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CSI NY-Unfriendly Chat

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Written by : published Friday 18th February 2011

Adam sees a pretty girl online and starts chatting. He hides the chat from Mac and others who are leaving for the day. She plays music and dances, saying the tunes and the moves are all her own. The girl dies while chatting with him on video online. A stranger in a ski mask comes in and kills her.The brown haired girl falls dead on the floor in front of him onscreen. Adam is freaked out. He calls the squad back in.

Danville distracts a traumatized Adam into remembering details. The art deco design of the building behind the girl, the weather cloud on the monitor in the corner of the room, and her accent are used. It's NYC. The video chat company has German servers that can't identify the originating computer. The team drag her apartment and find the body. Adam is shocked.

The girl is a music student from Paris. Sass du Monde has a missing computer. The financial company at Dragga Financial is the online connection. They can see the IP but don't have a warrant. Mac will not approve the hack. The headphones she was killed with are worth $6K and belong to her music teacher. He says she stole a song from him for her assignment.

She got her electronics from a boyfriend with quick fingers. The ex-boyfriend is hauled in for questioning. He steals computers. Jo Danville suggest he has a disorder and gets him to say he stole the devices from a silver BMW. Dragga financial is a link. Maybe the stolen laptops had something worth getting back.

Danville finds Adam hacking Dragga financial. Powell meets an armed forces person overseas online and carries her laptop to the deck and shows him a view of New York City. then she shows up in Adam's office. She says hacking the computer triggered the FBI scans who are looking into Dragga financial. Powell's old friends at the Bureau don't want an NYPD computer in there. Mac uses the online video chat and meets a kid who asks Mac his homework questions. When Mac starts to lecture him, the kid says "you obviously don't have kids". Ouch.

The laptop and BMW belonged to a financial manager at Dragga, to an analyst who is also a IT manager. Mac and Dunn go to his office, where Adam's address is on a pad and the laptop with Adam's face from the chat onscreen is on the desk. His facial features match the biometrics from the snuff video. He is the killer. Mac and Dunn rush for the street.

Mac calls Adam, who is walking on the roof and thinks Danville has told Mac he hacked into Dragga. Adam gets attacked by the man in the parking garage. Mac and Dunn rush to the scene but not fast enough. The man runs at Adam with the BMW, then beats him up after Adam jumps in a trash pile to hide. The Dragga employee jumps out of the car and the two men fight. Mac and Dunn hit the roof just as Garcia is about to shoot Adam for good. he turns to fire at their car, when Adam smashes his neck with a 2 by 4 from the trash.

Garcia was in on the take and brokering sale of the Dragga software. He had overseas buyers for copies of the company software. The stolen laptops had the software. He used his tech savvy to find Sass du Monde online and her address. 3 day suspension is what Adam gets. Mac freaks that Adam disobeyed the direct orders.

Jo and Mac end up connecting online in the video chat room. She sent all the files from Dragga's laptop to the FBI and they are happy. Mac threatens to "next" Jo Danville, but she terminates the chat before him.

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