels her up for a wire. He thanks her for the “warning" in the meeting. (About Goldman). He tells her about why he ordered the hit on Terrell. 

He says Charlie Niles kept him and his family alive when his family had nothing. “That old man helped us survive. Our friends my mother, our neighbors. “ The police did nothing about Charlie Niles being shot. (Evans does not deny ordering the Baylor murder). As Evans talks his dogs growl.

Brenda Lee says is killing all those people what Charlie would have wanted. Marvin says that she doesn’t get to talk about Charlie because “people” like her didn’t care about his death in the convenience store.

Evans walks her to the door and puts her out, telling her he will finish up taking care of their common interests (Implying a hit on Goldman) and not to thank him later and not to come back. She says “I won’t” and Fritz jumps in and grabs him. (The wiretap evidence they just recorded is enough to get him on criminal activity).

Later, at LAPD HQ, the gang members are talking. When they were brought in they found out that the FBI had established a wire in the mastermind’s apartment (Courtesy of Fritz) and they competed to confess and find a deal. Taylor walks in and says nobody can say they didn’t follow up on Terrell Baylor to the bitter end. 

Sanchez says Ricky Rock is talking and is also left handed. (This is the behind-the-seat killer’s M.O. of J-Rock). Brenda is shocked to realize he shot his own brother. Gavin interrupts to announce to Chief Johnson a settlement has been reached. Johnson excuses herself as the officers watch her go.

Pope says the agreement is beneficial to all parties involved. Gavin says she has been dropped from the suit. Goldman gets a $1 million assessment. He says this won’t even cover his expenses. Johnson is not cleared in court but Gavin says it doesn’t matter because she is no longer being sued. Chief Pope says she doesn’t even need to read it. Rader says she should read it. Johnson finds out they sold her out. 

Gavin says that in turn the legal problems will go away. Goldman explains how the Johnson Rule is defined and the Commander tells him to shut up. Pope says it is a “silly, obvious” special order that Goldman wants that says “an LAPD officer cannot knowingly release a witness or suspect into a hostile or dangerous environment.” 

Brenda says she just solved the murder she was accused of orchestrating and they named the criminal rule after her? She fires Gavin as her attorney. 

“I just saved you from a civil suit and defended everything you own and your career and this is the thanks  I get, the ingratitude is shocking” -This from the attorney..Gavin.

“Shocking” comments Goldman. Pope tells him to “seriously” shut up. Brenda throws the papers to the floor and does not sign them. She runs out crying.

Rader pursues Brenda, saying that Goldman’s life is now in danger since the gang members have ratted out their story and it’s known that Goldman turned his list over to the police. Johnson says for Rader to get Goldman to reveal his leak inside Major Crimes and order him protection no matter what he says. 

     “That is the right and honorable thing to do." Rader says.

     “It’s the Johnson Rule, Captain." Brenda walks into her office and closes her door and slams the blinds closed.

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