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Criminal Minds - Big Sea - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 29th December 2011

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A man finds an active unsub graveyard from unprocessed seawater dumped out on a marsh bed. Frogs drip amongst the corpses. Three more remains are found. The number of victims shows a consistent, active killer they can catch. 

There is an emotional tie to the dumping. If he has to change his MO he won’t be happy about it and he will have the entire Atlantic Ocean to choose from.

A man is shown on  a boat locked in screaming for help. He is tortured by a deranged thirtyish man in a fisherman‘s sweater. The torture boat rides the waters as the man plays sick games and dis-articulates his victim. He asks his victims to choose the knife they will die with.

“The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it  has been content with restlessness. “-Joseph Conrad.

They run extradition exercises around the spot. They focus on identifying the unsub’s methodology. A postcard sent gives a strange clue from one of the victims. The handwriting and method of writing seems to indicate a drug that causes lack of control and immolation.
Morgan’s cousin got killed a stalker. Morgan gets a call for unidentified female remains.

Aggression on the victim, overkill, shows a relationship with the victim.
The first confirmed victim is a doctor. The crimes staff change their profile. They ask Penelope to work the boat records near Charleston. Torture takes time and privacy. There is time for torture on a boat. They tell Penelope to look for boats large enough with cabin dimensions for a torture.

Geographic pattern between Charleston and Miami. 
“We need to sit down with the people who got those postcards.”
The victims are loners, the unsub is not. They look at the risk level of the stalker.
Our guy needs good social skills, takes out a group, how does he pick his victim?.
The handwriting on the postcards is a clue from the missing people.

Derek Morgan is probed why his cousin moved to Charleston. Morgan remembers his cousin Cindy stayed on shore the whole time. Derek learns his cousin was seasick on a boat. They look for DNA. The victim profile is altered. Morgan posits that the unsub is finding them en route.

On the boat, the unsub tortures the people. He turns one person against the other. He puts duct tape over their mouths. The torturer plays a sick game between the father and son. 
“Dad, please stop stabbing yourself.
“Once outside your routine, it’s easier to become a victim.
A sadistic, violently abusive, choosing a torture site of significance to the boat."
He’ll change his M..O. He’ll kill uncontrollably until he finds a comfortable place to kill.

What means of transit doesn’t require an advance ticket? They guess small trains, a target rich environment. Garcia looks for victims not reported missing yet. The profile says trilomide overcomes mental and physical instincts, but signs of a struggle override total compliance.

On the boat, the torturer gets sick and has a convulsion. He throws up. He is torturing a father and son, and tells the father to clean the mess up. The man attacks him. They struggle and fight. The man falls overboard fighting the unsub. The son walks out onto the sailboat desk.
The water thrashes and a man climbs back aboard the boat. It is the murderer. The son is drugged and stands there.

The torturer then orders the boy to cut off his hand. He goes to comply and the “father", the torturer, stops him.

The crime division narrow the train line possibility because Morgan asks his aunt about what his cousin wanted to do. The escapism of train travel and a train trip Morgan’s cousin took dovetail into a train line with stops in Charleston and Miami. Chuck Wells work the train and has a boat.

The unsub takes the boy James through the fish yard where his father made him work fourteen hours a day then drank his paycheck. The man throws the boy to the cement and then says
“Get Up” His father broke his arm because he was late. he gutted fish with a broken arm until he passed out. He orders James to gut the fish.

The police sirens approach because they have figure out the boy James is missing and the man Chuck. Morgan approaches Chuck and says for him to not kill James. Morgan says studying men like him is Morgan’s responsibility. He says he can learn a lot from him. The torturer says what if he doesn’t want to teach him. Morgan asks what alternative does he have?

Morgan says “They will take the shot and they will kill you.” Blake lets the boy loose and comes in for questioning.

Blake outlines his method of abduction for the victims. Morgan shows him pictures, and Blake tells details. Blake knows the details. Morgan says “You are really enjoying yourself aren’t you?” You’re a sick son of a bitch.

Then Morgan presents the picture of his cousin. Blake recognizes she means something to him. Bake taunts Morgan. He says that she bled out on the floor of his boat. But Morgan says he was very clear about the rules. He gets up and leaves the interrogation room.

The killer yells for Agent Morgan to get back in the interrogation room. He says that he knows his victims’ names. He didn’t know Cindy’s name.

Morgan tells his cousin he thinks Cindy is still with them.

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