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Grey's Anatomy The Golden Hour Recap

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Written by : published Friday 18th February 2011

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Altman preps for a date while Meredith gets ready to run the ER for an hour. She starts at 6:00 even though she and Derek have a date for 6:30 pm. Callie has asked Yang   to be the baby's godmother and she gets Meredith's opinion. Is this going to be a "thing"? Meredith is still trying to get pregnant with Derek. Altman's date is waiting on the main floor. She is still married to Henry.

A 4 year old by waits in emergency for a broken leg reset, but others keep coming first. Karev comes into sign many overdue charts but has floor seats from a patient to the game. The chief's wife Mrs. Weber is admitted with a sprained arm and she talks with Meredith. Lexie gets Meredith to sign off a patient with a migraine and girlfriend from hell. The little boy with the broken leg can't get into an Operating Room for a dual cast.

Meredith says she has to say no to Yang being Callie's godmother. Hunt and Arizona have patients in the ER.  A man is admitted with chest pain and promises his son Max he'll be ready to go to the big game. Oliver Richter is sure the Huskies basketball game is priority rather than big lunch pain. Meredith insists on failsafe tests. X ray and chest pain workup. Bailey and her nurse head for the "sleep" room and get into tomfoolery.

Karev mentions he has floor seats and the hot new obstetrician Dr. Lucy Fields helps him forge his name on the charts. She says he is less loser-y because he likes college hoops. Meredith checks up on Bailey as she enters the hall, while Bailey makes crazy excuses. Two tailgate party men walk into the emergency room with flannels shirts, drunk. One has a knife stuck into his head. Yang has a colectomy scheduled and heads off.

Meredith chases Derek for the knife removal, but that absorbs another O. R. Bad results on Mr. Richter's tests mean Altman needs to look in, and keep her date waiting. Her husband Henry the former patient happens to be standing there (in for tests) and he sits down to talk to the man. Altman does not introduce them as husband and date. Avery jumps for the knife surgery and Derek is coming. The beer dudes produce more beer to drink, shocking the doctors. When Stuart wiggles his eyebrows the knifes moves, freaking out the doctors. The beer dudes want to pull the knife out , and they call Lexie a buzzkill.

Meredith apologizes to the parents of the four year old, Nathan, about the lack of surgery resources. Henry sits down to talk to Teddy's date while Altman reviews Richter's advanced results. They decide to look further. The cardiac enzymes signal a problem. Altman is nervous the date will find out Henry is her husband. Henry advises Altman not to date him because after an hour of talking he feels like he has been on the date and has issues with William.

All the doctors stare at the knife guy X-ray. Meredith tells Yang too many people have to die before she can step up. Later Meredith tells Yang that it feels like her baby won't happen if Yang becomes Callie's baby's godmother. Meredith reviews the charts and runs for the parking lot. The migraine man is having a stroke and they want the stroke busting medicine. They have on hour, the Golden Hour, to save him. The girlfriend wants to know whether to cancel their trip to Aspen.

Lexie didn't catch the blotchy signature on the migraine man and the symptoms of CVA. Callie bitches at Grey because if she had known the patient was Mrs. Weber was there she would have been there ASAP. Callie, the bone setter, ignores the 10 years Nathan with the broken femur. Richard Weber throws a fit at Meredith when he finds out his wife is in the hospital. Meredith questions Mrs. Weber, who tells fibs. Meredith is uncertain.

The ob-gyn Dr. Lucy Fields has 10 patients in labor but sits in the conference room forging signatures with Karev. Nathan is still untreated. Altman is rushed into a procedure on the Richter patient. He tells his son they'll be in the game soon. The drunk beer dudes pull the knife out while the doctors are scanning the x-rays. Drunk dude is OK. Derek is stunned to find drunk dude ready to party. Avery discharges him advising NO beer.

Derek pursues Meredith for her date. Meredith says no way can she go. Derek grins and runs for the on-call room. He says all he needs is a minute. Derek opens the door to the on-call room to see Bailey and the nurse under the covers. Shock! Derek then runs into an elevator and stalls it, telling Meredith to drop her pants. She drops her jaw. He says where is her sense of adventure. He gives her a quick one, a quick fertility shot, saying he can't wait to meet the future baby. Sloan crabs at Avery in front of Lexie.

 In the elevator Meredith witnesses Karev ask the ob-gyn to the game. He says he was taking Avery, but asks her instead. She turns him down, and an amused Meredith prods Karev to say he likes her. They proceed to the emergency room, where Nathan the boy still is not treated. Meredith can't get an open O. R. but Chief Weber comes up to yell at her about his wife being admitted without them notifying him. (She had asked them not to). Then Meredith is paged her patient Richter is coding in the CT scanner. She runs down the stairs and pages Altman as Richter has a cardiac event then and there.

Altman comes in and they try a few things but it needs an OR. The one for Nathan gets bumped for Richter as Altman and Meredith use sanitary hand wash in the elevator because there is no time to scrub. They go to the OR and try everything but Meredith is told by Altman to call time of death.  Meredith goes down to the ER to call and advise the family, still waiting to go to the game. Karev scrubs in on the broken leg little boy, asking him what color he wants his cast. The ob-gyn Dr. Fields watches smiling from the gallery.

Avery asks Lexie to the game, because now he has Karev's tickets. She says yes. Weber walks his wife out to the parking lot, crabbing at Meredith. She tries to tell Weber about his wife's Alzheimers symptoms  but he doesn't want to hear it. Why was she getting down Christmas decorations in February? Why did she say she just got home from work when she was retired? Why couldn't she remember Meredith examined her before the Chief came? Weber freaks and says Meredith has Alzheimer's on the brain, that his wife is not her mother. But in the parking lot he thinks hard.

The man with the stroke that started as a migraine is recovering as the girlfriend whines about their vacation in Aspen. He breaks up wth his girlfriend while Lexie hides a smile. He then gets her keyring and takes his key off.

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