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CSI - Tell Tale Hearts - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 29th December 2011

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A necking couple are interrupted by sprinkler throwing blood spatter Catherine and Brass and the new chief investigate. They find a blood corpse inside the house. It is a green house with a gray water system. Catherine that is why the house was bleeding. A woman lays dead in the shower.
They find a dead little girl shot and tucked in. A blood trail leads out the window.

They go across the street to a house with blood on the door handle. Brass enters the house. They hear screams. They find Brass tussling with a man with a bloody nightshirt. He is thrown on the bed.

Brody takes the perimeter. She brushes off her dad. Catherine says there is no gun. D B notices the decor is laid out exactly like the dead little girl’s room. They find a trophy chest of photographs. He has been watching her for years. Doc says there is a lot of blood in the house.

Brody photographs footprints outside the little girl’s room. Sanders says their perp is a peeper. The towel bar was jabbed into the woman 20 times. Nick questions if one person could have done this. D B says he thinks arrested development and is not sure he did it. 

Catherine arrives at CSI to process him. Brass says "Just pretend she’s an eight year old girl.
Catherine asks the young man to strip. He asks to close the blinds. The little girl ‘s name was Fiona. No sexual abuse. Catherine and Doc finds this strange. The grandmother is named Anita. 

Catherine hears a woman in CSI HQ say she did the murders, they have the wrong man, she killed the Chambless family. Leslie Gitting admits to the murder because she was having an affair with Calvin. Brody asks her for a detail the whole world doesn’t know. Point of entry.

Doc details the death causes to Catherine. Thirty nine blows with a towel bar via rage. The father got a couple of gunshots and some blue fibers execution style. Catherine says that the second confession wrecks their case because it creates reasonable doubt.

D B calls a family meeting. Nick and Sanders resist. Greg says the little girl urinated in fear. Nick says the father died immediately. Maybe John Lee came in after he killing and then redressed the little girl out of adoration. They turn the profile of the killer away from Lee.

Brass hears Gitting’s confession with disbelief. The Beretta evidently was tossed into the gold course. The visual characteristics line up. D B says the gun is not the murder weapon. She says he found the wrong gun. She is a legal secretary. She says she killed that family because the wife got in the way and she stabbed her with the knife. But the towel rod was the weapon.

"She figured out point of entry before we did." Catherine says she has been making phone calls to law enforcement all over the county. He suspects she has contacts in local police.

Catherine says to John that Fiona would have wanted him to help them. They question him about Gitting. He says she sat in her car and she is an awful woman. 

The baking soda and a seriously accurate scale. They observe they weren’t looking for drugs in the house because they weren’t looking for them. They find behind the Fiona’s pony picture a safe of drugs. Fiona forgot her doll and came back into the bedroom.

The CSI lab produce a fingerprint from the money found with the drugs. Multiple arrests for drug possession. John Lee identifies the man’s picture. They go to a construction site and get him. He is arrested but says he didn’t do anything. Nick finds the boots with blood on them in the truck. 

A man runs up and asks what are they doing. Nick says not to interfere. The man is older. He says the man Lonnie is his son, and that the boots and the gloves are his, he killed the family.

Nick says "You gotta be kidding me". Soon the CSO lab as four confessions and one alibi. D B draws on the "Who killed Cock Robin?" song.  He says there are too many people taking credit for the murder. They find a "Stranger on Train" connection.

They find the legal secretary star D B the scam by hitting Lonnie’s truck. She watched the house with her lover and Lonnie wanted the drugs. They saw Lee lusting after Fiona. The murder was done by all of them to confuse a jury using Leslie’s legal  knowledge. 

They go t Leslie's house and find Lee sitting in a chair with a gun. "There was so much blood. She said Fiona had to die." In a flashback we see Leslie shooting the victims.

After the killing, he came back and dressed her up. "She took his Fiona away from me". He shoots himself. The murder weapon was found at her house. 

But D B talks to the father. 
"Maurice,  your son did it." Brass says unless he confesses "Lonnie’s gonna get the needle".
The father says Lonnie was cured of drugs until Calvin provided more. The woman Leslie hit his truck and they figured out a way to make the family go away.

Catherine and Brass says he killed the woman, the grandmother, and the daughter, and then the man confesses.

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