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Castle - Kick in the Ballistics - Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 20th December 2011

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A woman is found dead of a bullet wound. Castle gets a favor from ballistics. Jane was an only child who got plugged but saw the whole thing and has a roommate that gets back tomorrow. Jane has no criminal history. She was tutoring other students and canceled her appointments that morning.

The tox screen is clean but cocaine was found on her shirt. Castle calls this secondary transfer. She knew she was going to die. They found a small metal cross on a chain on her body. He let her say a prayer before he shot her. Jane knew her killer.

Beckett gets a call that upsets her. She says are they sure it isn’t a mistake. A Glock 17 is the murder weapon. Castle and the group notice how upset she is.

“Ryan it is a match to your old service weapon. The weapon that killed Jane Hertzfeld is yours”.

Her mother says she always talked with Jane at the end of the day. Castles asks about trouble. There was a boyfriend she didn’t like. He wouldn’t meet her eye and she saw bruises on her.

McQueen, AKA Finn did two years for cocaine possession and breaking and entering. this was the boyfriend. McQueen is doing a  job for construction close to the dead woman’s place of death. He last saw Jane a few weeks ago. He says they were friends. He lends her money.

Although Ryan was cleared of charges, Jimmy Tyson as the animal he is is using the gun. He is suspected as 3Xk, a killer, and they want to haul him into custody. No direct motive means that Tyson is changing up his modus operandi. Ryan feels guilty about the gun. Jane went missing visiting Metro ATM machines. She made $800 worth of ATM withdrawals.

They wait for Jane’s roommate to get back in town. Castle says Tyson stalked his victims before he killed them. Castle confesses to his mother about his obsession about Tyson. His mother says it isn’t his job to catch Tyson.

The roommate say the new boyfriend was a secret. He needed some things to figure out before they went public. She was crying all the time and would get really upset afterward. They track the phone records. They track the bar. They find the guy. One time his jacket rode up while he used the phone and he was strapped, the owner says. He used the phone. His name is Seth.

Ryan asks “What A's a drug dealer doing with my gun?.” They stake out the bar and he arrives. Beckett identifies herself loudly and Seth goes running. He runs to the alley where Castle and friend wait in the car. He is cornered and searched and they find a Glock 17. They ask if he has a permit.

He says he is Detective Seth of narcotics and to put him in the van before he blows his cover completely. He was pulling her over for muling drugs for Clifford Lee. He is the head of the high Yee Tong. His son needs to graduate college and she was tutoring him and she was in the house twice a week. He got her to spy for him.

She said OK. The Tong is a Chinese merchant organization for Chinese mob. Ryan said he targeted her and planted the drugs on her. He says he is as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger. Beckett thanks Carter for his help.

Ryan blows up at Carter. but carter accuses Ryan for losing his gun. Beckett asks Ryan if he wants to get the Captain involved and to go cool off.

Ryan recalls a day when he first worked as green cop and alerted a criminal to police undercover by announcing the callback was a police call. That was his worst memory. Until his lost his gun to Tyson.

A lead says that a post office box was rented to Jane. Castle says the killer may know Tyson’s whereabouts. Someone Tyson crossed paths with in four years of prison. Beckett says four years of prison records will take a lot of time. He says he doesn’t mind.

Beckett and others approach the Tong. Mr. Lee knew she was an informant. Jane told him herself. A bad cop had trained her. There was nothing to tell him. The killer, Mr. Lee says,  may be closer to home. Beckett says we have already ruled out Carter.

Ben, Philip,and Steven are the Lee sons. Jane tutored Ben. Mr. Lee says they can verify the whereabouts. Alibis of them on the night in question with the household staff. The alibis check out.

Jane  used the mailbox as a locker. She was looking to get out of town. Tickets for Phoenix. Men’s toiletries were found inside and security video shows the ex-boyfriend.

Castle says they have their man. Jane was leaving town with Ben. Asian gangs are in for life there is no walking away. Philip might have murdered his brother’s girlfriend to keep him from leaving.

Jin Hi-Lee Hang is the name Castle find on his booking records. That’s how Philip Lee met Tyson All the reports show that in the yard Tyson got beat up by Philip Lee. Castle finds that Lee was sentenced under his Chinese name.  

Ryan says “The truth shall set you free.”  Ryan had a record of the juvenile rap. Lee bailed him out by Frederick Lee. He has been working for the Lee family for years. Finn was a screw up. He recommend his ex girlfriend Jane as a tutor thinking it would earn him points with the family. Then it all went sideways.

He learned Jane was making a break with Ben. What if the Lee family would blame him? He couldn’t change her mind. So he told Philip and Philip went and got Jane. Ryan says Finn gave this cross to her on her twenty first birthday. She was so scared and was holding it when she died. McQueen cracks up with guilt.

Cellphone pings off a tower show that shows on the night of the murder where Philip Lee was. Ryan gets up and comes face to face with Philip Lee over the gun. The Captain is upset. Now Philip Lee has lawyered up and has four family members to back him. Ryan says the man Philip will carry the weight as well as he does for Jane’s death.

The captain says they can’t make the case. Ryan blows up and the Captain says for him to take the rest of the day off. Castle follows him. He says he is taking a run at the Lees. He is betting Mr. Lee won’t let his son go out alone. Ryan says they can’t go in there looking like cops.

Ryan stops by the library to talk to Ben Lee about Jane. They get a guy to distract the guard. Ben sees this and tells his bodyguard this happens with the “Quai Loh". Ryan drops down  beside him.

He says Jane is dead. Ben says this is a family matter. Ryan says he can honor her better than that. Beckett catches them. The op was a risk. She says next time for them to let her know.

The Captain says to Beckett that there is someone here to see you. Ben Lee shows up.

In Chinatown later, Ben Lee is studying. Ben bugs himself and when Philip his brother shows up they talk. He says if they hadn’t found Jane Ben never would have known what happened to her. Sometimes it is a gift not knowing what happened. Philip says “Give it time, you will learn”.

He asks “Did she cry, did she ask for me?”. Castle gets nervous he is blown.
Beckett says to wait. Ben says “If you don’t tell me we will will never be brothers again."

Philip says is he wearing a wire. Ben says ‘Is he going to shoot him now like he did Jane?.
Philip senses danger and pulls a gun.

The listening cops bust in. They pull Philip down. Ben pulls a gun and shoots at Philip. But Philip shoots Ben. He is hit and Ben shouts “You ruined my  life”. They try to resuscitate Ben. They can’t. Philip is dragged away.

Beckett works the case. The gun Philip pointed at Ben is the stolen service weapon and is the same gun used to murder Jane Herzfeld. The lawyer says her client has information of value to give them for reduction in sentencing. Tyson gave Philip the gun. He knows about Tyson 3XK.

Castle says no deals. He says Tyson gave him the gun and they talked on purpose. Beckett offers the deal and says Lee knows what names he will use. He wants 15 to 25 to get 3xk. Castle says it is a setup. Castle said he gave Philip the gun, knew he would use it, and would need bargaining power later. He knew there would be the need for Philip to tell the truth.

Ryan wonders if he is a better cop than Carter. Castle say of course he is because he didn’t send Ben in there alone like Carter sent Jane. Ben Lee shows up, alive and ready for a marshal to take him for witness protection. He says thanks and Ryan says it is what Jane would have wanted.

The group drinks to Ryan and to Jane.

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