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Reaction to the Survivor: South Pacific Finale

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Written by : published Monday 19th December 2011

Reaction to the Survivor: South Pacific Finale main image

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed in the outcome.

WARNING, SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!  If you don’t want to know what happened or who won, stop reading!  If you are curious and need to know what went down in the Finale Episode, please catch up by watching the Finale Episode of Survivor: South Pacific, and then read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before reading below.

For me, there could have only been two fitting endings to this season, and that would have been either Coach or Ozzy winning.  Taking nothing away from Sophie, this season was just hyped and built around Ozzy and Coach, and both truly deserved to win by equally epitomizing the “Outplay” and “Outwit” monikers, respectively.  Ozzy came oh-so-close to winning his way to the million, and what an amazing feat to have even sniffed it.  Coach had seemingly orchestrated an amazing game until the final days, where his motto of “honor, loyalty, integrity” became paper-thin to those that he had to vote out of the game.  Still, he was correct when he pointed out that he should be commended for his “uphill battle” from Day 1.  If you’ll recall, he was left at the first challenge.  Never in a million years did I suspect he’d be sitting at the very end. 

Sophie however, definitely earned it if you consider that she probably was way more heavily involved in Coach’s strategy than was shown on TV.  She did win some key challenges down the stretch, and her legacy may end up being as the most socially awkward winner in history.  Maybe “socially awkward” is a bit strong, but for Survivor being touted as a “social game,” her admittedly blunt and direct personality definitely doesn’t strike you as “winning” right off of the bat.  Sophie may have indeed been the lesser of evils left in the Final 3.  As Ozzy said during the final Tribal, the bad news is that the jury didn’t want to vote for any of them.

As a whole, Survivor: South Pacific was a good, solid season of Survivor.  There were a few big moves, a lot of memorable actions, but perhaps a few too many predictable outcomes for it to rank as a “great season.”  By far, the strength of South Pacific was the cast.  It goes to show that Survivor could truly go on forever if we are given a great, dynamic cast of characters in which to invest our time rooting for, or against.  Here’s hoping that next season, Survivor: One World, has an equally strong cast because the new premise has me eager for the premiere (Survivor: One World will feature 2 tribes sharing the same beach, a first for Survivor.  It is set to premiere in February 2012).  It also appears that we will be done with returning players and with the Redemption Island twist, at least for a season.

If only we could get a jury that wasn’t so bitter.  Now that would be true Survivor evolution.

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