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Hart of Dixie - Faith & Infidelity - Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 20th December 2011

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Zoey finds out the whole town knows the minister and his wife broke up and she blames herself. Lemon (James King) finishes her candy diorama to take over her charity group. Levon (The Mayor) knows nothing of this. His agent gets him a powder fresh commercial about jock itch he isn’t sure he should take.

But George plays Levon  a basket for the redevelopment money to pave the road. Linda’s hopes to run the charity are dashed and her words to George about the bridge renovation have been ignored in favor of Zoey Hart’s emphasis on getting the road repaved for ambulance mobility.

Zoey learns Crazy Earl is Wade’s dad. Every month Earl gets drunk and tries to jump off the roof. Wade has to sing “Moon River” to get him down and the townspeople watch and join in as Zoey goes nuts.

George approaches Lemon about the bridge project and what Dr. Zoey Hart had changed him. She has flipped some New York switch in him and he is not the same person anymore. He says that is crazy.

Zoey finds out that the minister got a piercing. The woman who gave them the piercing had  syphilis outbreak on her hand. The pancake breakfast is crowded because the bluebell people had faith and showed up. Hart talks to Wade about being the son of the town drunk. Zoey is entranced at the faith the town has in the minister and his wife.

George confesses to Lemon that New York changed him but he loves Bluebell. he gives Lemon a Tiffany box. It has a card of a realtor and says “It is time they start looking for a house don’t you?

Levon stops at the breakfast to tell Delia. The candy diorama was outstanding work he moved  some things around in the budget and found some funds for the covered bridge. Delia Ann is overjoyed and asks where the money cam from. He says that it wasn’t easy.

Wade sees the commercial the Mayor did and coughs.

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