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Grimm - Pilot - Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 24th December 2011

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A girl running in the forest gets grabbed by a blurring beast. Her profile is as a university student for a running. Sylvia Foster. Nick gets a bad feeling about something. This sounds like what happened at Munson Creek Falls attack. They hear her Ipod. They find footprint tracks. They say the bobcat wasn’t wearing boots.

A bald woman drives a silver trailer to an old Victorian house. The woman enters the house and an air of dread is around. Nick looks for Juliette has a wedding ring in a box to propose to her. He finds the bald woman. Juliet says she told him funny stories about when he was little.
He says we need to talk. She says thins are moving faster than she knew. Her end is near.

“There are so many things I have to tell you”. Nick’s aunt is troubled. There are things in her trailer.

He asks why didn’t you come here sooner. “There are things you don’t know. About your family”. He says “You are my family.
She asks “Have you been saying strange things thing?
Things you can’t explain. He says What are you talking about?
The misfortune of our family is passing on to him. He has to give up Juliet it is just too dangerous.

“Oh M God. He’s here. Hold on."
The thing attacks and then gets shot at by Nick he empties the chamber. It turns back into a human man. “I thought I lost him. Guard it with your life.
“Nick, your parent didn’t die in a crash they were killed.”

Nick makes a police report to Hank and says his name was Holt. He makes drawings of the thing while waiting for the bald woman to regain consciousness at the hospital.
We have the ability to see what others can’t.

This isn’t a fairy tale. The stories are real. You are one of the last Grimms. I wish I had more time.
“Don’t ever lose my gift.” The gift is a key that folds in a design. Reapers of the Grimms is the translation.

Holt has a jacket. this was a bad guy. He has rape and assault charges in Florida and everywhere if you had to shoot somebody you picked the right guy.
The first shooting is no small thing, You are required to see th police psychologist.

Nick Burkhardt wakes from a nightmare and goes into the trailer to find out more. He finds a old book. It is full of lore. Juliet surprises him and says let’s get back to bed.

At the hospital the nurse says did he know about the scars. He say what scars? She says some kind of surgery.(Her Grimm transformation flesh has been removed).

She was his mother from the time he was twelve. He didn’t know she had the trailer. Nick senses something in the bushes. Hank tracks the boot. They near the source but the guy wit the beard has the red boots on. He sees them and turns away with the little girl.

Later the parents are shocked and upset to report her gone. They have copy of the photo and the map and head into the first to find the little girl. Nick says the little girl wears the red shirt and so was the woman attacked in the park. Hank finds the purple backpack

They got a crime scene and boot prints. Nick starts running. he comes over the ridge to a man opening his mailbox. Two girls on bikes go behind him and he turns to watch them. His face turns into a Grimm and he slavers at them while Nick watches.

His ace turns into a monstrous exaggeration. He catches Nick watching him. Nick yells “Hank I got him” and runs to him

Nick grabs him and screams in his face “Where is he?”
Nick is sure he has her in there. He has no priors he is clean. From the back of the police car the man watches Nick.

Later, at Nick’s house, Juliet watches as Nick becomes more and more fascinated with the lore of the trailer and he book his mother left. he goes to the mans hose and follows him around. The man urinates and can smell him. He ignores a call from Juliet.

He smashes through the window. He says his folks used to tell me stories about him. And he says he is paying for that window.

“Who are you?” Blood bawd vulgarized. When they see red things get bad.

He doesn’t kill anymore he left then behind years ago. You people started profiling them 200 years ago. Diet drugs and Pilates. he has a pretty good idea who has got her.

He says his aunt is dying. Marie Kessler. How many Blue Body are there?
Bad things happen when they get into a pack. Nick wants him to help hunt the abductor.
“Please don’t threaten me”. He turns into a Grimm.

Elsewhere, the man in the boots brings a sack to his hidden basement. The little girl is put in he bed, saying “I just want to go home. “
“You are home. “ The monster has turned back into a man and looks through a closet of little girl clothes. He hides her under the floor with a rug laid over.

The friend monster hangs out of th car door and can smell the other monster. They cross a river flooded bridge. He offers Nick wolfsbane. Nick says are you kidding? He says “Do you want to stay alive? Nick runs in one direction.
He says why don’t you just tell him you are coming?

When they get close he starts to change and the facial change starts to uncontrollably run. He says she can’t tell if he will go after the girl or stay on his side. He leaves.

Nick calls Hank and gives him some wolfsbane. Hank asks where the backup is. They pass the bridge. Hank asks if he is sure about this?

Meanwhile the little girl says over and over she wants to go home. He makes a chicken pot pie.

He sits in the house with a faultlessly clean yellow sweater. Hank knocks on the door. Classical music plays. He did the needlepoint on the pillows himself. He is a postman.

Hank asks about his profession. They are looking for a pair of boots. He says you can look anywhere you want. They can’t find anything.

They leave and Hank stops and says wait. He turns.
“He was humming the same song as on the dead girl’s Ipod (Sweet Dreams Are Made of This).

They yell for Robin. The house is silent. Hank goes to light the circuit breaker. Nick sees lights from reflecting glass of the lantern that broke.
He picks up the mat and pulls the ring on the basement door. He find he girl gagged and bound. Nick comes and he says “I don’t now how you did it?”

“Is she dead?.
“ No he was there."
“Let’s hope she doesn’t wake up first.”

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