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Person of Interest - Judgement - Recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd December 2011

Reese meets Finch at a cafe. Finch is miffed at Reese, He says no question is innocent. Finch says his interrogation technique is terrible. He ribs the paranoid Finch. Finch leaves and says “Enjoy your meal, Mr. Reese.” In the menu is a photo of Samuel Gates. Born in South Boston. Has a son but a dead wife. Elizabeth gates died of cancer and he son is Chaz.

The nanny is Christina Rojas and spend s a lot of time with her. The next number on the list.
Criminal Courts city of New York. He is a judge. Death threats than most. Made lots of enemies.
Reese watches a court case where Gates is tough. The machine identifies malice and intent to harm. Reese resolves stay close to Gates until somebody makes a move.

Reese breaks into the judge’s office and finds a lot of death threats in various handwriting in a file. Finch finds 9 possible suspects. Reese spots a follower. Reese finds a burn phone and gets it out of the trash. He reads he message.

“School is Out”.

Reese asks for Chaz’ real name and Finch says Sam, Gates Jr. Reese finds they’ve been following the wrong Sam Gates. At the Gates home the boy is abducted.

Two men abduct the judge’s son at his house. Reese gets there in time to punch out one of them but he pulls a gun and Reese fakes being hit and falls to the cement. The bad guys drive away with the kid. Finch says the kidnapping must connect a first step in a larger plot.
Reese says to the judge, does he have any kidnapping cases?

Gates evades the question. Reese says he will find his son and bring him home. Reese tells him to stay there and await the one call. he says no cops, no FBI.
Reese says “They didn’t say anything about me." He smiles.
Finch has to get into the cellphone company firewall to find the SIM card.

Reese says the kidnappers must have killed the nanny to get the alarm code out of her.

Carter finds Bosco going through a file on her desk. He heard some rumors that got her concerned. Reese meets the cop at a street coffee stand. he says it takes some guys years to make task force. Besides, he let him live. Carter isn’t going to stop until she figures it out.

Reese asks the cop to find out if any ransom kidnappings have been reported. Black guys with crew cuts and a guy with long hair.

Reese gets the location from Finch’s cellphone trace to Brooklyn He gets there and runs up the stairway to a guy in a designer suit. They karate chop fight and Reese kills him. He reads his ID to Finch and opens his shirt where a complicated tattoo is seared across the man’s chest.

Reese knows the symbol, it’s a nasty street gang from Eastern Europe. They run kidnappings in Warsaw Looks like they just opened a branch in New York.

Carter is called to the scene of where Cristina Roja’s body is found. Carter sens there is more to it.

But the police question the judge who says his son is upstairs and that she was not there when he got home. Reese tells the judge that as long as they need his son he is still alive.

Reese runs the name of the gang by the judge. He guesses who Reese is. He says maybe he is not enough and he should call the FBI and police.

Reese say he has experience in situations like this. The kidnapper calls. He lets the judge speak to his son. He says he‘ll give them anything they want. The kidnapper has a Russian accent and says he is smart like his son.

“There is a case in your court. The people versus Angela Markham”. A simple hit and run.
The people are going to lose. “Angela Markham walks or your son dies”.

Reese keeps the kidnapper in the trunk. He spins the car. He checks on him and wants names and locations. He says they work in cells. He is Leon Terskyand says where he goes to get paid.

Carter investigates Rojas’ murder. She says his slug’s is not in the system. Bosco gets a call. He says “keep Carter out of my way.” Carter says this is not a romance gone bad. Fosco says the killer is a pro.

In court Finch use his smartphone and siphons Andrea’s text. Finch finds out the girl got drunk driving a few weeks ago. The kidnapper is pulling strings to get her cleared of a hit and run.

The court case moves ahead. The police officer describes pulling over the drunk woman. The judge sustains motions that interrupt all progress in questioning. The defense calls for “Objection facts not in evidence." The judge sustains the motion. The attorney gapes in shock.

“Your Honor!” (Judge Gates is clearly biased against the People)
The judge says he will give her some time to adequately prepare her client. He sternly tells her she has no idea how serous he is about this. He adjourns until ten a.m. the following morning.

In chambers the judge gets a call from the kidnapper. He says to not stall. He says that he must not want his son back. The judge say he has to do this right or th D.A. will overturn. The kidnapper will not let him speak to Chaz. The kidnapper tells him to remember what is at stake and hangs up. He sends a photo of Chaz alive. The judge sends this to Finch, who traces it.

Reese gets a message from Finch about locations for the kidnapper. He gets information from Fosco because he got a video of a long haired man getting into a car near Roja’s apartment. Carter asks why does he think it is him and he says a hunch. (Reese alerted him).

The long-haired man’s address for that car is is Caulfield Holdings. Reese figures this is the place and goes to the address and breaks open the door. He sees and attacks the long-haired man who kidnapped the boy. He breaks into a money counting room. It is a counterfeit operation. He tells Finch he just found a way to make these guys hurt.

The kidnapper calls the woman Angela and says that everything is OK. The woman says no everything is not OK. She say business is not going to happen until she gets freed. Then it is business as usual. Finch listens in on the call.

The kidnapper finds the half a million dollars missing. He is very upset. The kidnapper yells that someone is making a move against us and he needs to know who.

Reese shows the money plates to Finch, who says now he understands why they didn’t ask for money. Reese says there may be much more where the fake plates came from.

Finch says Angela is is business with the Russian and her tech company makes money laundering software. Finch says the tech company stops anti money laundering action with software she can stop because she has the password. No digital footprint. No record of how the money goes.

Finch breaks into the tech company and stands inside hacking the firewall. An employee comes up and asks who he is and says this is a secure area. Finch says considering he is there and online he is the guy who just stole his job. Finch says if we can access those accounts they will have a line to where the are keeping Sam.

Reese opens the car trunk. Now there are two men inside. Reese asks for a name. One has got family and they will kill them. Reese says “Ever see two cats in a bag?” One tries to speak and the other one punches him.

Yarrick Cosco word in he’s the boss. Finch says the operation is massive.
Every morning at 5 am they shut down h software for five minutes they have hundreds of client they are laundering money.
They are buying boats planes real estate mostly in New York. There is a list.
Reese says the place the are holding Sam. Purchased two days before two days Angela got stopped.

The judge throws the case. He comes out to see Angela walk free. He goes to the appointment with the kidnappers. Finch says Angela is gong free.

Angela is kidnapped at gunpoint by Reese. “Hello Angela”

Reese walks up with Angela behind a gun. he blurts he whole scam. The Russian says “
I am the last one you will ever tell.” Reese says “I am not alone”. Reese has all the money. If they don’t walk out of here alive. Every client will know he took the money.

The Russian screams ‘The operation is burnt. Kill them all.” He starts shooting. But Reese nails them with accurate shots and protects the judge and his son too .

Carter and Bosco go to the Caulfield Holdings address and finds Angela and the two car-trunk Russian thugs tied up. Carter and the cop are amazed and arrest them and take them in while Reese watches from a car on the street in satisfaction.

Reese visits the judge when he is playing ball in the park with his son. The Judge says he will get caught some day and he will not be able to help him.

Finch and Reese meet at the cafe. Finch asks what did Gates say? He says he don’t need to worry. he might even help us some day. Finch says he was listening but Reese says he is reading between the lines. Finch says only one of us will be right.
Reese says thank you for giving me a job.
Finch says to try the eggs Benedict he has had them many times.
Reese looks for a photo in the menu and realizes Finch is finally making small talk.

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