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CSI: recap- Targets of Obsession

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Written by : published Friday 18th February 2011

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CSI Ray Lester readies for the trial of Haskell as Stokes heads to the gym. Haskell dresses normally and asks the judge to represent himself in pro per. Stokes comes home and picks up the phone. A voice says "I thought you wanted to be my friend". Stokes says who is it and then he says Nick emptied a gun into his brother. Stokes says is this Nick and looks around to see a red panel van with a canopy down the street.
The words Sic Semper Tyrrannus, thus always to tyrants. Jason McCann (Justin Bieber) said to not go home. His brother is the one that blew up the police funeral. Catherine and Brass calm him down.  Nick blows up in anger after getting released from the bomb. The M-67 booby trap can bomb is saved so they can examine the knot loops. Nick says if they want a fight now they've got one.
Haskell forces Ray to relieve the stabbing in the courtroom. Objections are withdrawn. Ray admits that he felt disbelief and fear when stabbed. The judge lets things go too far. Haskell testifies during his "questioning" and howls.
Nick talks to McCann who has a bruise on his cheek. He says he fell. The lab says the bomb wire knots were tied by a left handed person. McCann says just to give him a name. Brass works out an interview with McCann's guardian. He claims the boy tells skateboarding. He signs the form left handed.

Acetone was found in the bomb. Sara says TATP was used in the brother's type of pipe bomb. Huxby was bragging about living off the grid. Huxby got the low risk credit card and bought bomb related supplies with it.

They go to the place where Huxby now lives, looking for evidence. Catherine, Lou, Stokes, The bomb guy is with them. They find Huxby dead. He just sprung Jason Mccann from jail and now is dead. The body is wired. Laser wires block the exit. A jammer shuts off the signals. The bomb guy says the way out is blocked and they have fifteen minutes to live.

In the courtroom the orbital cortex is shown to be profoundly impaired. The defendant has a genetic problem, a MAO gene, a warrior gene with its association with aggression. Severe childhood abuse increases 400% the likelihood of aggressive behavior. He says convicting him is like being convicted of being born blind. Haskell breaks down in tears producing the evidence.
The camera shows the group in the building trapped. Catherine puts the laser in her tazer into the camera.

hen we see Jason (Mccann) shut a laptop inside the van with his guardian right there. Lou wanders over to the side of the room as bullets tear through his thighs and legs. The inside bomb is defused in a complex manner by the bomb squad guy, who repeatedly asks Nick to get to cover. Nick stands by.

The bomb guy tells Nick he won't die today. As Nick gets Lou Vartan and Catherine the time starts up with a five second blow start. The bomb guy yells for them to take cover as he throws his body over the bomb and it blows up. Kip didn't make it. Catherine says we will get the bad guy.

Ray is approached at the courthouse by Haskell's fiancee, wearing a star of David. Serial killers have groupies. Ray tells the woman about the 7 women under the floorboards at Haskell's and about the people he killed. The "prayer circle" asks her to come back and Brass comments to Ray about the duped women who follow him.

Ray calls what neuroscience but neuromythology. Drunks don't get a pass. Haskell questions Dr. Langston. He is not a geneticist but a research pathologist. But Ray says he has personal experience. he says he himself has the MAO gene and does not commit crimes. He says Haskell can't feel anything at all except torturing others. The jury comes back with a verdict for Haskell. Nathaniel Haskell is guilty of attempted murder. Ray leaves the courtroom smiling at Haskell.

Huxby died of blunt force trauma. A national guard armory and 20 pounds of C-4 were stolen from Salt Lake City. Blackrock arsenal in Virginia  discharged an officer with bomb training. Owning a maroon Chevy van is Johnson of the arsenal, and video camera of Jason and Johnson buying the equipment. Nick calls Jason (Bieber) back on his phone and gets a trace off the cellphone tower. The kid hangs up after Nick gets threatening.  The CSI crew get mobile looking for the Jason McCann, who is in a van heading for California.

Haskell says they share more than just a kidney. Haskell says he killed animals many times before his human kill. He gave sperm and blood for money.  He has a weird confidence that unsettles Ray. He says the power of positive thinking can do wonders. Ray wants to know how Haskell knew he had the MAO gene if DNA research wasn't started until after he grew up. Haskell was fiddling with his wrist  in court.

Meanwhile Johnson and McCann (Beiber) get into a  fight.  Arguing over what to do next. They are in the red van heading for California. Brass shouts at them to come out. McCann says he will only talk to Stokes. McCann comes out holding a gun, shouting that Johnson has a bomb. All attention is diverted to Johnson, who screams he doesn't have the C-4 on him it's a trick. Jason empties his gun into a  cop, whereby Stokes empties every chamber at the kid, who falls dead with blood all over his chest.

At the courthouse Ray is leaving and sees the women who were engaged to Haskell all hanging around. On a hunch he goes back into the courthouse and asks to see Haskell. The prisoner inside isn't Haskell, but a similar man in Haskell's coded wristband. The women spring Haskell from a minimum security van. They ram it and shoot everybody. The other two prisoners flee. The leader shoots the other wife, impressing Haskell, who gazes eagerly at the dead cop bodies. Haskell gets into the car and they leave before the helicopter arrives.

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