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A Gifted Man - In Case of Discomfort - Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 24th December 2011

Mike Holt sleeps with the reporter and they discuss briefly his past. His failure and inspiration becomes the lead angle of the city’s top ten surgeons.

Michael finished a complex surgery and jokes about how goopy it was, like an octopus type removal. The assistant says it was such a cluster two other doctor turned it down.
He must have forgot about the paralysis research. He already has an interview for his ex-wife’s job. He used to be the medical director. Now he wants to micro manage me?
His secretary reminds him he works at the executive offices.

Dr. Sekorra interviews. She guesses they didn’t send a lot of HMO patients. She leads a homeless program for homeless people. It was a smoke screen. He says it’s an uphill climb. Too many patents and not enough staff. He is surprised someone with the experience would want the job. She laughs at the sales pitch. She says that he has someone else in mind. Her feet hurt like hell in the heels and next time he wastes someone’s time he better be worth it.

Mike shows his ideal candidate the clinica. He introduces her to Rita. The guy says nobody could cut up a corpses like Mike.

They go to the clinica. He is in charge of accounting and everything while treating patients. Zeke is a family doctor. He has a compression fracture but the man looks upset. Are you a doctor the other man says? He says the Johns Hopkins tie pin pins it down. He balks at yellow fever. He says has has seen enough. It is a dump.

He doesn’t need this one. “If I change my mind I will let you know.”
A man playing basketball broke the backboard. He is bloody and dazed.

Holt steps in to treat him. Mike is astonished they don’t keep narcotics. They say it makes them a target for robbery. V-Tec on a dislocated shoulder? Mike gets him breathing on his own. They shock his heart back into a normal rhythm. A few lacerations shouldn’t have gotten into heart failure.

He sees the ghost of his dead wife. He say can’t she just haunt someone else right now. She says something bigger than him put her there now with him. If she can’t respect the reasons she is there because she got hit by a damn car then h might as well be dead too.

The backboard man Mr. Douglas starts walking out and be monitored. He leaves and he says “hey dumbass” the man turns and confronts him.

“How long until you drop dead?”. The man says“you with the fancy suit and your damn smirk.
Mike says he is referring him to Howard Eastman the best cardiologist in New York. The man grumbles and stalks off.

“You really are good with people”. The doctor Zeke from the clinic says.

At a party he is picked up by a blonde. Carol Gordon. They share a past patient history She jokes about the problem of arm movements and they flirt. They toast and her arm collapses. He insists he gives her a couple of stitches. She says it seems like overkill wasting stitches on a dumb cut. She is a private jet pilot.

He wants to confirm carpal tunnel is at risk. She flies a charter for Bermuda in the morning. She assents to a test later that morning.

Next morning Carol comes in and Rita jokes his flirt from the benefit is hanging on. She dubiously sets her up in a gown. The amplitude and nerve functions are fine. The cause of the pain is speculated at. The doctor keeps her talking while he punctures her skin. Her numbness and thumb flexion does not recognize the direct puncture pain. He asks her about her drinking.

He says he and Max need to discuss a few things. They both notice a neural tremor.
The drinking can cause stress and tremors and she needs and MRI. When they get out she has left.
Miss Gordon said she was done and she told her to go home. That is the second patient to run home on him in two days.

He asks Rita to find someone in the FAA. His dead wife shows up. They laugh over old times. His wife says what if she loses her license. FAA’Safety Office on line 2. The dead wife says “Michael”.
She says I think you should find out the whole story.

Mike sits on the stairs.

If he says she stroke out at 30,000 feet. He says her left hand thinks differently.
She says she had a friend who had a to twitch. She kept going to the doctor but it was brain cancer. He threatens to call the FAA and she says he won’t do that.
He asks for the safety officer. It was brain cancer.
She says how long will this take.
he says they don’t want to do this twice.

The MRI shows two lesions in the brain. Multiple lesions mean the cancer has metastasized from somewhere else in her body. Infectious conditions can cause brain damage and he wants surgery.

Holt points out what is causing the tremor and if he doesn’t remove it she will be permanently paralyzed. He says he is scared because she thinks she will never fly again. He promises her that will not happen. They plan for the surgery and prepare the blood work.

The U.N. General Assembly is in session. Holt has to drive a different way.
His phone rings. Howard Eastman calls and says the guy never called.

A basketball hits his windshield and he stops to return it. He sees he backboard is crashed. He senses his ex-wife’s intervention and says no way it is not his patient. He rims for the shot. He says if he makes the shot he will go home. He misses the shot and he proceeds with his surgery with Carol.

He tests her brain cortex where they show different visual images. he says it doesn’t look like cancer. She says thank God. It looks like sarcosis, a kind of larva. He asks if she ate pork lately.

A layover in La Guardia got her sick. Michael cuts it out. But the other doctor says hey your hand stopped shaking.
“Does that mean I can fly again?

They test her visual cortex. They show the helicopter and she says “I wouldn’t be caught dead in those heels" and her speech starts to slur.

“Michael you hit her speech area."
“I'm nowhere near Broca’s area." Holt works quickly.

Her speech should be intact. Fluid leaking in the brain is allergic to the tumor. That is why.
Her brain is herniating though th crainiotomy. Manitol drip to lower the swelling. they bring down the bed level and level out her brain to bring down swelling reaction.

He says he saved lives keeping her out of the air. But he has a call from the clinica about the man with heart problems. He came back in. Dr. Zeke said it was important. Severely disoriented.

Mike has to run. His car will be brought around. He runs to get there first.
Neck veins are dilated too. Cardiac tampenade. He calls for an ambulance and says we can’t crack his chest here. he wants a spinal needle. They don’t have a spinal needle. They don’t have an ultrasound. He goes in at a 45 degree angle and pressure is 40. He peritoneally injects the veins.

He avoids hitting the lung. Mike goes to leave and the child says he has to get to the O.R.
His wife haunts him outside. He asks what is going on.

His ex-wife says he doesn’t like being out of his comfort zone anymore than I like being dead.
Zeke asks what to do with the man with he heart issues.
“Send him to Manhattan memorial. “
He says I can’t afford to. He says he can’t afford not to.

Kate Sekorra blew her off. He says he knows what is best for this place. I thought you did to.
His ex-wife says telling him to find a new director and she says that is sweet.

Mike Holt shows up at Dr. Sekorra’s door and says she will think about it. She guesses that his first choice turned him down

He finds Rita still at work. She says since when do i have a life. He has lunch with his investors the next day. No change for Carol she is still unconscious. He goes to Carol’s bedside and she wakes up and looks at him.

“Welcome back” he says.

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