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Ringer - That's What You Get For Trying to Kill Me - Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd December 2011

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Bridget gets a call from Malcolm and he is heading home. She comes home to find white roses all over the floor. Andrew is sitting in the living room and  says he hopes it isn’t overkill. He knows white rose are her favorite. Happy Anniversary. It’s been six years. It feels like... she says “ six years. “

She will get her real gift tomorrow. She says she doesn’t have anything for him. He says he has everything she wants. Andrew makes a move. They have sex. They fall asleep.

Next day, Bridget gets a call from the doorman and her stepdaughter makes a joke that “Big Sister" is watching her. Bridget is momentarily alarmed. Juliet leaves  for school. Malcolm comes up and shows her the phone he got from Charlie’s apartment.

He finally got it charged it. But he says it is not Charlie’s. He shows her the picture on the phone, Gemma with her two kids. It is Emma’s phone. Bridget/Siobhan is shocked.
“Charlie has Gemma??

In Paris, Siobhan walks in dark glasses meets Taylor. He says Andrew found out she was in Paris and he wanted to work things out. She has a stepdaughter and had to try a  reconciliation. She says they didn’t exactly work things out. She shows Taylor a black eye. Taylor accuses Andrew. She says Andrew is not the man people think he is.

Taylor is wary of Siobhan. She says she can’t walk away. She targeted him because Andrew is his boss. It was her path to the money. She started to have feelings for him. She says she came back to Paris for him. Taylor says “You may want to put some ice on that”.

Malcolm says the basement door is locked. Bridget wants to go there but he says to send the police. Andrew says he can’t wait for that night and he can’t wait for tonight. They kiss. Malcolm catches her pretending to be Siobhan.

Detective Towers and Saldana appear at Charlie’s door. He knows Saldana and says her former partner is now hers. They are investigating a lead. The architect Gemma that is missing he knows from the papers and he says he knows Malcolm. He says the cellphone Malcolm found looks the same to him as very other phone. 

He says he used a fake name because he knows Malcolm Ward from NA. As a former cop he wanted anonymity. They say “He claims you have been misrepresenting yourself.” He says Malcolm is an addict who has been clean for only six days. His word is better.

He says “I got nothing to hide. Come on in.” They search the apartment. he says he has been staying at his mother’s apartment since she died.

After being questioned the police move on back to Bridget and Malcolm. They want to question Malcolm, who was seen breaking into DeLario’s second residence. Mr. Delario says he has never seen the phone or Gemma Butler. 

But Charlie calls Siobhan and says Bridget  knows everything. Charlie doubles his ask but she  needs time to access the money. He says if he is working pro bono he is doing things his way.

Siobhan begs but he says it’s his way. She no longer gets a say in how they act toward Gemma. Delario says Gemma knows too much. He hangs up.

The Agent finds his stripper informant dead. He asks anyone if his department is not 100% on.
He says she was his confidential informant. 

The Matador was the name of the guy on the other side. The Agent remembers the information she gave him about Bottaway. Nothing happens except in the basement of the club. He says she said he has a crooked person in his department. 

In Rock Springs, Wyoming, the Agent arrives. He says the inside man must have been following Mary. The code name “Matador” is the man they are looking for. The captain says it doesn’t mean anything to him but he will sniff around, the last thing they need is another body.

Gemma’s husband is shocked to learn what Bridget knows. He now knows Charlie took Gemma. He says why do all roads lead back to Siobhan Martin?. He says who the hell is Malcolm. He says whenever she gets involved people get hurt. He says to let the police do their job.

At the school, the kids go green. Andrew’s stepdaughter thinks her teacher Mr. Carpenter is hot. She comes on to him and he shuts her down. The friend watching says too bad. Juliet says they totally have a connection. The friend looks at her, puzzled.

Siobhan comes home to find Charlie at home talking to Andrew. Charlie eyes Bridget slyly. Bridget is keyed up that Andrew leaves her with DeLario to run errands. He says to relax he isn’t there to hurt her but wants money. He says that whatever it is she thinks she knows, she’s wrong. 

She asks “Is this is about money?” He says he is not here for her edification. She demands to know if Gemma is alive and she says yes.

“It’s real simple. You pay me and I give you back your friend.”
“How do I know I can trust you.?” says Bridget.
“You don’t. But what choice do you have?”

Gemma’s husband comes by the town house. He stops by the lobby. She sees Charlie leave. Did Charlie Young visit the Martins? The security guard says yes and Henry follows him out to the sidewalk. He loses him and frustrated, walks away.

But later Andrew comes home and finds a tearful Bridget counting cash. She confesses Charlie has got Gemma and wants money, and Andrew wants to call the police. She says Malcolm already tried that and it backfired. 

Andrew gets the money and insists she comes to the station with her to meet him. But Charlie sees that Gemma’s husband follows them to Penn Station. When he calls Bridget he says she was told to come alone. She says what is he talking about and she looks out the window. Henry has called the police. Andrew and Bridget stare.

Gemma’s husband follows them to Penn Station. Bridget gets the call. He begs Charlie but he says his good will has run out. They wonder who tipped off the police. 

Saldana walks in and says that they have been following them all afternoon. Bridget says seeing the cops scared Charlie off. Andrew and Henry are frustrated. Saldana says the Gemma phone has DeLario’s fingerprints on it. They can’t find him at either apartment. 

Bridget thinks back to the paper Malcolm gave her to find John DeLario. It is a storage receipt she showed Andrew to prove Charlie was a threat.

Silas Turner was a man like Bottaway the guy had taken before. He made his living selling sex slaves in Wyoming. He dropped him with a single shot. He had a nickname. The Bull. Turnbull. It was a size thing. What do they call guys who put down bulls? . Matadors.

He says he didn’t want it to come to that. He says he has had two agents tailing him since this morning. The Matador says he is bluffing. Two officers come out and crack their guns. He asks “What really happened the night Bridget Kelly ran?”.

The stepdaughter of Andrew, Juliet, gets a video text from a friend. What happened when she left Mr. C earlier?. She tells Juliet she won’t tell anyone. She says they had sex. Juliet says said she had sex with Mr. Carpenter. The friend says she was all hot for him. Juliet says no she wasn’t. She says that he forced himself on her. She starts crying.

At the storage facility, Gemma is still alive. She surprises Charlie and attacks him. he asks how is she even still alive? She says he is a lousy shot. She asks why is he doing this? He says Siobhan. 
She says “You mean Bridget”. He says no, the real Siobhan is still alive.

He shoots her. While he is dragging her away he is shot by the real Siobhan. He argues. Charlie argues she can’t shoot him. Siobhan shoots him.

“You’re  glorified babysitter who got way too expensive.”

Siobhan stands over Gemma’s body and Charlie’s and puts the gun in Gemma’s hand.
Later Andrew gets a call. They have found Charlie and Gemma dead. He tells a heartbroken Bridget. Andrew sends Malcolm home.

Next day Taylor calls Siobhan, who drives in a taxi with a black eye. He says he settled her hotel bill but she left something. The Pivoine Hotel envelope left has a birth control test and she says she is pregnant. He asks is it his. She says yes.

At Charlie’s apartment they find a piece of paper with “Pivoine" on it. Malcolm asks what that is. Bridget says she thought this was just about money. But there has to be more to it.

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