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Hart of Dixie - In Havoc & the Heat - Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 20th December 2011

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Delia and DeeDee plan a first date. The Bluebell heat gets Zoe down. She talks about celebrity clients at her mother’s parties and how the day after found scandals and people messed up. She knows that ”champagne” means a “Free Pass”. Zoe says that “Crazy” comes with consequences and there is no such thing as a free pass.

‘What is the one thing you have wanted to done since you got here you haven’t done?”. Wade asks. She is told she can do it, no blame and no judgment The crazy Southern guests show up for the day. They are surprised that Zoe wants one of Dr. Breiland’s patients. She says she will take the bleeding one.

Mr. Brick Tucker the lawyer brought in the new bleeding patients. The Parker twins arrive for medical attention. DeeDee tells Brick she wants the half day off for a date.

“Bleeding lady come in here.” This is Fiona, one of the Parker twins. “Ever since Momma died Paula got upset”. This was eight months ago. The lawyer mentions Paula might need medical attention or signature of power of attorney. Breiland says it is just the heat.

Brick’s wife Lemon (James King) gets a call informing her the half day is on and she is upset to learn DeeDee is dating the Mayor. (Linda and the Mayor had a fling).Linda cooks her mother in law’s favorite duck recipe.

Dr. Hart has a fantasy where she watches her muscle bound swain Wade take a dip in the swamp river. He glistens. She the puts on a black pair of shorts and high necked top and stands on a pond bank talking to him.

She says she just blew out her hair and she is late for work and she is pretty sure there are snakes in there. He jumps in and she says “Now I know there are snakes in there”. Everyone jokes about the heat and how it incites “fever” to act on impulse.

Zoe diagnoses Paula with depression. Brick says that of course, Dr. New York City wants to prescribe pills. Zoe says that she might need depressants. Dr. Breiland (Tim Matheson) says while he is gone for her to try not to kill anyone. She says while he is gone she won’t feel like killing anyone.

Mrs. Tucker arrives for the “holiday" and tells her daughter in law Lemon (Linda) she had duck the night before, screwing up her plans. She wants a reservation to Fancy’s. Last time they made a reservation they ended up at a table near the bathrooms. When they arrive at Fancy’s lemon sees DeeDee on her date. Linda sees the Mayor, who looks up guiltily at her.

At the hospital, Zoe is coached by the nurse on local “crazy" customs. A lot of patients show up with weird ailments connected to the heat. Her crush Wade arrives with a torn scratch. He wants her to see if it needs stitches and Delia says she could hit that, and Zoe says she could never hit that either. The nurse thinks different.

Wade teases her while she fixes him up. He says if she ever needs anything she knows where to find him.

Mrs. Brick runs into the Mayor at Fancy’s. (She is white and he is black). She says for him to stay away and he says his date is ruined.

The Mayor leaves Fancy’s but from his table the family see him. They say they bet he bleeds Crimson and White. The family group are asked to join them.

Brick’s wife says no. She says that the Mayor has no interest in sitting with us. He watches her and then accepts their invitation. She is very uncomfortable but not for the reasons they think.

The doctor Zoe Hart visits Wade at the Rammerjammer bar. She falls off the barstool. She says he know what she wants. he says does she have a contact lens situation or what? She says his place at 11:30 p.m. and he says he will be there. Also at the Rammerjammer Bar is Polly.

Zoe runs into Polly and she says she does not know her. Zoe says she treated her yesterday. Polly pushes Zoe down on the ground and runs away. Zoe shows up at Fancy’s. She tells them about how Polly might be a danger to herself and others.

Linda is not pleased to see Zoe She introduces herself as Dr. Hart. Linda explodes. “This little piece of New York sass walks in here and tries to steal my daddy? All you people wanna talk is football.” She leaves. George’s mother really likes Zoe Hart.

Zoe says Paula punched her lights out. Dr. Breiland says a lot of people probably want to punch her lights out. They go to her house and find her passed out on the ground. She wakes up and she is dizzy and nauseous. Doctor Breaving says they will take her car.

They get into her car and the car of her dead aunt smells. The headaches occur when she spends time in the car. Zoe Hart says the cars smelled. She says she tested positive for carbon monoxide poisoning. She will be all right now.

Mrs. Brick knocks in the door of the Mayor’s house. She says they need to talk. She says this needs to stop. He says she should have thought of that. He says she got to make all the decisions.
He asks her what she wants from him.

She runs out of his house. He follows her as she cries. She says she is sorry that she wants something she can’t have. The rain starts. They almost embrace and she runs away.

Zoe walks out into the darkness to Wade. The rain starts. He says the heat wave is broke but it means she doesn’t want to come inside and she guesses she isn’t that kind of girl.

George’s parents leave. George defends Linda and says he will marry her. Wade comes out on the deck and sees Zoe swimming in the pond and smiles.

Levon Hayes is sad that Zoe did not use her free pass. He says sometimes the consequences are worth it. He says she moved to Bluebell and if she ever truly let herself go she might fly.
George Tucker asks her if there is anything she wants to talk to him about and they kiss.

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